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University of Missouri Greek Community Strategic Plan.

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1 University of Missouri Greek Community Strategic Plan

2 Welcome Introductions Overview of Day – Dr. Cathy Scroggs – Brief historical overview – Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives – Council Presidents’ Remarks – Next Steps – Questions & Comments

3 Dr. Cathy Scroggs Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

4 Why a Strategic Plan? Large community, long history 5,597 Greek Undergraduates 52 organizations Variety of stakeholders Proactive vs. Reactive Good to Great

5 How did we get here? Environmental Scan – Npower Consultants, Statistical documentation, Benchmarking Involved students, leaders, staff, alumni, national offices in process Developed Operational and Strategic Themes Created workgroups for strategic themes

6 Operational Initiatives Judicial Procedures President meetings Office structure Web presence Educational Initiatives

7 Strategic Themes Values Based Community Standards Alcohol Community Competition IFC Freshmen Male Experience Multicultural Greek Council National Pan-Hellenic Council PHA Chapter Size

8 Theme #1: Values Congruence/Standards

9 Values Congruence/Standards Brotherhood and Sisterhood – Non-alcoholic event ideas – Social networking plan to disseminate information – Bystander training for leaders – Evaluate Greek Week to ensure it’s a celebration of the Greek Community as a whole – Best Brotherhood/Sisterhood Event Award

10 Values Congruence/Standards Leadership – Best Practices series – Compile database of resources for chapters Scholarship – Academic round table discussions – Scholarships compiled in one central location – Academic excellence recognition process

11 Values Congruence/Standards Service – Philanthropy round table discussions – “Non-required” service events will be provided and encouraged Community Standards – Task force to evaluate and enhance the reward and recognition system – Task force to develop minimum standards

12 Theme #2: Alcohol

13 Alcohol Education – Minimum standard for alcohol, risk management, and hazing education – Task force to research best practices for alcohol education – All chapters to submit alcohol education plan

14 Alcohol Alcohol-Free Events – Reinforcement of alcohol-free philanthropy policy – Office of Greek Life to host model alcohol-free event – Every chapter to host alcohol-free event once a year Events with alcohol – Office of Greek life to host model alcoholic event

15 Alcohol Alcohol-free Housing Policy – Task force to create/revise current alcohol-free housing policy – University to create a housing policy that restricts new members of fraternities or sororities from moving directly into chapter houses

16 Theme #3: Community Competition

17 Community Competition Education – Social networking plan to educate and share info regarding Greek activities – Educational materials to inform stakeholders/participants of HC, GW, Philanthropies, etc. Greek and Community Unity – Task force to examine/evaluate competition – Task force to evaluate GHN and make changes

18 Community Competition Maintaining Positive “Traditions” – Task force to identify perceived negative traditions and develop alternatives – Encourage participation in pre-existing campus traditions Community and Voluntary Involvement – Beneficiary-themed competitions – Community service award – All-encompassing programming (all classes) – Evaluate use of points

19 Theme #4: IFC Freshmen Male Experience

20 IFC Freshmen Male Experience IFC Housing – University to create a housing policy that restricts new members of fraternities or sororities from moving directly into chapter houses Minimum Standard for Member Development – IFC to host round table for best strategies – IFC to create Junior Senior Mem. Dev. Program – Office of Greek Life to host program for graduating seniors

21 IFC Freshmen Male Experience New Member Education Programs – Task force to create minimum standards for all fraternity new member education – All fraternities encouraged to review/revise new member program for submission to IFC – All fraternities to implement new member programs with minimum standards Recruitment Process – Task force to revise structure of Formal Rec. – Evaluation of IFC Bid Card process

22 Theme #5: Multicultural Greek Council

23 Multicultural Greek Council Inter-council Unity – MGC will host events with other councils at cultural centers on campus – Office of Greek Life to host four council presidents meetings monthly

24 Theme #6: National Pan- Hellenic Council

25 National Pan-Hellenic Council Council Management – Task force to review council structures and provide recommendations for optimal strategies – Assessment to determine what NPHC members gain from their experience and how NPHC Exec. can respond to those needs – NPHC Exec. will create comprehensive plan to improve academic success for chapters

26 Theme #7: PHA Chapter Size

27 PHA Chapter Size Values-Based Programming and Continuing Education – PHA Exec. to host round table to discuss best practices for sisterhood events – PHA Exec. will work to enhance Sister Sorority program – PHA Exec. to host all-Panhellenic event – Office of Greek Life to host program for graduating seniors – PHA to examine all- class encompassing programs

28 PHA Chapter Size Available Space On-Campus and Off-Campus – The Office of Greek Life will compile a list of auditoriums with large capacities on campus – The Office of Greek Life will develop a plan for institutional support to secure open housing for future growth

29 PHA Chapter Size Extension – Extension Committee will examine and create long-term plan for extension to propose to PHA community – PHA will vote to pass/fail the Extension Committee proposal

30 Council President’s Mike Zeiter, IFC Jessica Silver, MGC Charles Ukatu, NPHC Michelle Parsons, PHA

31 What is your role? Chapter executive board discussion Advisory board update Develop plan to communicate information to general chapter members Utilize the staff in Office of Greek Life Ask questions Being involved

32 Next Steps Uploading report on website Task Force(s) Continued communication with national offices Continued updates concerning progress toward goals Communication campaign

33 Questions/Comments Janna Basler, Director Greek Life – Julie Drury, Coordinator Greek Life – Danny Jonas, Advisor Greek Life – Stacie Baker, Graduate Assistant –

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