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FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE is using language to create a strong image in the readers mind.

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2 FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE is using language to create a strong image in the readers mind.

3 Blow my top is an example of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. It doesnt mean his head is going to blow up. The writer wants you, the reader, to understand he is very angry! Blow my top is an idiom.

4 The writer is exaggerating his hunger. He means he is very hungry, but he wants the reader to be able to understand how hungry he is. So, he writes using FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. I could eat a horse is an hyperbole.


6 Being under so much pressure stinks like a pile of dirty socks. (Million Dollar Throw) He hit the ground like a ton of bricks. (The Contest) The walk up his street was as quiet and empty as an abandoned birds nest. (Taking Sides)

7 His armpits were wet sponges from his nervousness. (Taking Sides) The remaining seven were pillars of strength. (The Contest) The football was a bullet shooting through the air. (Million Dollar Throw) Metaphors compare two things.

8 The broken sculpture had shattered her Everest dream. (The Contest) The cookies made him feel normal in a house that was falling apart. (Million Dollar Throw) His swollen knee screamed each time he planted his leg. (Taking Sides) Personification makes an idea or thing seem like a person.

9 IDIOMS are expressions that dont mean what they say. If he was playing for Franklin, life would be sweet. (Taking Sides) If you make that throw, your parents could end up in fat city. (Million Dollar Throw) Sometimes my brain just goes wild. (The Contest)

10 The water dripping from the faucet and the wind tapping a branch on his bedroom window were frightening. (Taking Sides) The shattering glass awakened all of them. (The Contest) The ball slapped into the receivers hands. (Million Dollar Throw) ONOMATOPOEIA is a word whose sound is like the meaning.

11 We will review Hyperboles and Alliteration at a later time.

12 In the next slides you will be matching an example of figurative language to a definition. You will need paper and pencil. Number your paper from to 1-16. You will only write the letter of the correct answer. You may refer back to this slide.






18 1. A 2. E 3. B 4. D 5. C

19 Write a simile on your paper. (Write the entire sentence. Be sure to include a capital and correct punctuation.) 6. His teeth were as white as…. Underline the simile.

20 7. Write a sentence using this idiom. The light went on in her head when….. Underline the idiom.

21 Write a sentence with this idiom. 8. He can never keep a secret. I got so angry when he let the cat out of the bag about….. Underline the idiom.

22 Write a sentence using onomatopoeia. 9. The splat of the catsup on the counter…….. Underline the onomatopoeia.

23 Write a sentence using personification. 10. The stars danced across…… Underline the personification.

24 Write a sentence with this metaphor. 11. He was a pillar of strength when his family was….. Underline the metaphor.


26 _____12. Dad would skin me alive if I did that. _____13. Please dont slurp your soup. _____14. The car was too old and tired to make the trip. _____15. He takes care of his grandmother after school. That boy is an angel. _____16. We need to clear the air before Ill be your friend again.

27 12. Idiom 13. Onomatopoeia 14. Personification 15. Metaphor 16. Idiom Put your paper in the drawer.

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