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Rethink supporting the Good Recruitment Campaign 0 15 th October 2014.

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1 Rethink supporting the Good Recruitment Campaign 0 15 th October 2014

2 Agenda – Welcome and introductions – Michael Bennett, Director, Rethink Group – The REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign – Kevin Green, CEO, REC – A client’s experience – Louise Mitchell, Head of Recruitment, Communisis – Views, questions and follow up – Drinks, nibbles and networking 1

3 The Good Recruitment Campaign #goodrecruitment Kevin Green, CEO

4 Why? Why did REC launch the GRC? What? What is the GRC? Who? Who is already involved in the GRC? How? How are employers & members using the GRC? When? When can you start benefiting from the GRC? Agenda


6 core issues

7 The debate on flexible work Kept unemployment down during the downturn Helps businesses attract talent while keeping overheads down Helps employers deal with demand fluctuations; growth of a 24/7 culture Creates choice for people - work/life balance Flexible work is currently a political football

8 The skills/talent paradox 2.24 million unemployed in the UK (Office for National Statistics, April 2014) 40% of employers report a lack of talent (Manpower) Skill shortages increased from 14 to 47 areas (KPMG/REC Report on Jobs) 25% of employers said poor recruitment for one role had cost in excess of £40k (Quarsh)

9 Youth employment Still nearly 750,000 unemployed Young people not studying STEM subjects Employers say attitude and skills not up-to-scratch Career advice & work experience non existent Employers need to get more involved Youth Employment Charter

10 Candidate experience The recession changed attitudes; 45% open to talking to a recruiter if approached (LinkedIn Talent Trends 2014) Most now use 14 or 15 unique sources for job search – candidates becoming more like consumers (Savage, G.) Candidate identification will become easier, but recruiting and hiring will become harder






16 The Charter & Guidance

17 Objectives of the campaign To promote good recruitment practice to UK employers To provide a mechanism for employers to review their own organisation’s performance against good recruitment practice To share good practice and innovation in recruitment and resourcing

18 Three current audiences

19 The Good Recruitment Campaign: Benefits to employers who sign up Align organisation with good recruitment practice – it sends a positive message to potential candidates Use the charter to drive good practice internally Use the self-assessment, kit and guidance to review the organisation’s performance Learn from peers and academics about trends and new approaches to recruitment and resourcing Improve the provision of recruitment services and supply chain management Opportunity to attend networking meetings


21 Business Bodies/Supporters of the campaign

22 Employers already signed up to the charter








30 Next Steps Website – more material being added each month Work with business bodies - promote to their members Provide tools for recruiters to promote to clients Raise awareness via HR/Recruitment press & social media Commission research into recruitment supply chain Growth in community activity Employers’ Advisory Panel to define areas of future work

31 Recruitment supply chain research What's going on in the market – current trends in recruitment supply chain What are the advantages/disadvantages of different models to employers – RPO, vendor, PSL and in-house Implications for recruiters and their strategy Definition of what good looks like for each model The purpose is to influence employers in both HR and Procurement who are responsible for decisions about recruitment supply chain management

32 Action Sign-up today!

33 Thank you

34 Communisis Good Recruitment Campaign Louise Mitchell – Head of Recruitment

35 A little bit about Communisis… We specialise in Marketing and Communications We employ c.2,300 people Across 14 countries With 27 sites in the UK We have over 200 years of history Three main business areas; Design, Produce and Deploy

36 Why the GRC? It was a commercial decision… Attract top quality candidates Grow our own talent Provided a basis for training (and avoiding tribunals!) Feeds into our C2E accreditation Tied into existing recruitment strategy Our clients like this sort of thing And we were doing a lot of it anyway!

37 The road so far… C2E accreditation meant that 1,2 and 4 were already in hand Immediate changes: – Recruitment Training – Communisis Academy – Candidate experience

38 Case study: Liverpool THE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE Majority of offers being turned down Significant impact on the business Reviewed problem Workshops and recruitment training Lots of changes, big & small Outcome: no offers have been turned down since


40 Views, questions and follow up  Views?  Questions?  Follow up – More information from the REC – Sign up to the charter – Rethink to organise regular client updates and events to discuss GRC 39

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