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2004-2005 Freshmen Poetry Notebooks Mrs. Webb’s third and sixth periods.

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1 2004-2005 Freshmen Poetry Notebooks Mrs. Webb’s third and sixth periods

2 Contrast Poems School’s Out! I’m anxious to get out of school No more homework, no more teachers No more pestering kids. More boys, more swimming, more lazy days. I’m bored from getting out of school. No more friends, no more daily sodas. No more people filled days. More hot sun, more work, more parents. --Kari Mavity

3 Ice cream is a tasty treat Cool and smooth in your mouth Millions of different flavors Dripping down your hands All over your clean clothes, Giving me brain freeze --Lynn DiBenedetto

4 Free Verse The Outside Sometimes I believe that I have surely Drifted to the outside There are times that I am positive That I have drifted away There are times that the outside actually Looks good when you are staring at it And things are going bad in the inside There are times that when I am in The outside I feel that I could stay There forever with fear of facing the thngs That I left behind in the inside

5 There are many people that I know that Live in the outside with no intention of Returning because the challenges of the Inside have pushed them out and now those People only exist But, if you are able to set aside both sides And look at things from a point of view That does not include any of these troubles Then I salute you my friend and ask that You help me find the settle ground --Brandon Gerstenberger

6 Pancakes in the VCR My mom puts pancakes in the VCR, I think she’s lost her mind! My sister’s driving my dad’s car, But she is only nine! My cat is barking at the dog, She’s chased him up a tree. Man, my life is boring, Why can’t anything happen to me. --Nick Hadeen

7 Terse Verse medicine: sure cure Olympics: dream teams cheer: team scream cupboards: store more candles: bright light epic tale: glory story teeth: jaw saw Tsunami: warm storm burner: hot spot jail: crime time

8 Loud music: sound pound Drought: wet debt ATM: flash cash Sponge Bob: yellow fellow Platter: great plate

9 cinquain Flower small, white blooming, swaying, spreading lightens up my day Daisy

10 Today Ending so soon Tomorrow is coming Too late to change what you don’t like Just live --Charlotte Frank

11 Number poem 55335455 The whistle blew loud… It is time to play… Hearts beating… Hands shaking… What a nervous day… The whistle blows… The game is over… What a day of play… --Hannah Vermeer

12 Weather poem Tornado It comes in ripping through the earth Like the horrific sound of a car crash It awaits the sound of the wind While leaving a disaster behind it And like that it disappears And it is gone Until the time is right And it will appear again --Rachel Verdal

13 Favorites MAY MORNING by James Stevenson You could say this isn’t much of a morning: Cold mist across the meadow, The woods in tatters, Fog horns bleating. The ocean drones like traffic on a highway, Towels hung out to dry are dripping from the line… When suddenly From around the side of the house A soft wind comes, Carrying the smell of lilacs.

14 Why did you select this poem? It is a really nice poem that lets you know the simple things can make a moment of life peaceful What are your favorite lines and why? When suddenly From around the side of the house A soft wind comes, Carrying the smell of lilacs. The line is showing you that you can be in a neutral/glum mood And have a single moment to start out just right. Name at least three poetry terms found in the poem. This is a free verse, and has alliteration (drones/dry)

15 Midnight Black Shadows Mystery Books Reading Flashlights Darkness Midnight --Brittany Marley

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