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Employers’ Toolkit Encouraging organisations to resource the right way

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1 Employers’ Toolkit Encouraging organisations to resource the right way

2 Objectives of the campaign To promote good recruitment practice to UK employers To provide a mechanism for employers to review their own organisation’s performance against recruitment good practice To share good practice and innovation developments in recruitment and resourcing “Resourcing the Right Way”

3 The campaign has been led by the REC’s employers panel Business bodies CIPD, FSB, CBI, ILM and DEA Employers include G4S, Penguin, First Group, Dixons, Care UK, NHS Employers, Santander, AECOM, Royal Mail & Arsenal Led and facilitated by the REC The campaign has been designed by employers for employers.

4 Core issues 3

5 The skills/talent paradox 2 ½ million unemployed in the UK 40% of employers report a lack of talent Skill shortages increased from 14 to 47 areas over the last year 25% of employers said poor recruitment for one role had cost in excess of 40k

6 Candidate experience getting worse The recession changed attitudes; 54% are open to an approach Candidates say recruiters & corporates both getting it wrong Resentment & mistrust increasing Most now use 14 or 15 unique sources for job search – candidates becoming more like a consumers Candidate identification will get easier, but recruiting and hiring will get harder and harder

7 Today’s workers are ALWAYS searching…

8 The debate on flexible work It kept unemployment down by at least half a million during the downturn Helps businesses attract talent they need while at the same time keeping overheads down Helps employers deal with fluctuations in demand; growth of a 24/7 culture Creates choice for people to balance work and life Flexible work is currently a political football

9 The Good Recruitment Campaign, what is it? A Charter developed by the experts on our Employers’ Advisory Panel The charter is a set of principles for organisations to aspire to meet – The Charter is the campaign’s cornerstone Self-assessment tool against which organisations can review themselves Provision of detailed guidance on each principle of the charger which sign-posts examples of good practice Creation of a community who are signed up to the Charter, open meetings, regular sharing of good practice and research A hub where research, guidance and case studies on good practice can be located Three kits for employers, recruiters and business bodies

10 Charter principles 1.Our resource planning and recruitment procedures are fair, legal and ethical 2.We will exercise recruitment good practice despite mode of employment 3.The candidate experience delivered is of a high standard 4.Flexible working arrangements and adaptive working packages 5.Those managing and delivering the recruitment process having undertaken any relevant training/qualification 6.External recruitment providers are signed up to industry Codes of Practice 7.Recruitment good practice is ensured throughout the supply chain 8.Recruitment procedures help to address the challenge youth unemployment through apprenticeships and traineeships 9.Recruitment procedures are regularly reviewed, feedback sought from candidates, as well as keeping abreast of trends and recruitment practices

11 The charter guidelines A document created to assist those who are considering signing up to the charter It provides more detailed descriptions of the aspirational standards expected of those who are committed to the principles within the charter It provides links to examples of good practice

12 The Good Recruitment Campaign: Benefits to those who sign up Aligns their organisation with good recruitment practice – it sends a positive message to potential candidates Use the charter to drive good practice internally with the board, line managers and other professional groups Use the self-assessment tool, kit and guidance to review your own organisation’s performance against the Charter Learn from peers and academics about trends and new approaches to recruitment and resourcing Improve the provision of recruitment services and supply chain management Opportunity to attend networking meetings where new ideas are shared amongst HR, procurement and in-house resourcers

13 The Good Recruitment Campaign Benefits to recruiters Reinforces that your business is REC compliant - You adhere to the REC Code of Professional ConductREC Code of Professional Conduct - Consultants are qualified (IRP) Provides great added value for your client - You can promote best practice in recruitment - Has the endorsement of CIPD, ILM, CBI and The Firm Enables you to provide your clients with the latest research, case studies and trends around good recruitment Helps you build a relationship; not just a commodity

14 Business Bodies/Supporters

15 Employers signed up to the charter

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