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Sophomore Student/Parent Night NCAA Presentation Jeff Martin- Great Valley High School Counselor; GVHS NCAA Liaison; Assistant High School Football Coach.

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1 Sophomore Student/Parent Night NCAA Presentation Jeff Martin- Great Valley High School Counselor; GVHS NCAA Liaison; Assistant High School Football Coach

2 NCAA Session Topics Covered – Coach’s and counselor’s role – Recruiting – Athletic Scholarships/Eligibility - NCAA Eligibility Changes -Registering for the NCAA Clearinghouse -GVHS approved core courses; core GPA; SAT/ACT requirements -Resources

3 NCAA Eligibility Center Responsibilities The NCAA Eligibility Center is responsible for determining the eligibility of every college-bound student-athlete in NCAA Divisions I and II using the following two areas: Academic Certification. -Does the college-bound student-athlete meet the legislated minimum academic requirements? Amateurism Certification. -Has the college-bound student-athlete jeopardized his or her amateur status?

4 NCAA Initial Requirements and Procedures T HERE IS A NCAA LINK ON GVHS WEBSITE FOUND UNDER THE COUNSELING H EADING WHICH EXPLAINS IN DETAIL THE PROCESS AND PROVIDES HELPFUL LINKS THAT ASSIST THROUGH THE PROCESS Registering At the beginning of the student’s sophomore year: - Go to - Select the link for college-bound student-athletes to enter. -Then click the “New Account” button at the top right of the – screen or the cell phone on the left side of the screen. -Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. At the conclusion of the student’s junior year: - Request your transcript to be sent directly to the NCAA -Arrange for your SAT and/or ACT to be sent directly to the NCAA. Code is 9999. At the conclusion of senior year (final certification), arrange for final transcript to be sent to NCAA. Arrange for all SAT and/or ACT scores to be sent to NCAA.


6 How is the NCAA Core GPA Calculated? The NCAA Eligibility Center calculates the grade-point average of a student’s core courses on a 4.000 scale. (A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1) To determine points earned for each course, multiply the numeric grade value (4, 3, 2 or 1) by the amount of credit earned. A semester is awarded.5 unit of credit and a trimester is awarded.34 unit of credit. The NCAA Eligibility Center does not use plus or minus grades when calculating core-course GPA. For example, grades of B+, B and B- will all be worth 3 quality points each. If your high school uses a numeric scale, the high school needs to provide a conversion to a letter grade and communicate that to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

7 What is a “Core Course” and which Great Valley Courses are approved by the NCAA? - A course that qualifies for high school graduation in one or more of the following: English, mathematics, natural or physical science, social science, foreign language or comparative religion or philosophy; - Is considered four-year college preparatory -Is taught at or above the high school’s regular academic level -For mathematics courses, is at the level of Algebra I or higher; and Is taught by a qualified instructor as defined by the appropriate academic authority


9 Core-Course Time Limitation Division I -From the time a student enters the ninth grade, he/she has four (4) years or eight (8) semesters to complete the core-course requirement. If the student fails to complete high school "on time" in eight semesters, core courses taken after the eighth semester will not be counted toward his/her NCAA academic-eligibility requirements. -“On time" also means that if the student’s high school graduation takes place June 1, the student must graduate June 1. If he/she does not graduate June 1 with the rest of his/her high school class, the student has not completed the requirements "on time." Division II -A student is permitted to use all core courses completed from his/her ninth grade year until the time of full-time collegiate enrollment.

10 Academic Requirements: - Graduate from high school on time. - Complete NCAA-approved courses. - Earn a minimum required core-course grade-point average (GPA). - Earn a required SAT or ACT sum score. NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide: Probability of Competing in Athletics Beyond College: g_Past_High_School.pdf NCAA Guide For College Bound Athletes: Division I and II worksheets:





15 Division III Unlike Divisions I and II, there is no uniform set of eligibility requirements for Division III schools. Eligibility for admission, financial aid, practice and competition is determined by the college or university.

16 NCAA Changes for students enrolled in College 8/1/2016 and after Summary of Changes -Minimum core-course GPA of 2.300 required; -Slight changes in GPA/test-score index (sliding scale); -Ten core courses required before the beginning of senior year.

17 Division 1 (New)For college-bound student-athletes enrolling full time at an NCAA Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2016, there are three possible initial-eligibility outcomes: 1. Qualifier = competition, athletics aid (scholarship), and practice the first year. 2. Academic redshirt = athletics aid the first year, practice in first regular academic term (semester or quarter). 3. Nonqualifier = no athletics aid, practice or competition the first year.














31 Recruiting Sport Specific Rules? Prepping for visits/interviews Official Visits vs. non official visits YouTube/Hudl; Social Media Camps Recruiting Agencies Questionairres

32 RECRUITING: INTERVIEWS; VISITS; QUESTIONS TO ASK School: does it have the major you want if you take that major, will it interfere with practice/competition how many class days does the team usually miss in the first semester/second semester is it possible to do an internship within my major is summer school required the summer before I initially enroll, and then after my freshman/soph/junior years if summer school is required, is it just one session or do you require the team members to do two sessions Sport Specific what time is practice/how long what does the pre-season schedule include what does the post-season schedule include how do you see me fitting into your team... how many team members do you like to have on your roster Who else are you recruiting in my class, the next class who do you compete against, non-conference Support services do you have mandatory study hall are tutors available are the tutors peer tutors or professional tutors

33 does an academic adviser travel with the team on extended road trips what other support services do the team members receive, i.e. priority registration... Campus Life what type of housing is available for freshman....sophomore...junior...senior do juniors and seniors live on campus what activities are there on weekends what do most of the students do on the weekends, where do they go how safe is the campus Financial Assistance What type of aid is available....athletic, institutional, need-based (non-basketball sports) do you guarantee 4 years of athletic aid. When will you let me know how much athletic aid is available to me...institutional aid.....need- based aid. You want to be sure you meet at least some of the team members and ask questions of them.. what do they like about the school, the team, the coaches.... what do they do in the off season… do the team members appear to get along with one another. you also want to be sure to see the academic support service area, do they have computers for you to use

34 walk around campus and see if you see yourself fitting in on the campus, is this a campus you would feel comfortable on, are the students people you would interact with... These are just some of the questions you may want to ask....and do not be afraid to ask.

35 Questions???

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