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Team 7 Cathy, Qu, Sin-yee, Xiao, Yang, Peony Building a New Library.

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1 Team 7 Cathy, Qu, Sin-yee, Xiao, Yang, Peony Building a New Library

2 Mission Statement  Support teaching, learning and research of the university community  Facilitate knowledge exchange in scholarly community

3 Goals  Provide the best service  Adopt the most advanced technology  Build the best collection  Provide the most effective staff development program  Provide the most flexible space usage

4 SWOT Analysis--Strengths  Hard-working and energetic staff  New library building  80% of print collection intact  Budget increase in the next 10 years  Well regarded by students

5 SWOT Analysis--Weaknesses  Short of library staff  1 million volumes of print collection need attention – mold problem  Lack of study space  Have no change for a long time — no experience for change and may not be ready for changes psychologically  Lack of e-resources

6 SWOT Analysis--Opportunities  Hire new staff to provide new services  Build a green earthquake resisted library  Potential demand from Sidney Poly  Adopt new technologies, including cloud computing  Build a new collection with more emphasis on e-resources by taking advantage of UNESCO special offer  Work with young professors

7 SWOT Analysis--Threats  Existing staff may resist changes  Lack of resources sharing opportunity and partners  Short of experienced librarians and two of the experienced librarians are retiring soon  Half of the existing librarians are not service-oriented  The 1-million volume print collection may be in danger

8 Services to be offered  Information literacy training  E-resources training  Build a virtual library  Implement RFID to enable self check- out and tracking of space usage  Electronic 24/7 reference  Outsource cataloging  Use WorldCat Local

9 Services to Stop or Reduce  Reduce manual check out  No ILS – use Cloud Computing Service  Reduce IT staff and infrastructure maintenance work  Reduce desk reference hours

10 Measurement  Number of Self Check out  Usage data of e-resources  Bi-annual user survey on satisfaction  Enrollment and attendance of training courses  Test students ’ ability to find information for their research needs before and after the training courses  Investigate space utilization by RFID

11 New Staff ProfessionalStaff Director + Administration + Management Circulation Reference + Instruction + Collection development Learning commons Outreach + Marketing Webmaster E-resources Acquisitions + Serials Cataloging + Metadata Total 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 10 1 5 1 3 1 9 5 25


13 Thank you!

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