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Development of New Data Collection Techniques ITE/MPO 2004 Technical Conference NYSDOT Traffic Monitoring Section Todd B. Westhuis, P.E.

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1 Development of New Data Collection Techniques ITE/MPO 2004 Technical Conference NYSDOT Traffic Monitoring Section Todd B. Westhuis, P.E.

2 Data Collection Technologies Sensors/Hardware Mobile Traffic Monitoring Platform Permanent Acoustic Site Micro Loops High speed WIM Communications Trafmate Digital Pagers Trafinfo Tri-Mode Cellular Modems Software Applications Highway Data Management System Highway Data Store Traffic Count Editor Traffic Data Forecaster

3 Mobile Traffic Monitoring Platform

4 “Side Fire” Geometry SAS-1 Acoustic Sensor SAS-1 91 Look Directions (0 Deg to 180 Deg) Time Each “Blob” Shows Position and Strength of a Vehicle’s Acoustic Intensity - Lt Green is Weak - Dk Green/Red is Strong Lane Switcher Detection Indicator (Magenta Markers) Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 LS RSRS Traffic in Other Direction

5 Mobile Platforms Trailer equipped with a 35’ telescoping mast and SAS monitor Powered by 50 watt solar panel and two 100 aH deep cycle batteries (12V DC) Interface for programming and data download to laptop Trafmate digital pager for data download via telemetry

6 Special Studies Non-traditional counts Seasonal snowmobile and ATV studies Siting new equipment Event coverage Traf Mon Section support offered

7 Permanent Acoustic Site Equipped similarly to platforms Cost: ~$8-12K including installation

8 Micro Loop Traffic Monitoring Site

9 Under Bridge Deck Application

10 Van Wyck Expressway Site installed by NYSDOT forces on elevated 8 lane section of I-678 in Queens 142,000 AADT Two probes per lane Currently collecting volume data via telemetry

11 A Cost Effective Method to Obtain ‘Weigh-In-Motion’ Data

12 Weight Data Needs Planning Targeted Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Joint New York State Police/NYSDOT effort 2002 Pavement Design Guide

13 Guide’s Three Hierarchical Levels of Design Inputs Level 1 – Site Specific Measurements Traffic Volume Vehicle Classification (axle configuration) WIM (Axle load distribution) Data collected within or near project area Level 2 – Correlations Regional values derived from larger dataset Similar truck traffic and truck weight characteristics Level 3 – Default Values National defaults configured with local knowledge

14 “Do More With Less” Traditional WIM Sites Expensive to equip Expensive to install Expensive to maintain DOT Traffic Monitoring Programs Staffs shrinking Funding limited Cost effective alternatives needed

15 2001 Construction

16 ‘WIM Card’ Development Desire to collect volume, speed, classification and truck weight data using piezo axle sensor inputs to an auto-calibrating traffic recorder Added functionality for existing traffic monitoring sites Provides a cost effective and safe weighing solution when compared to other WIM technologies Nineteen sites now online statewide Periodic testing to verify accuracy Continuous monitoring and collection

17 WIM Site Features/Capabilities Auto-calibrates using steering axle of a Class 9 truck with user selected sample size Meets ASTM 1318-02 accuracy requirements for Class I piezos (ASTM Type II) Auto-gain control detects input signal from the piezo sensor and adjusts gain to provide best axle detection and resolution Solar powered Cell modem for communications Seamless integration into Statewide Traffic Monitoring System Trafman software for auto polling Automated quality control checks


19 Archived Data Formats Standard is FHWA W card Enhanced W card Vehicle time stamped to 1/100 second Speed recorded to 1/10 mile per hour Quarterly report for stakeholders Summary by site of volume, speed, class and weight data in user friendly format Design Guide inputs and ESALs Raw data available by request

20 Costs Four Lane AVC/WIM site installation $50K (Upstate) $80K (Metro New York City) WIM Enabled TCC 540 ATR $10K per unit Data Rate $20-$30/day

