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STUDENT ATHLETES Your guide to understanding the process.

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1 STUDENT ATHLETES Your guide to understanding the process.



4 NCAA Clearinghouse You must begin by registering with NCAA 1.Go to www.eligibility 2.Select link to Enter as a Student. 3.Click on cell phone on left side of page. 4.Enter your email address.

5 NCAA changed core requirements for Graduating Class 2016 2.3 Minimum GPA 16 Core Courses must be completed

6 Things To Consider Can I play at the collegiate level? Division 1, 2, or 3 NAIA Will I be able to handle the academics at this school? What amount of playing time will I have?

7 WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS? There are 438,933 high school female basketball players in the U.S. Only 15,708 play in college 2% of Student Athletes are awarded an athletic scholarship.

8 COMMUNICATION IS KEY Speak to your Coach, Athletic Director and Guidance Counselor. CONTACT- Email, call or send highlight video clips to prospective coaches.

9 FRESHMEN YEAR Identify the sport(s) you are passionate about. Develop good habits both in and out of the classroom.

10 SOPHOMORE YEAR Keep your grades up. Request a copy of your unofficial transcript. Compile an athletic resume. Make an initial list of possible schools you may be able to play at. Register with NCAA Clearing House.

11 JUNIOR YEAR KEEP YOUR GRADES UP! TAKE THE SAT’S/ACT’s at least one time. Send transcript to NCAA clearinghouse.(This can be done through Naviance). Arrange for SAT scores to be sent directly to NCAA- CODE IS 9999.

12 IMPORTANT TERMS Contact- Face to face encounter, anything beyond “Hello” qualifies. Contact Designated time where coach can Period write or make telephone calls. Dead There is NO contact permitted. Period

13 TERMS Official Visit- Any visit to a college that is paid for by the school. Unofficial Visit- A visit that is funded by your parent/legal guardian. Verbal Commitment- This is not a bound agreement. Student athlete & coach have verbal agreement student will attend.

14 National Letter of Intent A prospective student-athlete agrees to attend the institution full-time 1 academic year. The institution agrees to provide athletics financial aid for one academic year.

15 SMART QUESTIONS How many team members are on the roster? What year are they in? How many hours (practice/travel) will I devote to my sport? Are there mandatory study halls?


17 Closing Thoughts Communication Market Yourself Visit for more Thank you for coming!

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