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Social Media Marketing OPPORTUNITIES. Who is 77Agency? 100 Employees 16 Nationalities 6 Offices Founded in 2003 as an SEM/SEO Specialist Google Analytics.

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1 Social Media Marketing OPPORTUNITIES

2 Who is 77Agency? 100 Employees 16 Nationalities 6 Offices Founded in 2003 as an SEM/SEO Specialist Google Analytics Authorised Consultant 30% of the 77Agency team is IT dedicated 50+ Qualified Google Advertising Professionals Facebook Ads API Tool Vendor



5 75% of worldwide internet users visit a social network or blog when they go online Social Media in 2011

6 2011 STATS 100,000,000 users 100% growth 2010-2011 750,000,000 users 550,000 Facebook apps 7 billion pieces of content shared weekly 5,000,000,000 hosted images 3,000 images added each minute 490,000,000 unique users 700 billion plays in 2010 Google’s newby The next big social media? 106,000,000 users 25,000,000 Tweets a day Social Media in 2011

7 Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM) …. More conversations about your brand A successful SMM campaign leads to a lot more talk about your brand online. Quick turnaround Social Media sites will send you huge amounts traffic almost instantly. Impact on search engine rankings SMM campaigns bring you large amounts of backlinks that benefit your ranking in search engines. Low costs A comprehensive SMM strategy may provide a partial or full replacement of traditional advertising and marketing at a fraction of the costs. Social Media Marketing in 2011

8 Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM) …. Compatible with traditional marketing SMM campaigns can be run alongside traditional marketing and advertising. The power of recommendation Initiators and influencers play an important role the buying process and you can reach these people with SMM. Sidestepping ad blindness As ad blindness increases, SMM has the potential to send visitors to your website without traditional advertising methods. Social Media Marketing in 2011

9 For the past couple of years 77Agency has established a strong and direct relationship with Facebook. We have unique access to Facebook expertise and resources enabling us to help clients to exploit all the opportunities Facebook offers businesses. Benefits of our Relationship with Facebook Dedicated point of contact within Facebook Insights into using the Facebook advertising platform Privileged access to upcoming Facebook features and technology Quicker response times to reclaim unauthorised fanpages Ability to acquire brand friendly URL’s for client’s fanpages Customised advice on how to make Facebook pages SEO friendly Direct training on how to effectively develop fan pages 77Agency & Facebook

10 £500k per month spend through Facebook Management of over 50 Facebook Pages Integration of 50 client websites with Facebook Facebook Ads API Vendor Enrolled in the Facebook Ads Alpha Program 2009 Facebook Developer Garage Winners in Milan Pioneers in Proprietary Facebook Ad Management Technology Our Facebook track record…. 77Agency Facebook Credentials

11 We understand that to get the most out of Facebook, businesses must approach the full Facebook Ecosystem Open Graph (Your Website) Social Ads Applications Facebook pages News feed News Feed 77Agency & Facebook

12 77Agency offers a complete suite of products for businesses to fully take advantage of Facebook as a marketing, CRM and sales tool STRATEGY Facebook Strategic Planning and Consultancy TOOLS Social Ads Tool All in 1 Social DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Facebook Applications Fan Page Development Facebook Website Integration MANAGED CAMPAIGNS Ad Campaign Management Fan Acquisition Services Facebook Clustering 77Agency & Facebook

13 FACEBOOK PAGES Branded and tailored Page creation Targeted community development User specific content strategy APPLICATIONS Customised Facebook applications Viral promotion of brand and products Targeted audience data mining and polling CONNECT/OPENGRAPH Facebook community and website integration Building user generated content Increasing Fan community activity FACEBOOK SERVICES COMMUNITY BUILDING Targeted Fan Acquisition to build Fan numbers Use of Facebook PPC to deliver valuable fans Pay for performance pricing model 77Agency Social Media Services

14 SOCIAL ADS TOOL In 2009 77Agency was amongst a select group of global agencies selected to gain access to the Facebook API. 77 created and developed a unique campaign management tool called the Social Ads Tool (SAT). KEY BENEFITS Simple Design Clutter free navigation and campaign management Intuitive Usability Designed to enable the management of thousands of campaigns Pioneering Technology Features that Facebook currently do not offer An intuitive platform providing ROI maximising and time saving Facebook Advertising campaign management Facebook Tools

15 Feature Facebook Platform Social Ads Tool Platform S.A.T. User Benefit Multi Campaign management Increased efficiency Multi Ad management Increased efficiency Ad Generator Increased efficiency Bulk editing features Increased efficiency Automatic Ad Optimisation Increased ROI Auto Bidding Feature Increased ROI External conversion tracking Increased control Multi-Level Account Access Increased control SOCIAL ADS TOOL ADVANTAGES Facebook Tools

