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Doing Business with El Paso Water Utilities

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1 Doing Business with El Paso Water Utilities

2 Finding Bid Information Online Purchasing tab Bids Other information under Purchasing How to do Business HUB Information Purchasing Contacts


4 Advertising Larger projects advertise in the El Paso Times legal notices section on any day of the week

5 Cone of Silence – Effective Immediately
Cone of Silence protects the competitive bidding process. A violation can raise ethical and legal issues and is used to protect you. “Cone of Silence” means you cannot have any communication about a bid after advertising. NO , LETTERS OR ANY COMMUNICATION IS ALLOWED. REFER ALL QUESTIONS TO PURCHASING. Only Purchasing Agent or Administrative Analyst speaks to suppliers about questions on current bid solicitations and is limited strictly to matters of process or procedure.

6 Cone of Silence – Effective Immediately
If communication is warranted, addendums are issued to all potential bidders. Project information is also provided at the pre-bid conference for equal and fair treatment of all potential bidders. In addition to any other penalties provided by law, violation of the Cone of Silence by any bidder shall render that bidder’s bid or bid award voidable. 6. “Cone of Silence” applies to any and all potential subcontractors as well.

7 EPWU Requirements Insurance (could include general liability, professional liability automobile and/or workers compensation) Larger projects require a bid bond totaling 5% of the bid Over $100,000 require performance bond Over $25,000 require a payment bond

8 Things to Watch for When Submitting a Bid
Fill in all blanks on the bid form Must provide a bid bond when required Acknowledge all addendums Addenda for construction project bids are posted on the website and provide altered or additional information required to bid the project.

9 Procurement Purchases under $3,000
- One signed quotation must be obtained $3, to $50,000 - Must obtain three signed quotations; two of the quotations must be requested from vendors on the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) list, if available, in El Paso County. HUBs can be found at Over $50,000 - Competitively bid or bid using a cooperative purchasing program (specifications are researched by the end user for compatibility and overall acceptance)

10 Construction Projects: Informal
To be placed on our Contractors and Suppliers list for informal (> $50,000) construction projects (and notified of upcoming projects), please submit your qualifications: Felipe Lopez, P.E. Utility Engineer Division Manager

11 Construction Projects: Formal
To be placed on our Contractors and Suppliers list for formal (< $50,000) construction projects (and notified of upcoming projects), please submit your contact information to: Mary Portillo Senior Office Assistant

12 Minority Participation Goals for Construction Projects: Valued over $50,000
Utility's Policy for Construction Projects is to encourage participation of Small Locally-Owned Businesses (SLBE), Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Owned Business Enterprises (WBE) Minimum Goal Requirements for bid proposals from prime contractors for minority participation : 15% Small Locally Owned Businesses 5% Minority-Owned Businesses 2% Women-Owned Businesses or Mandatory evidence of good faith effort to obtain minority participation THE BIDDER MUST MEET EACH OF THESE THREE GOALS OR DEMONSTRATE, IN THE BID PROPOSAL PACKET, A GOOD FAITH EFFORT TO MEET EACH OF THE THREE GOALS IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR AWARD OF OUR PROJECTS.

13 Contacts Michelle LePage Purchasing Agent 594-5625 or
Danielle Santiago Contracts Administrative Analyst or John Balliew, P.E. President/CEO or

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