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SHEN Annual Forum Subtitle: An Insight Into Ingeus Date: 22 nd March 2011 Presenter name/s: Rebecca Scarlett.

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1 SHEN Annual Forum Subtitle: An Insight Into Ingeus Date: 22 nd March 2011 Presenter name/s: Rebecca Scarlett

2 Ingeus Origins Ingeus delivers welfare-to-work provision across 8 countries, operating from 70 offices, with over 1000 staff, drawing on over 21 years' experience of international employment programme delivery. Ingeus began in Australia then known as Work Directions, in 1989, set up by Thérèse Rein, the wife of former Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd. She was inspired by her father, a WWII veteran, who lost the use of both his legs as a pilot in a flying accident. Thérèse sought to create a path back into meaningful lasting employment for ill, injured and disabled people. Ingeus UK has been operating since 2002, and has assisted over 60,000 unemployed people back into work.

3 Contracts In the UK, Ingeus delivers 30 high-quality, flexible employment programmes to long-term and recently unemployed people, those with health conditions and single parents across London, the Midlands and Scotland In Scotland we deliver the Pathways to Work and Flexible New Deal contracts across ELB and the West Coast. Both groups are mandated but Pathways clients can also attend voluntarily. Ingeus has formed a joint venture with Deloitte, a professional services company to strengthen their bid for the Work Programme, due to commence in summer 2011. We have been selected as a preferred bidder for the Framework to deliver contracts in London, Scotland, East of England, East Midlands, North West England, Yorkshire & Humber and North East England.

4 The Great Debate To Work or not to Work – that is the question!

5 Ethos & Mission Statement Here at Ingeus we genuinely believe that no-one is unemployable and that everyone has potential to make positive changes to their situation. We use a person-centred, holistic and individually tailored approach to identify and subsequently address barriers into work. We believe the routes back into employment are not quick-fix, and an investment in time, patience and understanding is necessary in order to maximise each client’s chances of moving into a lasting sustainable job. We aim to raise awareness, influence and challenge clients in order to instigate change. Empowerment and self-sufficiency are key goals for every client.

6 Case Studies Split into groups and discuss what you would do if you were helping one of these clients.

7 Services Dedicated personal employment advisor through duration of engagement In house workshops including: Confidence Building, Motivation, Positive Outlooks, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Fear of Failure, Healthy Eating, Pilates, Relaxation, Walking Group and Interview Skills Support to apply for ILA funding and help to find relevant vocational courses In house training on Food & Hygiene, COSHH, Staff Licensing & First Aid Expanding and challenging job goals CV building, mock interviews, support with application forms Job searching techniques Job station available at any time during office hours, including PC, internet, phones, printers, paper, envelopes and stamps In house health professionals – Psychologist and Physiotherapist to provide condition management through one to one appointments

8 Services Cont,…. Employment Services Team – free service for employers, offering application sifts, pre-screening, interview space and job start support. Support sign posting to partner organisations, phoning different agencies and filling in benefit related forms and attending appointments. Better off in work advice and calculations Six months In Work support including help applying for in work benefits and filling in forms, budgeting, on-going condition management, trouble shooting with employer issues, childcare and housing advice and a dedicated in work support team during out of office hours. Financial support including help getting to appointments and interviews, vouchers for interview clothes and getting started in the first few weeks of work.

9 The Ingeus & Deloitte Stakeholder Charter Ingeus and Deloitte are committed to a partnership approach to enhance the support provided to Work Programme customers. As part of this pledge we will make the following commitments when working with local stakeholders: Working together to provide clearer, more joined-up routes out of poverty for the people we serve; Exploring the co-location of services to facilitate joined-up working and a package of support that makes sense to our customers; Discussing co-commissioning services that will enhance the quality of the Work Programme and other local support services; Regular dialogue through stakeholder engagement events that will provide regular updates on our performance and activities, as well as networking opportunities for local providers; Making job vacancies available to Work Programme customers through our Employer Services Teams. We are looking for similar commitments from stakeholders who share Ingeus and Deloitte’s vision of working in partnership. If you would like to support our Stakeholder Charter, please sign our pledge and email to

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