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FY-15 Winter DET RDO Brief 24 FEB 2015 1 2/24/2015.

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1 FY-15 Winter DET RDO Brief 24 FEB 2015 1 2/24/2015

2 Brief covers: RDO procedures and set-up at Artesia RDO at KROW Vehicle usage and fueling 2

3 Homefield RDO Wing Ops will provide an airfield driver for transportation to tower. UHF CH 7 (266.8) Primary RDO freq VHF CH 7 (125.025) is shared with FDO Tower Supervisor: Joe Menchaca 575-347-2816. 3

4 Set-Up Inside front door of tower, hit intercom button and ask to be let in. Usually tower staff will unlock door as soon as you arrive. No other doors that you need should be locked. 6 th floor, take elevator. If you like stairs, knock yourself out. Go through door about 45 deg to your right. Take stairwell. 4

5 Ground Ops Notes 5 1/10/2015 View from the RDO station

6 Tower RDO Pubs/gear in the tower: o NATOPS o PCL o Binder Contacts callsign R & I Pre-mishap plan SOP o Green Watch Log 6 1/10/2015


8 Panel 8 SPEAKER VOLUME HEADSET VOLUME SELECT MONITOR, THEN #111. This will enable you to listen to the tower controller’s comms on your headset. (Station 111 is the tower controller’s station) Toggle these black SWITCHES up TO CUE UP YOUR Base VHF AND UHF FREQS. GREEN LIGHT MEANS YOU ARE MONITORING L=loudspeaker H=Headset

9 Panel: Extreme Close-Up Push the black buttons under the two green lights next to the frequencies to select/deselect To transmit, you will have to deselect one or else you will simulcast (controllers I was with didn’t know how to make it so you can monitor on two and txt on one) VHF button sticks…may have to pull it out If in doubt of operation specifics, just ask. 9

10 Artesia RDO Grab Tahoe keys, RDO Cell, and Handheld VHF radio from Flight Duty Office. For planning purposes, trip to KATS from Chalet takes about an hour. Pull Tahoe out hangar garage door, ensure door is re-secured! Drive to Artesia Airport Check fuel in vehicle, generator, and gas can. If gas is needed, use Fleet card on key chain. 10 1/10/2015

11 Artesia RDO - Contacts FBO Phone: 575-748-3206 Emergency Firefighting: 911 Fire Chief: Chief J.D. Hummingbird 575-746-5051 Gate code: 3548 (conveniently also the airfield elevation). 11 1/10/2015

12 Artesia RDO Call FBO if you need to use bathroom, they’ll come pick you up. o Or step outside vehicle, find a patch of dirt. Avoid urinating on generator/UHF antenna. Watch out for small cacti off prepared surface…these will puncture tires. In the event of Aircraft Emergency, call 911 o Artesia Fire Dept. has been briefed on T-6B Egress and are located less than 3 miles away. o 911 dispatcher will contact Fire Dept. duty officer, who will call the RDO cell for details of the emergency 12 1/10/2015

13 Artesia RDO Equipment Honda EU1000i Generator URC200 UHF Radio o “Baseball bat” antenna o Tripod antenna mount o Speaker o Mic ICOM A200 VHF Radio o Magmounted antenna o Built-in speaker o Mic

14 Artesia RDO Equipment RDO vehicle inventory o Two Pelican op cases URC200 (UHF, left side) A200 (VHF, right side) o Roof light (behind driver’s seat) o Wave off paddles o RDO phone (flip phone in FDO office, returned at end of shift): 850-736-7374 o Handheld VHF radio o Black RDO binder o RDO Logbook (big and green) o Binoculars o Extension cords 14 1/10/2015

15 RDO Inventory In FDO office (beginning and end of shift) o All on/to be returned to FDO office RDO phone; plugged into charger Handheld VHF Radio; plugged into charger RDO truck keys If you can’t find something, call LT Swigart. 724-433-5082 15 1/10/2015

16 Mag Mount Lightbar Before driving on airfield, connect light bar to 12V outlet in vehicle. Click switch to “ON” Op-check light. If it If doesn’t come on, rotate plug in outlet. 16 1/10/2015

17 Honda EU1000i 1.Place generator at least 3 feet away from all other objects, and on flat terrain farthest away from large amounts of dry grass 2.Check fuel level 3.Ensure Eco-Throttle is “OFF” 4.Open gas cap vent to “ON” 5.Turn starter switch to “ON”

18 18 1/10/2015 6. Ensure the Choke switch is under the arrow. If restarting the already warm generator, you must start with the choke switch under the word “CHOKE” (see next slide) 7. Pull out starter cable until you feel resistance, and then pull out quickly. -DO NOT let go of the handle. Slowly guide the cable back into the generator. 8. As the generator warms up, slowly open the choke. This process will take approximately 5 minutes.

