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Messaging and collaboration services New features presentation.

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1 Messaging and collaboration services New features presentation

2 Business. Backed by TELUS. Outlook Voice Access (soft launch)  Outlook Voice Access lets users do the following: Listen to new and saved e-mail messages. Forward, reply, save, and delete e-mail messages. Interact with their calendar. Locate a person in the global address list (GAL) or personal contacts. Send a voice message to a person Change their PIN, spoken name, or greetings. French and english languages support Demo : mms:// 2

3 Business. Backed by TELUS. Outlook Web Access 2007 New scheduling with availability Address book enhancement (like Outlook) Better search capabilities Attachment in HTML Improved Out-of-office assistant Direct access to the SharePoint document libraries 3

4 Business. Backed by TELUS. Windows Mobile + BES Windows Mobile 6 support  Improved ActiveSync push  Self-service device wipe (if lost or stolen) (using OWA)  Search for emails on the Exchange servers  Set Out of office message  Access to SharePoint BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1SP2 support Global Address Book lookup Improved performance 4

5 Business. Backed by TELUS. SharePoint 2007 Office 2007 integration Check-in/out directly from Office Outlook/OWA integration Access librairies, documents MySite Create your own personal site New templates (40) Wikis, blogs + RSS feed support Email integration (a site can receive emails) Mobile access Business workflow Presence integration Recycle bin for deleted files recovery 5

6 Business. Backed by TELUS. Enhanced antispam filtering  New antispam gateway Based on Cisco/IronPort technology Reputation Filtering. Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE) examines the complete context of a message. IronPort's Web Reputation technology measures the behavior and traffic patterns of a website to assess its trustworthiness. Automatic, timely and secure rule updates. IronPort's 24x7 Threat Operation Center (TOC) leverages extensive technology and infrastructure to ensure efficacy. TOC analysts speak over 32 languages. Global network. IronPort Anti-Spam leverages globally representative SMTP and HTTP content-agnostic data contributed by over 100,000 ISPs, universities and corporations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 6

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