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NetStartClass Klein Oak Social Studies August 2005.

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1 netStartClass Klein Oak Social Studies August 2005

2 netStartClass an easy template based Website creation tool

3 Getting Started create an account wait for confirmation from Nettie Briggs at CO log on at enter your username same as your network log on name enter your password you made it when you signed up

4 It looks like this Well, not exactly, but generally

5 Your Editing Home It looks like this

6 Caveats Unlike Brinkster, theres no separate uploading of pages. Everything goes online when you do it. Be careful! The job you lose could be your own!

7 What to do? post lesson plans post assignments great for make-ups lost assignments parent information post contact information school phone/e-mail home stuff is at your option

8 How to do it Your prefab site includes default pages home calendar etc. You can delete these and add what you want.

9 Deleting Pages Click next to the page you want to delete. Click on remove.

10 Adding Pages Click on add more pages. Choose a page type from the list that appears. About Us Calendar Contact Us Download Forms Homework Links Page Syllabus

11 Editing Pages Click the name of any page, then click on edit. Click on a layout style.

12 Elements of Page Image Placeholder Choose an image or upload one from your computer. Headline Type a headline. Content Type the words to appear under the headline.

13 Lesson Plans only one calendar no good for more than one prep Use Word calendar template simply post as a document Netstart will link to them

14 Posting Documents Posting Word documents viewer must have Word Posting PDF documents need PDF creation program use primoPDF – its free! use at home or ask for school install

15 Read the Instructions! Complete instructions are provided in a document attached to the e-mail that announces your Netstart site. Help is available from: Gary Nelson Brian Mielke Bill Dunnagan

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