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Bidder Manual For Reverse Auction ( Prepared by: e-Procurement Technologies Ltd.

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1 Bidder Manual For Reverse Auction ( Prepared by: e-Procurement Technologies Ltd.

2 URL / Website at

3 Bidder need to enter User Id / Log in and Password to Access the Online event

4 When Logged in first time the system will prompt to change the password. (Note: the new password would be minimum of 8 character and comprise of Alphanumeric & special Character e.g. test@123, abcprocure@2011)

5 Hint question / answer is optional.

6 1.Click on “Auction” icon to access Online Event 2. Click on “ I Agree” to access Bidding Page. (Note : if “I Agree” step has been done then “ Manual Bid and Auto Bid” will display)

7 Tick mark “ I Agree” then click on “Agree” Button to access Bidding page

8 Price/Bid need to enter into the “Rate (In Rs. In Fig.) “ the pick border box. (Note: while entering the price “Star Price and Decrement “ need to be considered.)

9 1.Enter Price/Bid into “Rate ( In Rs. In Fig.)” box. 2.Press “Tab” of the Key Board to convert the figure into the word. 3. Click on “Bid” button to bid for the particular item

10 Click on “Ok” Button to confirm the Price/ Bid

11 Click on “OK “ Button to re-confirm the Price/Bid (Note: Click on “Cancel” button to cancel the Price/Bid)

12 Click on “Ok” button to see Bidding Page.

13 Rank and Accepted Price/Bid will be displayed respectively in “My Rank “ and “L1 Bid Amount”

14 Note: The competitor bidder(s) can see “L1 Bid Amount” at Real Time, (Note: “Not Bided” will be display if Price / bid has not been entered otherwise it the amount would be in to My Last Accepted Bid Amount)

15 Bidder can change or revise the Price/ Bid in case the “Rank” get is increase from 1 to 2, 3 or 4…etc.

16 Select and Delete the amount in “Rate (In Rs. In Fig)” box then enter the Revise Price / Bid, press Tab of the Key Board and press “Bid” button.

17 After revising the Price / Bid the Rank, My Last Accepted Bid Amount and L1 Bid Amount will change.

18 Click on “Auto Bid” to enter the Price / Bid in Auto Mode. (Note: the “Manual Bid” function can not be utilized until the “Auto Bid” is enable/on, the Auto Bid function can be used just one time during the online event)

19 1.Enter the Best Price / Bid into the “Lower Limit” 2. Click on “Submit” to enable the Auto bid

20 Click on “Ok” to confirm Auto Bid Amount

21 Click on “Ok” to access Bidding Page

22 The system will bid on behalf of the bidders in Auto Bid Mode. (Note: “Bid” will be displayed when Manual Bid will enable, other wise “ A. B. Enabled)

23 Bidder(s) need to enter/ revise the Price / Bid till the message “Bidding Time Over” is not there display.

24 For more information please contact us on: e-Procurement Technologies Ltd. (abcprocure) A-201/208, Wall Street - II, Opp. Orient Club, Nr. Gujarat College, Ahmedabad - 380 006. Gujarat State, India Phone No. : +91 79 40016 800 /881/ 883/ 885/ 879/ 867/ 864/ 865/ 868 Fax : +91 79 40016 876 Email: URL:

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