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Bringing Relevance to Communications Iotum Overview January, 2006.

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1 Bringing Relevance to Communications Iotum Overview January, 2006

2 We Bring Relevance to Communications Our core technology is the Iotum Relevance Engine. It’s the world’s first smart platform to intelligently assess the relevance of a phone call, and route it to the most appropriate device on any network. Our passion? To make “always-on” communication more simple and useful by making it more relevant.

3 Problem: the best way to reach you is? Range of Contact Points for an Individual At HomeAt Work 1.Home address 2.Home phone 3.Personal mobile phone 4.VoIP Phone 5.Personal email addresses 6.Personal IM address(es) 7.Pager 8.Push-to-talk ID 9.Personal web site 10.Personal SMS 11.Home FAX 12.Home office phone line 13.Skype / P2P 14.Blog 1.Office address 2.Office desk phone 3.Office mobile phone 4.Corporate email address 5.Work IM address 6.Work pager 7.Push-to-talk ID for work 8.Company web site 9.Personal web site within corporate network 10.Work SMS 11.Blackberry 12.Work fax 13.Skype / P2P Pierz Group, 2005

4 And who do you need to speak with?  There are some calls that you just can’t miss.  (And some that can wait…)  How will your phone know the difference?


6 Every three minutes, a new interruption. Eight minutes to get back on task.

7 Kathleen Pierz predicts a technology solution to the problem.

8 My Boss My Friends My Daughter My Assistant Me and my devices My SpouseRelevance Engine Report? Beer? Hi Daddy! 613-565-1134 613-485-9802 613-342-8743 At my desk Meeting Picnic TimeContactsCalendarPresence SIP Scenario

9 Relevance Engine collocated in Ottawa Plug-in’s for Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, and IM Web interface Interfaced to Versatel Networks IQ1500 Intelligent Media Gateway Any to any transport Media on-board Call flow: Incoming call presented to IQ1500 IQ1500 queries relevance engine Sends call to destination Demo Configuration

10 Rules Engine “The Brain” Consumer Call Valet™ Find, Filter, Follow Publish … Applications How it works Context Engine “The Crawler” Instant Messaging Email Calendar SIP Presence EPG Cellular Network Bluetooth Vertical Applications Business Processes Sources of Context … Services Interface Softswitch, PBX, or Media Gateway XML

11 Working with you Southbound API: Released in the next couple of weeks. Asterisk sample code Experimental SER module in the works Context Sources Plug-In API This quarter

12 Thanks Alec Saunders, CEO 613-482-9088

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