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Janet Sinclair, Devon Partnership Manager. An overview of Jobcentre Plus.

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1 Janet Sinclair, Devon Partnership Manager. An overview of Jobcentre Plus

2 2 Jobcentre Plus Role of Jobcentre Plus Part of the Department for Work and Pensions. Help employers to advertise and fill job vacancies Support unemployed people back into work Pay out-of -work benefits

3 3 Jobcentre Plus How we deliver Through a network of about 750 Jobcentre Plus offices supported by a website We encourage self service methods We use phone and on- line methods We see those who need most help face to face

4 4 Jobcentre Plus Our workless customers Customers who are unemployed and looking for immediate work. Customers who are not working due to a health related condition Customers who have a caring responsibility. Jobseekers Allowance – JSA Employment and Support Allowance – ESA Income Support - IS

5 5 Jobcentre Plus Statistical information In Exeter 1.2028 people claim JSA (January 2011) –Of which 570 are 18-24 year olds –24.4% have been unemployed for over 6 months –10.1% have been unemployed for over a year 2.4710 claim ESA/IB, 5.7% of working population 3.990 claim IS as Lone Parents, 1.2% of working age population

6 6 Jobcentre Plus Comparative data, as a % of working age population Jobseekers Allowance Exeter 2.2%; Southwest 2.4%; GB 3.5% Employment and Support Allowance & IB Exeter 5.7%; Southwest 5.9%; GB 6.7% Income Support Lone Parents Exeter 1.2%; Southwest 1.3%; GB 1.8%

7 7 Jobcentre Plus What we deliver A wide range of provision to help customers from the 3 groups into work. In house through our advisory services Through our contracted providers Sign- posting customers to provision in the community.

8 8 Jobcentre Plus Cuts, Challenges, Changes New Government- more continuity than change of policy direction. De-regulation; De-centralisation; Local delivery through partnerships. Welfare Reform; Budget Announcements; Changes due to the economic situation: Single Work Programme summer 201; Introduction of Universal Credit from 2013 There is much that we do not yet - but we know we will have to deliver more for less, our help will be more targeted and we will be looking for more local solutions. Period of transition

9 9 Jobcentre Plus Everyone gets help; everyone has a responsibility! Part of a change which started in 1996 – Jobseekers Allowance Review of all customers on incapacity benefit. Support for non-working parents and a requirement for single parents to look for work sooner.

10 10 Jobcentre Plus Get Britain Working 1.Work Clubs 2.Work Together 3.Work Experience 4.Work for Yourself – New Enterprise Allowance + Enterprise clubs 5.Service Academies 6.Work Programme

11 11 Jobcentre Plus And Now, How our advisers work with unemployed people Individual and flexible approach All support is focussed on helping the person move into work. Training is linked to the skills required by the individual to gain employment in the local area. All unemployed people of working age have a responsibility to gain work as soon as possible.

12 12 Jobcentre Plus Training opportunities [funded by Skills Funding Agency] We are in a transitional period. There are limited opportunities remaining from the additional help introduced in response to the economic downturn. We are developing local partnerships to respond to the new single pot funding method. We want to influence what training is available. There is increased emphasis that funded training for unemployed people is linked to known job opportunities- short and job-focussed We have funds to support people who are made redundant and who need new skills to find work. Each Jobcentre District will have a flexible fund to help people move into work.

13 13 Jobcentre Plus And now, How we work with employers

14 14 Jobcentre Plus Working with employers Different level of service We encourage self service We encourage employers to consider unemployed people and offer them an interview and work trial and in return we offer more support We have a new service for Small to Medium size employers

15 15 Jobcentre Plus Any Questions?

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