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Karnataka Forest Department

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1 Karnataka Forest Department
ICT Centre, Aranya Bhavan

2 Introduction e-Timber application is developed by the ICTC for Government of Karnataka, Department of Forest, Bangalore The e-Timber application software is specifically designed for the user handling Extractions in the department and timber sales at government timber depot . The government timber depots keep records of inward receipts , sales and accounting , disposal of forest produce subsequently providing the stock of inventory and information on revenue generated

3 Modules Included In This Application
Administrative Module Extraction Module Depot module and Reports 1. ) Administration Module: The Administrative module is managed by the admin at state level through ICT Centre. 2.) Extraction Module: In this module right from –Registration of coupe to Transportation of material from coupe to depot and various processes it undergoes will be captured. 3.) Depot Module: In this module the incoming stock generated in the coupe brought to the depot, verification of stock in depot, lotting of stock related to the timber and other produce brought from the field/coupe to the depot. Creation of records related to the timber produce is done in different forms like: Logs, Poles, Firewood, Billets, Foc sizes, NTFP etc; 4.) Reports: Reports are the integral part of any application, there are about 60 reports made available to generate from this software right from Marking list to Disposal of material from the Depot.

4 Work Flow

5 Extraction Information Module
Registration of coupe In Other category (Institutional, Government , FOC & Drift) Material information shall be registered. Marking Conversion Transportation FOC Disposal

6 Registration of coupe :
In this form, Locality wise coupe information is being captured for specific category i.e. Forest Land, Government Land, Other Land before marking of any coupes. In Other category (Institutional, Government ,FOC & Drift) Material information shall be registered.


8 Marking list : Marking of tress shall be done by the Section Forester, inspected by Range Forest Officer and Assistant conservator of Forests with their recommendation it will go to DCF for approval and issue of cutting permission for the marked trees. a.) DRFO Enumeration:

9 b.) RFO Enumeration:

10 c.) ACF Enumeration:

11 d.) DCF Enumeration:

12 Conversion list : In this form, the out-turn received from each tree shall be measured and the prepared list will be sent to DCF for approval, Transportation permission shall be issued by the DCF.

13 a.) DRFO Conversion List:

14 b.) RFO Conversion List:

15 c.) ACF Conversion List:

16 d.) DCF Conversion List:

17 Transportation of materials :
The materials i.e. the trees which are being cut will be transported to the specific depot as ordered in the DCF Transportation order.

18 a.) Form 25 Preparation Screen:

19 b.) Form 25 Report:

20 c.) Form 26 Report:

21 Disposal Of FOC materials:
The FOC materials will be sent directly from Tenky depot to the depot after the Offence case is settled.

22 Depot Module In this module all the depot process take place.
The following forms are included in this module: Transit Approval. Transit pass entry. Notification auction date. Creation of lots. Assigning upset rates. Record of payment. Sales slips. Generation of bill. Generation of release order. Retail sales record declaration. Retail sales record & Record of refunds.

23 Transit Pass Approval :
In this form the converted material which has been transported from coupe to the depot , approval shall be made to make sure that same quantity has been received in the depot .

24 Transit Pass Entry : The materials will be re measured again in the depot and measurements are being checked before issuing of Depot Receipt.

25 Notifying Auction Dates:
In this form , The APCCF(FRM) shall assign circle wise calendar of Auction sale dates for entire state, the CCF will in turn assign dates based on the size of the Depot and finally Depot wise Auction notification shall be issued by concerned DCF of that Division. These notifications of auction dates will be recorded as a Document, the same notification copy may be downloaded in registration of bidder form.

26 a.) APCCF Notifying auction dates:

27 b.) CCF Notifying auction dates:

28 c.) DCF Notifying auction dates:

29 Creation Of Lots : The lots will be created that is (log1, log2,log3 etc..) will be marked and assigned to create a lot say lot 1, and these lots will be assigned to the auctions conducted.

30 Assigning Lot number:

31 Assigning Upset Rates :
In this form the RFO, ACF, DCF assigns the rate based on the previous sale and CCF will sanction the final rate as upset rate for the auction of lots.

