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NCAA Clearinghouse: Eligibility & Recruiting for Aspiring Student Athletes.

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1 NCAA Clearinghouse: Eligibility & Recruiting for Aspiring Student Athletes

2 The term “FULL RIDE” technically does not exist.

3 What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? Determines student eligibility to play sports in college Establishes minimum academic standards for student- athletes For students who plan to play one or more Division I or Division II college sport(s) Athletes may not receive athletic scholarships, practice, or compete until certified by NCAA Clearinghouse

4 Freshman Year STUDY! Get good grades! Start planning Talk to your counselor Talk to your coaches Talk to your parents What’s the process?

5 Sophomore Year KEEP UP YOUR GRADES! Take the PSAT Start your College Search –Think academically, financially, socially, athletically –consider schools at each level of play: D-I, D-II, D-III –Other criteria: distance from home, total cost, dorm life, size of school, the weather, etc… Contact College Coaches –Invite them to tournaments, ask about camps

6 What’s the process? Junior Year Keep taking college prep courses and STUDY! Register to take the PSAT & the S.A.T. and/or A.C.T. –Have test agencies send scores to the Clearinghouse (code = 9999) Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at (Includes a $70 fee) – transcript will be sent at the end of your junior year Talk to your counselor about… –Your college plans –Your senior year classes Contact college coaches (emails, letters, game DVD’s, resume, online student athlete questionnaires) Go on college visits (i.e. “Unofficial” visits) –Send “thank you” notes to coaches if you meet with them

7 What’s the process? Senior Year MAINTAIN THOSE GOOD GRADES! Avoid senioritis Take the S.A.T. and/or A.C.T. one last time in the fall Apply to colleges Apply for Financial Aid and other Scholarships Continue to contact the coaches from schools your are interested (thank the other coaches for their time and interest) Set up “official” visits (1 per college; max of 5 for DI) Request final amateurism certification (beginning April 1) At the end of the year, ask your counselor to submit your final transcript to the Clearinghouse

8 So, Am I Eligible? To Play Div. I… –Complete 16 core courses Approved courses are available on-line and in your packet –For GPA and SAT/ACT minimums, see the sliding scale chart The GPA is based on your core courses only To Play Div. II… –Complete 16 core courses –A minimum 2.0 GPA in your core courses –A minimum SAT score of 820 (critical reading + math) or –A minimum ACT score of 68 (sum of all sections) To Play Div. III… –Each D-III school sets their own minimum academic and eligibility requirements

9 REMEMBER... The NCAA academic rules DO NOT guarantee your admission to a College!!! Check for the specific requirements for each college you wish to consider.

10 Recruiting Basics Recruiting rules and calendars are not the same for each sport or Division of play –Example: A H.S. senior is allowed up to five official visits to D-I schools and unlimited visits to D-II schools D1 men’s basketball may send recruiting material on June 15 after your sophomore year. D1 women’s basketball may send it on Sept. 1 of your junior year

11 Recruiting Basics Official visit vs. paid for in whole, or in part, by the college Allowed 1 visit per college First visit can be no sooner than the first day of your senior year Unofficial visit Paid for by the student or parents Allowed up to 3 complimentary game tickets No limits Cannot talk to the coach if during a “dead period”

12 Recruiting Basics National Letter of Intent A binding agreement between the athlete and an institution The institution agrees to provide athletic financial aid for one academic year The student athlete agrees to attend the institution for one academic year Penalties exist for breaking this agreement!!! Once signed, no other institution may make recruiting contacts/calls to the student

13 Questions to Ask Yourself: Are you informed about the college & know why you want to attend there? What level of play are you looking to attain? Are your goals realistic? Talk to your coach. What role do you expect to play? Big fish in a small pond? Play for four years or redshirt? What about post-season play? How important are your academics? Where do you see yourself after college graduation? What does your life look like? Would you be happy at that school if athletics were not a factor?

14 Resources for help –877-262-1492 – Free Recruiting Webinar for parents/

15 15 Questions?

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