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African Wholesale Traffic Aggregation Opportunities 2010 and beyond.. HKG Co-Lo Conference - October 2010.

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1 African Wholesale Traffic Aggregation Opportunities 2010 and beyond.. HKG Co-Lo Conference - October 2010

2 Overview Neural Telecommunications International Limited (NTIL) is a Telecommunications Value Added Services Enabler operating International hubs in Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Lesotho. NTIL provides service to Fixed and Mobile Operators and international enterprise customers

3 Neural Group  Hong Kong headquartered  Over 22 years Telecom experience  Neural Technologies: Serving 700 million Global GSM Subscribers via multiple Mobile Network Operator (MNO) relationships including MTN, Vodacom and Telkom SA Telecom leader in Fraud Management Systems and Neural Analytics  Neural Telecommunications Wholesale Aggregator and IPX Clearinghouse focused on Greater China / Asia / Africa  Prime Creation Technology Value Added Applications Service Provider focused on Mobile Operators and Infrastructure providers

4 Company Confidential Neural Group Global Offices UK Head Office US Office India Office Malaysia Office Brazil Chile Kuwait Mexico Supporting our customers worldwide Hong Kong Office Turkey Australia South Africa / Lesotho

5 Company Confidential Global Customer Base

6 Africa Opportunity  Following the South Africa lead other African countries are accelerating deregulation of their telecoms sector  Kenya and Nigeria are leading this drive  Africa’s Colonial legacy has meant that almost 99% of traffic destined for another African country first left the continent to be switched (normally in Europe) and routed back again  This increased cost and reduced quality for the consumers  Legacy PSTN’s have been surpassed by MNO’s  Neural believes that as a neutral “pure play” Aggregator of interconnect traffic that it can directly interface with the MNO’s and the VANs to create value and improve service to the whole ecosystem  As a Wholesale Clearinghouse Neural will focus on service support to all customers managing their traffic flows, CDRs, billings, Fraud Management etc  Changing landscape provides MNO’s with an opportunity for improved quality of service delivery at lower costs

7 Africa Broadband Expansion

8 South Africa - the African market leader..  South African Telecom deregulation is on going  ICASA mandated reduction in the interconnect rates effective March 1 st which is threatening viability of SIM Gateways and LCR providers with an estimated 6 to 7 billion minutes of local and international traffic coming into play  Bandwidth demand is huge and growing  Consumer telecom costs are still above first world comparables  Further interconnect reductions coming in the near future and ICASA discussions are ongoing  All MNO’s accelerating IP transition from TDM and PSTN Legacy  “Chinafication” of Africa strong and apparent in all African countries

9 Neural’s South African Infrastructure

10 Neural’s competitive advantage!  China / Africa focused  Fast growing deregulating market  Barriers to entry for most international Carriers are high  No TDM/PSTN legacy to overcome  Consistent and Managed pricing  Quality Network architecture with strong partnerships already in place  Cost incentive for all customers to be serviced via a single focused neutral non competing service partner  Ability to offer other value added services such as fraud management and revenue assurance

11 How Neural can help you …  Interconnect at Hong Kong Co-Lo  Africa traffic sent to Neural Africa hub in Johannesburg  South African traffic passed to Neural South Africa  Africa traffic routed direct to African destination via preferred routing, cost / quality requirements  Africa originated traffic returned via HKG to destinations in Asia (key volume markets, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Australia)  Neural aggregates all traffic at its POPs before passing onto termination partners  IP interconnect for easy and rapid deployment

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