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Locations of Resources Or…where things are in the library Part 1 – Floor Plans.

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1 Locations of Resources Or…where things are in the library Part 1 – Floor Plans

2 Circulation workers should be prepared to tell patrons where items are located within the building, including rooms, equipment, and library materials. Please become familiar with the types of resources and materials Buswell Library has and where these things are located, so that you may direct patrons correctly. You can also provide patrons with a floor plan brochure, or direct them to examine the wall-mounted floor plan displays located near the elevator and/or stairs on each level. Examine the floor plans that follow and locate the listed resources.

3 Buswell Main Level 1. Circulation/Reserve Desk 2. Copiers/Print stations (P) 3. Interlibrary Loan 4. Laminator 5. Patron-use Typewriter 6. Microfilms & Microfiche Cabinets 7. Microfilm/fiche Readers/Printers 8. Reference Collection 9. Atlas Case 10. Information Desk 11.Staff offices 12.“Quick reference” & Indexes 13.Computers (for research & production) 14.Computer Classroom areas 15.MAC computers 16.Scanning computers 17.Assistive Technology computers 18.Writing Center 19.“Perry’s” Café 20.Vending machines & microwave 21. Public Notice board 22. New Book shelves 23. Current day’s newspapers 24. “Art Gallery” hallway 25. Public elevator 26. Restrooms 27. Handicap/single user restroom Buswell Wing

4 Buswell Upper Level 1.Books: 000 – 499 2.Doctoral student study rooms and carrels 3.Absheer Room 4.Graduate student lockers 5.Elevator 6.Restrooms 7.Dr. Batson’s Office Buswell Wing Nicholas Wing

5 Buswell Lower Level 1.Books: 500 – 799’s (except 780’s) 2.Books: 800 – 999’s 3.Bound journals 4.Older indexes 5.Oversize books 6.HNGR papers 7.Shakespeare Collection (SC-34) 8.Copiers/printers (P) 9.Map cases 10.Computers 11.Videos and DVDs 12.Staff lounge 13.Elevator 14.“Student Photos” hallway 15.Restrooms 16.Undergrad & daily use lockers Buswell Wing Nicholas Wing

6 Nicholas Wing Main Level 1.Newspapers 2.Current Journals 3.Hoisington Conference Room 4.Olson Room 5.Sallberg Room 6.Van Campen Room 7.Copiers/printers (P) 8.Library Seminar Room This area is called the “Reading Room.” Some people call it the “Current Journal Room.” Nicholas Wing Buswell Wing

7 Nicholas Wing Upper Level 1.Administrative Offices 2.Technical Services Department 3.Systems Department 4.Room 217: Faculty & Graduate Student Office Carrels Buswell Wing Nicholas Wing

8 Nicholas Wing Lower Level 1.Music Librarian’s office 2.Computers 3.Current Music Journals 4.Group Listening & Conducting Room 5.TESL Materials (Teaching English as a Second Language) 6.Music Reference 7.780’s books 8.Religious Education Curriculum 9.Education Curriculum 10.Copiers/printers (P) 11.Choral and Band Sheet Music 12.Wheaton College Chapel CDs 13.Scores 14.Records 15.Music Tapes 16.CD, Audiocassette, & Record Players 17.VHS & DVD Viewing Stations 18.Music Education Curriculum This area is called the “Music Library.” Buswell Wing Dr. Litfin’s Office

9 Please note: Restrooms are located on every floor, in the Buswell wing, near the elevator. A single-user, handicap-use restroom accessible by wheelchair or for people with strollers is on the main level. A water fountain is on each level near the restrooms.

10 Manual pencil sharpeners are located in the main (central) stairwell on the upper and lower floors of Buswell and in the Music Library. Electronic pencil sharpeners are located on the main floor at the copier counter and at the Information Desk. Study carrels and tables are located throughout the building. All perimeter carrels and the tables in the Reading Room have hook-ups for laptop computers. Dictionary stands are located on each level. The stand in the Music Library contains several foreign language dictionaries.

11 Of course, knowing the library layout is just the beginning… it’s also important to know where our library items reside! See Part 2 of “Locating Resources” for information on items and call numbers.

12 1.Absheer study room 2.Bound journals 3.Café 4.Circulating books with call numbers 000-499 5.Circulating books with call numbers 500-779 6.Circulating books with call numbers in the 780’s 7.Current journals and newspapers 8.Curriculum materials 9.Stand with foreign language dictionaries 10.Graduate student lockers 11.Handicap restroom 12.Hoisington Conference Room 13.Interlibrary Loan office 14.Laminator & typewriter 15.Listening-conducting room 16.Map cases 17.Music scores and Wheaton College chapel tapes 18.Public-use, assistive, and “Commons”computers 19.Shakespeare Special Collection 20.Public notice board 21.Technical Services staff area 22.Van Campen study room 23.Writing Center Locations of Resources: Floor Plans Questions For each item below, write the letter of the floor and wing where it is located: a. Main level Buswell b. Upper level Buswellc. Lower level Buswell d. Main level Nicholas e. Upper level Nicholasf. Lower level Nicholas

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