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Monday February 23 rd 7 pm – Bren Events Center. Ω.

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1 Monday February 23 rd 7 pm – Bren Events Center




5 Ω Greek Awards is… In less than 40 days! Plan ahead! Form committees, Distribute among departments Have designated application workshop hours Ask for help

6 Fall week 10 Applications Out Online or emailed to presidents Monday Jan 5 th week 1 Return to School/Info Session 2 6-8pm Pacific Ballroom A Tuesday January 13 th week 2 Last Info Session 6-8 Pacific Ballroom A Friday January 16 th APPS DUE week 2 Monday January 26 th week 4 First round of scoring Monday February 2 nd week 5 Second round of scoring

7 DUE: Friday, January 16 th (cut off for electronic copy = 11:59 pm) 1 hard copy, with $100.00 application fee to our mailbox: # 105, poster room in Student Center AND 1 electronic copy submitted in a.doc format to: * checks can be made out to UCI Order of Omega

8 National Honor Recognition for chapters, and individuals

9 Your chapter must:  Complete all 10 chapter awards, and every section of the application  Complete the Order of the Laurel nomination  Submit application fee and both copies of application on time  Must submit 3 names for scorers/graders  They MUST attend both sessions, failure to attend with result in the chapters disqualification

10 NOTE: All Honor society (Gamma Sigma Alpha, Rho Lambda, & Order of Omega) executive members and those who will be grading, or proctoring scoring will be asked to recuse themselves from ANY involvement related to writing and working on the Greek Awards application for their own chapter

11 Ω Need 3 names for graders from presidents @ GPC To be a grader: Must be available MONDAY JAN 26 th (week 4) 6:30-9pm and MONDAY FEB 2 (week 5) 6:30-9 PM (arrangements to be excused from meeting will be made) MUST attend. If the graders fail to attend, your chapters application will not be considered At least junior standing Been a member of the chapter for 1 year Preferably has held position Has at least all greek GPA (2.977) In good standing with the chapter

12 1.Chapter Management 2.Membership Recruitment 3.New Member Education 4.Membership Development 5.Ritual Practice 6.Risk Management 7.Scholarship Programming 8.Philanthropic Event/Service 9.Alumni Relations 10.Community Relations

13 How does your chapter manage itself internally? Chapter bonding? Disciplinary system? Exec Board? What is unique/effective about how your chapter manages its affairs?

14 What is unique about your new member recruitment process/processes? (outreach, marketing) What does your chapter do to prepare for recruitment? How does your chapter sustain its members? New Members?

15 How does your chapter welcome its new members into the Greek Community? What opportunities are new members given? What do you teach them in the new member period? What are the values you instill and promote to them?

16 What values does your chapter hold dearly? Is there a standard set for your members? How do you implement this? (Events? Programs?) How has membership improved? How does your chapter encourage and keep active participation?

17 How does your chapter uphold it’s ritual, promote its importance and values? Do your chapter members take ritual seriously? How do you implement this? Does your chapter have relations with it’s national organization?

18 What does your chapter do to ensure safety of its members? Of the Greek community? What kind of lifestyle does your chapter promote of its members? How are members held accountable when they fail to uphold a positive image for the chapter/community/themselves?

19 What does your chapter do to ensure academic success of its members? What is unique about it? How are high achieving individuals recognized? How are those that fall behind reached out to? How does your chapter strive to improve each academic quarter? Year?

20 What does your chapter do to serve the community? What is unique about the connection your chapter has with its philanthropy? What makes it “successful”? Are your philanthropic efforts inclusive? Who participates? How is awareness spread for your cause?

21 How does your chapter maintain relations with alumni? What alumni events do you host? How are they successful? How does your chapter present opportunities for alumni to stay involved?

22 * What has your chapter done to serve the Greek community? UCI community? Irvine Community? Events, programs, volunteering?

23 To recognize one faculty or staff member each year has gone out of their way to help the Greek Community. A person that has made a positive impact, and shows dedication living a life shaped by shared fraternity and sorority values. NOTE: They do not have to be an alumnus of any fraternity or sorority, and previous recipients are not eligible. If a previous recipient is nominated, the executive board will remove the nomination. PAST WINNERS: 2013Chelsea Blake, Resident Life Coordinator Arroyo Vista 2012Nicole Inouye, Greek Life Advisor 2011Zabie Khorakiwala, CARE Office Violence Prevention Coordinator 2010Dr. Rameen Talesh, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life and Leadership & Dean of Students INSTRUCTIONS You may nominate up to three faculty or staff members for this award. Please type a 500-word summary explaining why the nominee deserves this award. FORMATTING GUIDELINES 500 word limit, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman

24 Outstanding Greek Chapter President Outstanding Senior* Outstanding Junior* Outstanding Sophomore* Outstanding New Initiate* Outstanding Alumni Advisor* * Max of 3 applicants for award

25 Awarded to one sorority and one fraternity chapter with the highest points earned out of the total possible x/total = ___%

26 Award presented to fraternity and sorority chapters that have reached a certain percentage, earning them a bronze, silver or gold level of recognition for being a high performing chapter. This is in order to reward chapters that have performed well year-long, and are consistently succeeding and performing at a high level of achievement within our community. BRONZE LEVEL: 65% of total available points achieved SILVER LEVEL: 70% of total available points achieved GOLD LEVEL: 75% of total available points achieved INSTRUCTIONS: - To qualify for consideration, all chapter awards (10) must be completed and not have received a score of a zero for any categories. - Points earned for individual awards are not included for this award.

27 If one comes up, don’t hesitate to contact us at :

28 Ω Outside organizations, involvements? Let us know if your club or organization would like to make announcements, or distinguish members of our Greek Community promote any information contact us to discuss the program.

29 IG: Coming Soon! Like us on FB Web Greek Life Site:

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