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Club Penguin Ana Maria Sanchez Rebecca Black SURF-IT 2010.

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1 Club Penguin Ana Maria Sanchez Rebecca Black SURF-IT 2010


3 Research Question What do children learn from online worlds? Which technologies support or hinder this type of learning? Part of a larger research project for Rebecca Black focusing on virtual worlds and learning

4 Research Methods Qualitative Study Participant Observation 20-30 hours a week, approx 25 weeks Screenshots, video and field notes Qualitative protocols Literacy Community Technology Identity

5 Virtual Worlds as Learning Environments Formal vs informal settings for learning Virtual worlds: Informal setting Learning Theory: Active constructors of knowledge Empowered learners Game design Allow players to contribute their knowledge Affect game play

6 What is Club Penguin?

7 Multiple Types of Learning in Club Penguin Creativity Critical thinking Language development Social, cognitive and emotional development Peer to peer learning Traditional Literacy Development New Media Skill Development

8 Creating Identities or even a robber

9 Club Penguin Related Sites Traditional Literacy Skills Procedural genres of writing Help Sites Expository and persuasive genres Informational and opinion site Narrative and creative writing Fan fiction sites Developing a public voice/how to address audiences Blogs and YouTube

10 Club Penguin Related Sites New Media Skills Peer to peer learning creating and viewing help or informational sites and videos New Media Skills Access, evaluate and synthesize knowledge Judgment Networking Manipulating and creating technologies

11 Conclusion and Implications Virtual worlds are informal settings of learning that provide multiple opportunities for learning Applications Design games that can facilitate certain types of learning Incorporate the learning from games into classrooms Future Research Case studies

12 Acknowledgements Rebecca Black SURF-IT and UROP Bill Tomlinson and the Social Code Group

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