16 Ad Optimisation based on target conversion rates, return on investment or cost per action Facebook Ads Facebook Ad Paused Ads Only ads with an acceptable CR are served All Ads served regardless of CR VS The platform enables you to set a desired conversion rate. Poorly performing ads that are not returning the required conversion rate are then automatically paused. SOCIAL ADS TOOL OPTIMISATION Facebook Tools

17 Current users of the Social Ads Tool include…. SOCIAL ADS TOOL SUBSRIBERS Facebook Tools OMDBanzaiFormlifeInlight Trade DKThink DigitalPlaytopiaOmega One DMIHpyeractiveZoneMediaBlue Mango Interactive Casino RewardsSerranetgaConnectMediaMarketingActiveArtMedia PPC CoachCollaboIBPGroupM Switzerland

18 ALL IN 1 SOCIAL A Facebook Wall Update scheduler and content management system enabling businesses to easily plan and automatically publish Facebook content KEY BENEFITS Manage Multiple Fan Pages Manage all your fan pages through a single platform Real Time Stats Measure Facebook content performance through user interaction statistics Track Interaction Track how users share and distribute wall updates Use All in 1 Social to schedule individual pieces of content to be delivered at specific days and times. Synchronise the scheduler with any pre existing feed you already have i.e. news feeds, blog posts. Facebook Tools

19 View valuable social metrics to gauge the success of your Facebook content strategy View up to date content performance data at a glance. Understand how many of your fans are engaging, sharing and clicking through on specific pieces of content ALL IN 1 SOCIAL REPORTING Facebook Tools

20 77Agency provides a complete Facebook Application solution including concept creation, design, development and app management. User engagement Promote conversation with and between your brand fans Brand awareness Build brand positive brand associations Viral promotion Promote the sharing of branded content amongst the relevant fan base Data mining Collect valuable target audience data Drive Sales Initiate the sales funnel within Facebook Increase Fans Use apps strategically to increase your existing fanbase Facebook Design and Development FACEBOOK APPLICATIONS

21 Our applications are developed to ensure that they will achieve your Facebook objectives - from general user engagement to promoting individual products. Some great apps we have recently developed… Facebook Design and Development FACEBOOK APPLICATIONS FIAT NEDERLAND A live stream of two Dutch celebrities documenting their travels around the Netherlands in a Fiat PATHE RESIDENT EVIL An interactive flash game incorporating the trainer for the new Resident Evil movie BEN MOBILE A video wall display presenting all the TV ads involved with Bens latest promotional campaign

22 And a few more…. Facebook Design and Development FACEBOOK APPLICATIONS Adidas Are You My Honey?Users upload photos of themselves with their new Adidas shoes Nivea Nivea Crème per TeFree Nivea sample Sisal Sisal Bingo FunBingo Game Conde’ Nast Sign up to newsletter Pathe Pathe CityCompetition to win a free screening with friends Pathe Girls OnlyA custom Justin Beiber tab with songs, trailers and competitions Pathe InceptionUsers can embed themselves into the movie poster Pathe SuckerpunchShareable customer tab with trailer Pathe Alice in WonderlandPhoto competition Pathe Green HornetShareable customer tab with trailer Pathe Harry PotterShareable customer tab with trailer Pathe TronShareable customer tab with trailer Pathe Pathe HarlemCompetition to win 6 months cinema pass T Mobile WarchildLocate T Mobile stores participating in charity drive T Mobile LifeproofCompetition to win a phone T Mobile RepudoVideo tab showing apps and features available for users phone T Mobile Blackberry PINUsers can share their BB Pin with friends BEN Ringtone TabListen to and download ringtones BEN Customer Service DirectoryEnable users to solve customer service issues FIAT Fiat 5000 Twin Air3 games promoting the release of the new Fiat car X Factor Backseat AuditionUsers can see where auditions are taking place X Factor Video AuditionUsers can view audition videos and vote on their favourite Body Shop Free SampleVoucher tab for free sample of shower gel Body Shop Store LocatorUsers can locate stores within their area AOL/MyDaily Tag It To Win ItPhoto tag competition Saxobank Trading DataTab displaying live trading data

23 Facebook Design and Development WEBSITE INTEGRATION Increase viral promotion and user engagement through Integrating Facebook throughout your site using the Facebook Open Graph Protocol, Facebook’s Social Plug-Ins and Facebook Connect 1. User can share content from your website 2. Shared content is displayed on users wall 3. Your brand is then exposed to the users Facebook community

24 Facebook Design and Development WEBSITE INTEGRATION FACEBOOK SOCIAL PLUG-INS Enable your site visitors to like, share or comment on your website content through integrating the following social plug-ins throughout your website: LikeActivity Feed RecommendationsLike Box Login ButtonFacepile CommentsLive Stream

25 Facebook Design and Development FACEBOOK PAGE DEVELOPMENT Facebook Pages are a must for any modern business. They present an inexpensive and powerful way to engage existing customers and attract new customers. Developing Brand Voice Cultivate and build brand image through developing a distinctive and personal branded voice Customer Response Gauge customer reaction to new products, offers and promotions Market Research Cost effectively survey and poll customers to assist with core market research. Customer Relationship Management Reply to customer comments, questions and customer service issues in an open forum. Driving Sales Directly promote products to your fans through branded messages and personal interaction.