21 Site Maintenance Contract Performance based maintenance contract highly recommended Payment based on “per day of data” Full 24 hours with no interruptions or failures Liquidated damages Site “down” for more than five days System drops below 95% readiness Over and Above Items New construction or upgrade of sites

22 “Cutting The Cord” Wireless Communications and Traffic Monitoring Sites

23 Communications: Why Wireless? No infrastructure costs Service fees less than landline Eliminates line quality issues Coverage issues resolved Digital Low power Accommodates use of photovoltaics Flexibility Equipment choices Coverage choices

24 NYSDOT’s Sites 169 Locations in Statewide Traffic Monitoring System (Continuous Count) Landline Cell Modem Digital Pager 736927

25 Tri-Mode CDMA Cellular Modem Dataremote CDS 9022

26 New York Cell Sites

27 Dataremote CDS 9022 Equipment Costs $695 for cell modem $70 for antenna Monthly Service Costs Volume Only Class/Speed Weigh-In- Motion $11-$24$24-32$25-$100

28 Digital Pager Trafmate

29 Metro New York City Pager Sites

30 Trafmate Equipment Costs $685 for digital pager including antenna Monthly Service Costs Volume 1-3 Lanes Volume 4-7 Lanes Volume 8 Lanes Class/Speed $6.75$8.95$9.80$25.00

31 Two-Way Digital Pager Trafmate 6

32 Trafmate 6 Equipment Costs $795 for digital pager including antenna Monthly Service Costs Volume/Class/Speed $20.00

33 Highway Data Management System HDMS Highway Data Store HDS

34 DATABASE TOOLS HIGHWAY DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (HDMS) An Oracle-based relational database and application to process and manage highway and traffic data with linkages to other NYSDOT data systems HIGHWAY DATA STORE (HDS) A data warehouse tool to access and query data maintained in HDMS

35 HDMS All data in one consistent database Replaces flat file mainframe data storage system Traffic and pavement data linked to highway data All volume, speed, classification and truck weight data captured and archived on network State, county and local facilities Extracts to support current users Business rules/list of values driven Feature based as opposed to segment

36 Highway Data Store An Oracle Discoverer-based data warehouse tool to access the highway inventory and traffic monitoring data of the NYSDOT Highway Data Services Bureau Refreshed nightly with data from HDMS Pre-packaged data sets available Full data access offered

37 HDS Implementation Sequence of user implementation: NYSDOT Highway Data Services Bureau staff NYSDOT Main Office “super users” NYSDOT Regional Offices/other Intradot users MPOs/FHWA web-based access

38 Traffic Count Editor (TCE)

39 TCE Analyze, maintain, and submit short-term volume, classification and speed counts Standard file formats found in NYSDOT EI 01-001 “Traffic Monitoring Standards” Includes automatic processing conditions/checks Any combination of conditions of 15 different types can be configured centrally and distributed to users Used by thirty-three NYSDOT county and Regional offices


41 Traffic Data Forecaster (TDF)

42 TDF Evaluates historical AADT data and determines short- and long-term traffic growth rates based on user selected criteria Applies these projections to determine AADT forecasts and estimates for sites without annual counts Produces a variety of summary reports and file extracts


44 Traf Mon Future Directions Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Road temperature sensor input on WIM board Installed in shoulder at test site Real time temperature data for use in deicing operations Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Augment weigh stations with High Speed WIM to enable continuous monitoring of locations Information Exchange Network (IEN)

45 Traf Mon Future Directions Micro Fuel Cell Venture? Backup power source All traffic data available through GIS (Arcview) On target for completion, November 2004 Traffic controllers for data collection Counts at intersections Piezo inputs to obtain vehicle classification data

46 A Plea To The ITS Community Don’t forget us! Archive and share your data Build on successes Early partnerships with ITS & Traf Mon in NYSDOT Region’s 1, 6 and 8 Additional hardware and/or software modifications

47 Questions? The NYSDOT Traffic Monitoring Section Thanks You For Your Interest In Our Program

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