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The Good The Bad And The Ugly Final Project Rex. Mood board!

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1 The Good The Bad And The Ugly Final Project Rex

2 Mood board!

3 The Plan 3 2D images of each character in an environment. 3 3D models of each character portrayed on a 2D background. Graphic comic to portray the introduction to the game.

4 What is a cryptid?

5 The Narrative Summary; The evil paranormal investigator Ajax has opened a portal to the 7 th dimension and is attempting to wipe out all the legendary creatures that inhabit it. Chupa, (El chupacabra) has stepped forward to save his universe and reclaim a fame to his family name.

6 Back story/History 10 years ago a young boy named Ajax lost his family in a freak fire accident which also took his home. Ajax, convinced that the fire was caused by some unnatural big black dog, no one believed the truth. Now older and out for revenge, Ajax wishes to expose the 7 th dimension and all the creatures that inhabit it. Present Day, 7 th Dimension, a large conference is being held between the inhabitants of dimension 7 and their head ruler J.D (jersey Devil). Ajax, having already exposed the dimension once and captured 3 of the CRYPTID’s, must be stopped. Chupacabra steps up to the mark to reclaim and live up to his family name as a hero and to protect his friend Black shuck, who is being accused of the fire.

7 Chupa-The Good Or El’ Chupacabra as he is known in Mexico. Also called the Goat sucker. First spotted in Mexico in 1995 and has been spotted in Russia Also. Chupa has his own motivations for trying to stop Ajax, these being living up to his father’s name, who once saved the cryptid’s from the Black dragon of the 3 rd Dimension. He has never believed in brining harm to Humans, and has lived his life living off the blood of livestock as an alternate. He is mostly seen hanging around Black shuck and Moth man, but both of his closest friends are now under the watchful eyes of Ajax. Chupa aims to be rid of this Human threat and restore peace to the 7 th Dimension.

8 Pre concept Sketches-Chup



11 Ajax-The Bad Once an innocent child until the fire and loss of his home. Put into care at an early age and made a mockery of, for what He saw, Ajax sweared revenge on the Crypt’s and made it His life work to make sure they suffer as he did as a child. Blessed with high intelligence, he now lives in north London. Isolated from the world he concentrates only on exposing The 7 th Dimension. Having already caught Moth man, he is out To mainly get Black shuck and will stop at nothing to achieve it.


13 Ajax- Pre Concept Sketches

14 Moth Man-The Ugly Once a loyal and faithful friend to Chup, now captured And turned against the Crypt’s as a bio weapon via Ajax. Moth man now serves Ajax as a loyal guard and pet, reassurance against the crypt's counterattack to Ajax’s threat to them. Fast, Deadly and armed with weapons to poison, Kill and mutilate, Moth man is not a creature to be taunted and made a joke of and will kill at his masters command.



17 The Book -Shall cover the prologue/Introduction To the game concept itself. -Give the audience a taste of the Games potential look and feel. -Will introduce the characters and their History, potential and purpose.

18 Extra Characters-Black Shuck

19 Nessy And J.D

20 END. Any Questions?

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