26 Facebook Design and Development FACEBOOK PAGE DEVELOPMENT We work with each business to develop a fanpage which best reflects their brand, and is styled and designed to suit their individual target audiences. Facebook Pages recently developed by 77Agency….

27 Managed Campaigns AD CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Facebook powerful advertising platform enable business to directly communicate with a highly relevant and targeted audience We have over 9 years experience running successful Pay Per Click campaigns across all major search engines. This PPC experience now means we can deliver successful Facebook PPC campaigns for our clients. Our PPC expertise means we are fully apt at achieving target CPC and Conversion Rates and ultimately your all important target ROI through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ad Campaigns managed by 77Agency

28 Managed Campaigns AD CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT We achieve your set objectives through hands on, day to day account optimisation and through using a range of ad types Event Ad Comment Ad Like Ad Gifting Ad Polling Ad

29 Managed Campaigns AD CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT The most important strength of Facebook Ads is the unparalleled Targeting capabilities including… Location Country, City, Town Demographics Age range, gender, exact age Interests Key terms found in the users profile Connections Users connection to other pages Advanced Demographics Relationship status, language Education and Work Education level and workplace

30 Managed Campaigns AD CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT A few clients we have managed Facebook Ad campaigns for…. BuongiornoCashcadeMac Cosmetics BulgariEA GamesNHS Choices Babylon LtdLa RepublicaSisal MNSCliniqueWinga BuyVipBobbi Brown

31 Managed Campaigns FAN ACQUISITION SERVICE To ensure the success of you fanpage 77Agency can rapidly build you a highly targeted fanbase How do we acquire fans? We acquire fans through deliver highly targeted “Like” ads using our Social Ads Tool. This tools allows us to quickly and cost effectively acquire a fan base that fits your brands targeting criteria Why build fans? Through developing a relevant and valuable fan base you can ensure an on-going source of website traffic, recruit new customers and virally expand your brands exposure online

32 Managed Campaigns FAN ACQUISITION SERVICE To ensure the success of you fanpage 77Agency can rapidly build you a highly targeted fanbase Key benefits of our Fan Acquisition Service Reduced Risk You only pay for each fan acquired. Your business doesn’t risk paying for clicks that don’t convert into fans. Time and Cost Savings Our technology allows us to build Facebook Advertising campaigns aimed at fan acquisition at a far quicker rate than using the internal Facebook Advertising platform. Rapid Fan Base Growth 77Agency can quickly acquire fans for you. Where it may take you 2 or 3 months to build 10,000 fans we can do this in a matter of days. Quality Fans It is always in 77Agency’s best interest to deliver each and every client a highly valuable fan base which can be leveraged to fulfill whatever your objectives are.

33 Managed Campaigns SOCIAL CLUSTERING 77Agency can build a targeted group of Facebook users for your business. You can then distribute content, links and call to actions directly to their wall. 1.A Targeted Facebook Ad is presented to the user. 2.The user is then presented with a landing page inviting them to become a part of a social cluster. 3.Once the user Likes the cluster they start to recieve content relating to this topic directly on their wall. 4.The owner of the cluster can then post content, links and further calls to directly on the users wall on an ongoing basis. 5.When the user clicks on content links, they are taken directly to your website. 123 4 5

34 Managed Campaigns SOCIAL CLUSTERING IN ACTION Scenario Client wants to build a social cluster of UK based females, aged 18-35 interested in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Solution Target users group are driven to a landing page where they are asked if they want to receive a daily horoscope update. Users who “Like” their individual Horoscope receive a link to their horoscope on their wall each day Subscribed users click through to read their horoscope on the clients website Outcome Increased web traffic for the client. Direct access to x thousands of their target audience LANDING PAGE USERS WALL YOUR WEBSITE User “Likes” a horoscope User presented with full horoscope and related fashion/beauty content User presented with daily horoscope link on wall

35 77Agency Other Social Media Services RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS Analysis of competitors social media activities Case studies of successful industry related social media campaigns. Customer profiling and industry benchmark analysis YOUTUBE Branded video channel creation. Highly tailored content strategy. Cross channel YouTube integration. TWITTER Branded and tailored Twitter creation. Unique content delivery and management strategy. Information collection, community building and product promotion. REPORTING Social media performance reporting and analysis. Channel activity, engagement, growth, and referrals report Ongoing campaign appraisal and optimisation SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Identifying social channels your business should be using Developing a long term content strategy Social media design and community management training

36 For any further information regarding 77Agency please contact: Peter Jackson 020 7831 5392

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