32 a.) DO assigning upset rates:

33 b.) ACF assigning upset rate:

34 c.) DCF assigning upset rate:

35 d.) CCF assigning upset rate:

36 Registration Of Bidder

37 Generation Of Bidder Id

38 There are 3 types of payment i.e. –
Record Of Payment : There are 3 types of payment i.e. – EMD 1/4th+full Taxes & Subsequent payment(Balance payment) As a bidder who participates in auction sale, it is mandatory on the part of bidder to pay EMD amount before the commencement of auction sale. On the day of auction sale, the successful bidder has to pay 1/4th bid amount and complete taxes on the same day. At the final release of lots, the bidder as to pay the subsequent amount i.e. Remaining full amount for the release of the material.

39 a.) EMD payment screen:

40 b.) Emd payment Report:

41 Sale Slip Sales Slip : It is a sale Document used at the time of Auction sale for each lot exposed for the sale.

42 a.) Sales slip preparation

43 b.) Sale slip form:

44 c.) Sales slip Report

45 c.) One fourth Payment:

46 d.) One fourth payment Report:

47 Generation Of Bill : The successful Bidder has to pay i.e. 1/4th of Bid amount + full taxes on the day of Auction sale itself and the subsequent payment against confirmation of Bid shall be made before the releasing of lots , bill shall be generated online.

48 e.) Generation of bill report

49 f.) Subsequent Payment

50 Generation of Release Order :
Once the complete payment is being made against the bid, the lots shall be released as per the Release order issued by the competent authority ie, DCF from the depot

51 Preparation of release order :

52 Generation of Release Order Report:

53 Record Of Refunds : In the auction sale many bidders shall be participating and all may not be successful in bidding, for the un successful bidder EMD re payment shall be made. The successful bidder made excess payment, the excess amount can be refunded in this form.

54 Retail sales rate declaration :
The Retail purchaser who has registered and want to purchase a material, the PCCF shall sanction the quantity of material and also the rate at which payment has to be received, entire process is captured in this form.


56 Retail Sale Record: The above process wherein, the records created shall be maintained in this form. The details of retail purchaser payments, generation of bill, release of material from the depot.

57 Reports

58 Form 25 Transit pass issued for timber form coupe to Depot.

59 Document issued to for the receipt of any forest produce
Depot Receipt Report Document issued to for the receipt of any forest produce

60 Document for recording auction sale details for individual lot
Sales Slip Report Document for recording auction sale details for individual lot

61 Document showing amount to be paid against sale proceedings.
Bill Payment Record Document showing amount to be paid against sale proceedings.

62 Transit pass issued for any forest produce from the depot
Form 27 Transit pass issued for any forest produce from the depot

63 List of reports generated in e-timber application
Cutting order Transportation order Form26 Form 25 Form 27 Bill Report Depot Receipt Sales slip Report Assigned Material Non-Assigned Material Sold Lots UnSold Lots All Class Statement without CFT All Class Statement with CFT All Sold Lots 1/4 Statement Donwar above &Below 25% 1/4 Statement

64 Theenwar Sold Lots 1/4th Statement
Below 25% Sold Lots Shortfall statement Above 25% Sold Lots Shortfall statement All Registered Bidder Details Emd Paid Bidder Details Successful Bidders List Total Profit from Timber Sale Lot Role Sale Ledger Release Theenwar Lots Release Donware 25% above lots Release Donwar 25% Below Lots Bidderwise Sale Details Agriculture Tax Lits Details of Sold lots Abstract Sold Lots Kind Wise Sale Details

65 Donwar lots below 25% 1/4th Statement
Donwar Lots above 25% 1/4th Statement Quarterly Income tax returns Revenue Fetched Hand Book Depot Timber Stack Statement Division Timber Stack Statement Marking List Details Conversion List Details 3A Register Coupe Details Report Timber Stock Report ePass Report Extraction Details Revenue Details Form25 for Foc Form26 for Foc Passes Report

66 Thank You






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