19 Choke Detail Choke On (Cold Motor) Choke Off (Warm Motor)

20 Radio Setup-URC200 Antenna 1.Remove antenna stand from back of Tahoe and place at least 10- 15 ft away from the Tahoe and other objects. 2.Extend tripod legs and place on flat terrain. 3.Connect the antenna cable from the URC200 receiver to the bottom of the antenna.

21 Radio Setup 1.Open up Pelican cases. Be cautious of case latches tearing roof fabric. Uncoil power cords and route through window of vehicle. Mic and Speaker cables are already attached 2.Once power cables are connected to extension cord and antennae are set up, route antenna cables through windows and attach to antenna ports on radios

22 URC200 Bayonet-Style Antenna Connector

23 Radio Setup-URC200 Receiver 1.AFTER connecting antenna and plugging the URC200 into already running and warm generator, turn on the URC200 by turning the left-most knob clockwise. Radio is most easily accessed from passenger side. 2.The URC200 will be pre-set to Artesia RDO Freq, channel 1 (235.825) 3.IOT use UHF Guard, press 0/CH then 2 4.To switch back, press 0/CH then 1 5.Transceiver will remain in HI power, AM, PT modes unless messed with 6.Instructions are on top of radio in the event of accidental change.

24 URC200 Receiver

25 Troubleshooting the URC-200 1.Check the Generator o Is it on (it should be making noise of some kind)? Is it generating power? Does it need maintenance? 2.Check the Radio o Freq, HI power, PT mode, AM mode o Turn squelch all the way open then back until static stops 3.Check the connections o Antenna Connector o Speaker and mic connections

26 Radio Setup-ICOM A200 1.Place magnetically mounted antenna on roof of Tahoe, keep at least 10 foot standoff from UHF antenna 2.Ensure good connection between receiver and roof antenna o This antenna cable is a coaxial cable and should not be crimped or stepped on in order to maintain its effectiveness DO NOT SHUT IN DOOR 3.Plug A200 into running generator 4.Turn on A200 by turning power switch to “ON” and turning volume knob clockwise

27 ICOM A200 Interface

28 Keeping it Simple 1.Generator ON 2.Antennas UP 3.Radios ON 4.Radios CHECKED

29 Breakdown URC200 1.Turn off by turning power knob counter-clockwise 2.Remove antenna cable from antenna; collapse tripod mount and stow antenna assembly 3.Disconnect power cable from extension cord 4.Stow cables in Pelican case and secure A200 1.Turn off by turning power knob counter-clockwise and turning power switch to OFF 2.Disconnect power cable from extension cord 3.Remove antenna from roof and stow in pelican case 4.Secure Pelican case DISCONNECT ONLY ANTENNA CABLES FROM RADIOS – NOT CANNON PLUGS

30 Turning off the Generator 1.Turn power switch to “OFF” 2.Turn CHOKE back to CHOKE 3.Leave gas cap vent OPEN to ON for 30 minutes in order to allow pressure in the engine to escape while the generator cools 4.Close gas cap vent after 30 minutes o Gas cap vent should be opened momentarily again once parked in hangar to ensure all trapped gasses have escaped.

31 Breakdown and Clean-up 1.Radios turned OFF 2.Power cords disconnected from radios 3.Generator OFF 4.Collapse UHF antenna assembly 5.Exercise care when reloading antenna stand into vehicle and closing Pelican cases (lets not tear the upholstery) 6.Carefully replace mic and cords in Pelican cases, secure cases and load generator into vehicle 7.Please DO NOT disconnect any cables other than the antenna connectors 8.Lastly, ensure light bar is stowed in vehicle prior to departing airfield

32 Truck Layout—Trunk

33 Securing the Watch 1.Once back at the Chalet, send wheels watch around to open hangar garage door 2.Pull Tahoe in, be cautious of forklift and tools. Offset vehicle to allow maintenance access through the garage door. 3.Ensure vehicle is locked and windows are cracked to ventilate fuel vapors 4.Return RDO Cell Phone to FDO office and charge overnight. Leave keys with phone.

34 Refueling the RDO truck/Gas Can The RDO vehicle has a specific GSA Fleet card o It is on the key chain and is vehicle-specific. o The fuel pump will ask for: The Odometer reading The User ID is the six digit number on the bottom left of the card. o Please refuel the gas can whenever filling the truck. 34 1/10/2015

35 A Word on Vehicles Original NAVFAC contract for 16 vehicles o 1x RDO SUV o 7x sedans (4 for wing staff, 3 for squadron) o 2x 15-pax vans (squadron use) o 6x 8-pax minivans (squadron use) Fleet Cards o Attached to each set of keys o Notify 1stLt Haden if card is missing or card holder needs to be replaced. 35 1/10/2015

36 Group Vehicle Guidelines Please be courteous, refuel if vehicle is below ¼ tank Sign out vehicles from hotel front desk. Make sure you sign your keys back in. Do not keep the keys overnight, we need to be able to account for these vehicles and their keys every night. 36 1/10/2015

37 Questions? Ask LT Chris Swigart. TW-5 Det Logistics 724-433-5082

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