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WHEN LIVE GIVES YOU LEMONS. A Study of a young man’s trials.

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1 WHEN LIVE GIVES YOU LEMONS. A Study of a young man’s trials

2 INTRODUCTION:  What if your family abandoned, your employer believed a false accusation against you, two acquaintances abandoned you in your hour of need, what would you do?  Our study today will look at a young man who suffered these very things and what happened to him.  I am referring to Joseph.

3 SOLD INTO SLAVERY.  His brothers were jealous of him …He was the favourite of his father. Gen 37:3,4 …He had dreams that he would rule over them. Gen 37:5-11 …This just added to the ill feelings his brothers had towards him.  Let’s kill him....... Let’s sell him …They saw him approaching and put their plan into action. Gen 37:18-27 …What profit is there.... v.26-27 …What hypocrisy!  Joseph is now a slave in Egypt (how would you feel if your family turned on you?)

4 FALSELY ACCUSED  Joseph begins his stay in Egypt. …He is sold to Potiphar Gen 37:36 …Joseph serves his master well and the Lord is with him. Gen.39:2-6 …He had turned his situation to his advantage.  Came about because he was God fearing.  Doing what was right in the sight of God and his master. …Sin was crouching at the door.  Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph. Gen39:7- 16  Joseph falsely accused. Gen39:17-19  Situation goes from bad to worse Gen. 39:20

5 ABANDONED BY HIS ACQUAINTANCES  God shows him mercy. Gen. 39:21-23 …Joseph was making the best of a bad situation. …He demonstrated a will to work hard no matter what his situation.  Joseph interpreted the dreams of the baker and butler. Gen. 40 …The butler would be restored to his position. …The baker would die. …Joseph asked the butler to remember him and make mention of him to Pharaoh. …Did not happen.

6 GOD’S PROVIDENCE  God never left Joseph and Joseph put his trust in God. (Was not willing to sin against God) Gen. 39:9  God did not relieve him from his situation just made it more bearable.  Joseph eventually rose to the second highest man in the land of Egypt. (I often wonder how Potiphar and his wife felt)  How do we measure up in our time of trial?

7 WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS......  Place your trust in the Lord. Prov. 3:5.  Turn your situation to good  Make Lemonade!!!

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