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Good & Harmful Plants Edible and Deadly.

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1 Good & Harmful Plants Edible and Deadly

2 Some Poisonous Plants Oleander Larkspur Monkshood Lily-of-the Valley
Iris Foxglove Bleeding Heart Rhubarb Bleeding Heart

3 Toxic Part of the Poisonous Plants
Oleander- Leaves and Branches Larkspur- Young Plant and seeds Monkshood- Fleshy Roots Lily-of-the-Valley - Leaves and Flowers Iris- Underground Stems Foxglove- Leaves Bleeding heart- Roots, foliage Rhubarb- Leaf Blade Larkspur

4 Symptoms caused by Poisonous Plants
Oleander- Affects the heart and causes death Larkspur- Depression, nervous excitement, and digestive system upset Monkshood- Digestive system upset and nervous excitement Lily-of-the-Valley - Irregular heartbeat an pulse and digestive system upset Monkshood

5 Symptoms continued Iris- Digestive system upset
Foxglove- Digestive upset and mental confusion, a lot can cause irregular heartbeat and pulse Bleeding heart- Poisonous in large amounts Rhubarb- A lot of it can cause convulsions, a coma, followed by death

6 Edible Plants You Can Eat the: Carnations
Petals Flower head Leaves and flower heads Flowers Flowers and Leaves Carnations Dahlia Dandelion Day Lilies Geraniums Hibiscus Lilies

7 More Edible Plants You Can Eat the: Petunias Petals Roses Petals
Violets Petals Impatiens Petals Hollyhock Leaves and Flowers 12. Pansies Flowers and Leaves Petunia Rose

8 Plants’ Defense Poisonous plants are poisonous to protect themselves. They can’t run away from predators, so they have developed other ways to defend: with poison and thorns and prickles. Iris

9 Poison Chemicals Poisonous plants have the poison chemicals stored in the vacuoles of its cells. After the chemical is made, it is stored in the vacuole. In there, it can’t hurt the plant itself with its own poison. Deadly Nightshade

10 Plants that cause rashes
Through contact with skin, some plants cause rashes or itchiness and redness. Some include poison ivy and poison sumac. Poison Ivy

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