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Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Andrew Honeyman Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Unit Cabinet Office, UK Government.

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1 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Andrew Honeyman Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Unit Cabinet Office, UK Government

2 We must remember what London 2012 is about. It’s about great legacy - not just sport for a few weeks but a sporting legacy for all our country for many, many years. David Cameron, July 2011 “ ”


4 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy “The London 2012 Games have definitively served as a catalyst for development and improvements, both tangible and intangible, which would otherwise have taken decades to achieve. There is no doubt that the citizens of London and Great Britain will benefit from the Games for a long time to come. ” Jacques Rogge, Inspired by 2012 report July 2013

5 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy London 2012 Legacy Sport and Healthy Living Economic Growth Communities Regeneration of East London Paralympic Legacy

6 Legacy Achievements - Economic Over £11bn of economic benefit through trade and investment won through Games and Games-time promotional activity Tourist numbers up 1% in 2012 with 4% increase in spend. Provisional figures from 2013 suggests further increase of 6% in visit numbers and 13% increase in spend Supplier Recognition Scheme (SRS) enabling UK companies that supplied the Games to promote this in business to business activity. Meta-evaluation estimates economic impact up to 2020 as £28bn - £41bn in Gross Value Added and 618,000 to 893,000 years of employment GREAT campaign to promote UK has delivered £600m of revenue to UK and used in 86 countries.


8 Legacy Achievements – Regeneration of East London All eight retained venues on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park have futures secured Park will be fully open in summer 2014 – iconic Aquatics Centre already open for community use School and Sir Ludwig Guttman Medical Centre open and people living in former Olympic Village Huge range of events held in Park, including athletics and concerts summer 2013 and Sport Relief March 2014 Plans for ‘Olympicopolis’ new higher educational and cultural district, destined to create up to 10,000 jobs and boost UK economy by £bns


10 SRS - background Restrictions on business promotion of work on 2012 Games to protect interests of sponsors that paid for the Games Report by Sir John Armitt report July 2012 – recommended that ‘the Government should take urgent action to ensure that marketing restrictions applying to London 2012 suppliers are relaxed as soon as possible after the Games’ Businesses have never been ‘gagged’ – factual statements allowed

11 SRS - benefits Can use designation ‘supplier of [xxx] to the London 2012 Games’ Can promote Games work in B2B communications, including website, pitches, trade shows, at home and abroad Exclusive access to ODA image library It’s free!

12 SRS - process Easy to apply – online at BOA team very efficient and helpful Need to provide evidence of 2012 Games involvement and No Marketing Rights provision NB some categories of supplier are excluded to protect worldwide sponsors

13 SRS – supplier’s view ‘It was incredibly simple to apply…without the SRS this would have remained our best kept secret’ – Mark Bouch, Leading Change ‘Applying for an SRS licence was a straightforward process. The terms of the licence enable us to reference our work when bidding for new commissions which means we can demonstrate the extraordinary expertise and innovation involved’ – Shirley Brooks, Arup

14 Moving more, Living more Legacy project aiming at increasing physical activity Launched February 2014 by Lord Coe and Ministers Includes strand for employers to promote physical activity to workforce, customers, communities Working with Responsibility Deal Physical Activity Network to link the network, the ‘inspired by 2012’ brand and MMLM - contact Potential benefits for employers of physically active workforce: lower rates of sickness absence, fewer retirements on health grounds and more productive teams.

15 Moving more, Living more Ways in which employers can promote physical activity to their workforce include: negotiating discount schemes to incentivise physical activity eg cycle to work scheme promoting and enabling attendance at classes and activities; signposting opportunities for physical activity, such as using the stairs providing cycle parking facilities; shower/changing facilities publicising the approved mileage for using cycles for business travel, and making it easier for employees to reclaim cycle hire costs used for business travel encouraging team-based exercise-based activities with an element of friendly competition.

16 Legacy Promotion Visits – domestic and international “Inspired by 2012” brand Social Media Legacy reports


18 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Andrew Honeyman Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Unit Cabinet Office, UK Government @2012govuk

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