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Copyright © 2007 Telcordia Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved Number Portability Worldwide Implementation Experience Prepared for : Telcordia Contact:

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1 Copyright © 2007 Telcordia Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved Number Portability Worldwide Implementation Experience Prepared for : Telcordia Contact: Gabriela Lago Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean Interconnection Solutions Telcordia Technologies, Inc. +1 703 628 5764 June 27, 2007

2 2 About Telcordia  Provider of network software and services to the global telecom market  Proud Bell System heritage  Global leader in number portability solutions  Authoritative interconnection routing registrar for US and Canada  Leader in service fulfillment and MVNO service delivery  Over 880 patents issued  Leadership in standards bodies and industry forums  Deep expertise in next-generation networks, operations, and services

3 3 Moving To Number Portability  Number Portability is inevitable  Deregulation and fair competition  Strong competition in mobile markets  Growing demand for “Single Number” 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Canada Spain Sweden Switzerland USA Hong Kong Netherlands UK Australia Denmark Norway Belgium Germany Italy Finland France Ireland Luxembourg Portugal USA Austria Greece South Korea Lithuania Taiwan Japan Oman Pakistan Saudi Arabia South Africa Canada Egypt Malaysia Singapore 1994 USA & Canada

4 4 Factors Influencing Port Rate  Subscriber Awareness: Does the subscriber understand Number Portability and know that it is available?  Simplicity and Speed: How easy is it to port a number and how long will the process take?  Zero/Low Cost: How much will it cost to port my number? Source: ETO Report 2005

5 5 Sample Porting Rates

6 6 Making Number Portability Work Operators Regulator/ Ministry Leverage Experience to Expect the Unexpected Strong collaboration between Regulators and Operators is critical to success Number Portability implementation  Clear principles and transparency on cost allocation, recovery, and inter-operator tariff  Well-defined policies and business rules for porting  Cost-effective, holistic, and forward-looking solution  On-time, low-cost, and high-quality delivery

7 7 Number Portability Implementation Alternatives and Deployment Rate Source: ERO Report 2005

8 8 Operators’ Considerations OSS and Business Processes Inter-operator Processes Network Infrastructure Costing and Recovery Strategy Number Portability Testing and Rollout Business & Market Strategy

9 9 Factors Directly Impacting Implementation Timelines  Appointment of the Clearinghouse provider by the Regulator  Stakeholders defining the industry business rules  Operator network and business support systems readiness  Operator willingness and cooperation 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 BelgiumGreeceHong Kong ItalyIrelandSpain Months Delay Goal Operator readiness has been a principal cause of delay

10 10 Number Portability Success Factors – Lessons Learned  Get active involvement from all stakeholders  Early involvement from planning to deployment  Go for a Centralized and All Call Query solution  Centralized Clearinghouse and Database  All Call Query instead of Onward Routing  Scalable and adaptable for new services  Take a holistic approach  Integration with Operators environments  Considerations from subscriber viewpoints  Spell out the details  Well-defined specification and process transparency are critical  Proactively manage implementation program – experience matters

11 11 Worldwide Number Portability Presence Greece2004Fixed/MobileGreece2004Fixed/Mobile Lithuania2005Fixed/MobileLithuania2005Fixed/Mobile Saudi Arabia 2006Mobil 2006Mobil Pakistan2006MobilePakistan2006Mobile South Africa 2006Mobile 2006Mobile Egypt2007MobileEgypt2007Mobile Oman2006MobileOman2006Mobile United States 1994 800 (non-geo) 1999Fixed2003Mobile Number Portability Implementations Number Portability Implementations Canada1994 800 (non-geo) 1999Fixed2003Mobile

12 12 Telcordia Interconnection Solutions Number Portability Number Portability Clearinghouse  Centrally managed for all providers  Manage data registration process  Maintain and distribute master reference data Number Portability Gateway  Integrate provider’s BSS/OSS and network systems with Clearinghouse Selector  Real-time database to support queries from network elements for NP and other data Training & Advisory Services  Number planning and administration  Number Portability readiness planning Number Management System  Administer number allocation nationwide Service Interconnection Service Interconnection Registry  IP Service Interconnection with IP interconnect routing data to enable service delivery via IP  Global Dialing Data with authoritative data to reduce revenue leakage and prevent fraud  TDM Interconnection with PSTN routing data

13 13 Why Telcordia for Number Portability Rapid Time to Launch  4-6 month deployment  Localization and configuration, NOT build from scratch  Faster, minimized risk Low Total Cost of Ownership  Little up-front investment  Risk sharing business model  Reduced cost of service Globally Proven Platform  Proven, off-the-shelf  Open, configurable, scaleable  High quality & 100% on-time delivery National Initiatives Track Record  Roll-out of MNP in USA and Canada  FNP/MNP deployment in 10 countries End-to-End Expertise  From planning consultation, solutions, implementation, to operations  Trusted advisor with training provided to 100+ countries  Trusted neutral provider Expansion/Extensibility  IP service interconnection for converged services (e.g., VoIP)  Revenue Assurance R$

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