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Please wait a few moments while other participants join the meeting. If you are having trouble hearing, please call the help desk at 1-866- 229-3239, Option.

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1 Please wait a few moments while other participants join the meeting. If you are having trouble hearing, please call the help desk at 1-866- 229-3239, Option 1, Option 1. Templates and Tools for Communications Presented by Terri Mueller, Director of Development and Public Relations for Greater Kansas City LISC Michael Tang, Vice President of Communications for National LISC Moderated by Gordon Walek, Director of Communications for LISC/Chicago and a member of the Institute’s steering committee Audio Participation Instructions: To Connect to Audio, follow these steps: 1. Click the “Audio” tab underneath your name A. To Use Computer for Audio: i. Click "Test speaker/microphone“ ii. Click "Call Using Computer" B. To Use Phone for Audio: i. Call in to the meeting: +1- 408-600-3600 ii. Enter the access code: iii. Enter your Attendee ID:

2 National Communications Platforms for Local Offices June 2011

3 Platforms for Local Communications  Simple print publications - LISC Print Shop (customizable simple print pieces created online)  Website - New Local Website Templates  Electronic News – Campaign Monitor (Send customized e- News and e-Announcements)  Leverage LISC’s National Web Presence – National website, YouTube channel, Flickr Photostream, LISC Facebook page

4 LISC Print Shop  Online store that enables you to use simple pre-designed print templates created by national LISC  Inexpensive - Save cost and time of hiring consultants, designers  Customized It! - Your logo, contact info  Customize It! - Your own content (Headlines, text, photos, captions)  Mail it - Upload mailing list to send (for some items) or have bulk quantity delivered  More templates - Look to the field for good templates and will upload new ones regularly. What we have up so far: 3 different templates for postcards Single-page program/project summary sheet Two-page national toolkit (programs) flyer Tri-fold corporate/office brochure

5 LISC Print Shop Example: Postcard template 1.2 Local logo and address loads automatically 3 photographs Titles Approximately 100 words of text Captions (optional) Customized to your office

6 LISC Print Shop Steps 1: Select color scheme Step 2: Select office Back Easy to Use! Step 3: upload photo 1 Step 4: upload photo 2 Step 6: project name Step 5: upload photo 3 Step 7: vertical tagline

7 LISC Print Shop More Templates National toolkit one-page flyer Program/project one-pager 2 1 4 3 1 5 2 3 6

8 LISC Print Shop  Check it out on the Communications Intranet Section  We will set you up with unique username/password  Walk you through your first item step-by-step  Detailed instruction manual, with step-by-step directions for each product  LISC and Linemark will provide ongoing assistance  What other products do you want? How to get started

9 New Local Websites  Basis of any communications strategy is a good website  Redesign CrownPeak local website template: Modern clean look, flexible navigation structure  Enable new features; fully integrated with LISC Youtube and Flickr, RSS feed, etc.  Customize It! – Your logo, content, photos, etc.  Simplify and upgrade CrownPeak Content Management System (CMS)  Cost free (or minimal) – National pays for CMS and host server, including maintenance, upgrades and security  Our work thus far:  Designed, developed, tested, wrote training manual (June – Oct.)  Rollout to local offices (Nov. – Ongoing)  16 local offices

10 New Local Websites 3 templates to start: Blue, Neutral, Sunshine Big graphic on homepage (video, photograph, or slideshow) Drop down, customizable navigation points; up to 7 Selectable widgets for left column (calendar, social media, RSS feeds) Participation box (donations, e-News subscriber, volunteer notices)

11 New Local Websites Screenshot of draft DC LISC website Cincinnati and Rural launched 6 others in development now 8 more offices in early stages

12 New Local Websites  Check out LISC Communications Intranet section  Set up intro session on site design and new features  Intranet resources to help you: Best practices guide, sample site map, and blank worksheets to help you organize content, develop navigation and information architecture  One-to-one hands on training on the CMS  Detailed step-by-step instruction guide  Ongoing technical assistance  Most important is having a local staff person dedicated to work on it How to get started

13 e-Newsletters  System we use for national LISC quarterly e-Newsletters and periodic e-Announcements  Customize It! - Templates can be set up for each office  21 local and national programs/services are using Campaign Monitor; separate sub-accounts set up for each  Excellent analytics on viewership  Minimal cost to send  Ongoing technical assistance provided by us Campaign Monitor: Online e-Newsletter system

14 e-Newsletters  Bold Headlines, Brief text, Graphics (photos)  Use for general news and announcements  Drive readers to yours (or other) websites through links  Be consistent, send out regularly

15 e-Newsletters  Check out Communications Intranet Section  Best practices guide on e-Newsletter distribution  Contact us for intro session and template design  Prepare your email list  Connect subscriber sign up to your website  Ongoing technical assistance provided by us How to get started

16 1. Website redesign 2. Electronic 3. Print and Logos 4. News/Media 5. Who’s who All recent print publications downloadable PDFs


18 Kansas City Project Summary

19 Other Kansas City templates

20 Kansas City eNews Flash

21 Campaign Monitor Report – Campaign Snapshot

22 Campaign Monitor Report – Recipient Activity


24 Current GKC LISC website


26 Leverage National Web Presence Youtube Channel  Library of 128 videos posted  Videos viewed 20,600 times  Site- or program-specific Playlists  Embed videos in any website Flickr Photostream  Library of over 2,000 photos  Photos of projects, programs, events  Organized by Photo sets (70) and Photo collections of Sets (14)  Embed slideshows on any website

27 Leverage National Web Presence National Website Send us your news articles, press releases, event notifications, and publications New Photo Gallery and Video Page feature on National homepage Connected to our YouTube and Flickr page Send us a photo gallery and videos to post Facebook and Facebook Cause pages Send us info to post or post yourself

28 Terri Mueller, Greater Kansas City LISC 816-753-0055 x19 Michael Tang, National LISC 212-455-9369 Gordon Walek, LISC/Chicago 312-422-9562

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