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Emerging Tech Shannon R. Chandler

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1 Emerging Tech Shannon R. Chandler
Google Sites Thinking of creating a website for your classroom or school project? Google sites is a free tool for building a website. Its simple interface is understandable for the most novice web-builder, while still offering more advanced features for experienced web-builders. Click below to learn more! UDUTU Online Course Authoring. Udutu offers a free online service for publishing your own course. Create online coursework for your classroom by using videos, presentations, flash animation, and quizzes! Click below to learn more!

2 Click the movie to learn about Google Sites.

3 Google Sites Background Google sites promotes:
Google Sites was built around software called “JotSpot”, which was acquired in Google first launched the technology as Google Page Creator, which required users to have their own domain name to use the service. Example: In May of 2008 Google modified their software to relaunch as Google Sites. Still a free service, it no longer required a domain name. Google sites promotes: Single-click page creation. Customizable look and feel. Pre-built templates. Integration with other google services like google calendar, google docs, and google talk!

4 Google Sites What to do first? Create A Site
Sign up for a free Google account! This one account name and password will give you access to all of Google's many services, including Gmail, without having to sign up individually for each one! Create A Site Now we are going to go to and click on Create site! Some examples for pages are: planning clubs/activities share information collaborate on team projects stay connected with friends and family.

5 Google Sites Classroom Templates
There are many templates to choose from. This technology is especially useful for creating classroom web pages to keep in contact with students and parents. Select a template and name for your site. Viola! The web page is created and ready for editing with easy to use tools. When you edit the page each widget and text block are easily changed and rearranged to your liking.

6 Google Sites

7 Google sites Review Sources
Google sites offers a free web page creation service with professional looking results! This technology is great for the classroom. Both teachers and students can use Google sites for personal, professional, and educational projects. Sources Google Sites (Images, Video & Information) Google Sites Wikipedia gle_Sites (History & Background)

8 Click the movie to learn about Udutu.

9 UDUTU What is it? Getting Started
Have you taken an online class before? During that class have you: taken quizzes? watched videos? read through new lessons? Udutu can do all of this! Getting Started Sign-up is quick and free. You are given the option to start and name your new course, and then edit basic colors and layouts.

10 UDUTU Editing/Adding Pages
The process is fast and easy! You can have your introduction page and a quiz set up within the first 10 minutes. There is no advanced web skill needed since all editing is done in a text window that is similar to word and other processing programs.

11 UDUTU Hosting or Hosted?
Your Udutu classroom can be hosted on their server for free with a watermark, or you can pay them to host it without a watermark. More advanced users can download the completed class for free and upload it to your own web space!

12 UDUTU Review Udutu is a wonderful educational technology that can expand your student's use of the computer during assignments. The results are professional but any novice can use their easy fill-in-the-blank page templates. Sources UDUTU Elearning – the possibilities are endless with Udutu! Video v=U-EKMZPts4g

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