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Qualifications Update Donna Vivers CfE Liaison Manager.

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2 Qualifications Update Donna Vivers CfE Liaison Manager

3 Scottish Qualifications Scottish Qualifications Advanced Higher Higher National 5 National 4 National 3 National 2 National 1 National Qualifications

4  Greater focus on skills development  Skills for learning, life and work: – Literacy – Numeracy – Skills for health and well-being – Employability, enterprise and citizenship – Thinking skills Skills

5 Summary of Methods of Assessments National 4 (35 Courses) National 5 (35 Courses) Higher (35 Courses) Assignment2625 Case Study-11 Performance378 Portfolio-32 Practical Activity66- Project--4 QP/Test23842

6 Course Structures Course Structures

7 Subject Specific Events Unit Assessment, package 1 Unit Assessment, package 2 Unit Assessment, package 3 Finalised Specimen Question Papers Finalised Specimen Coursework Assessment Support 2012/13

8 What’s New?  New Courses – computing science; design & manufacture; engineering; music technology; environmental science; and lifeskills maths.  New practical Courses – cookery; electronics; fabric & textile technology; metalworking; and woodworking.  New Awards – religion, beliefs & values; wellbeing; modern languages for life and work

9 Glasgow University The University of Glasgow has not, in recent years, referred to Standard Grades or Intermediate 2 results, when assessing an applicant’s candidacy for entering a specific course. This will remain the case with the introduction of the National 4 and 5 Qualifications. University Perspectives

10 SQA More information can be found on our website: Twitter: @sqanews BBC Bitesize will also be working with us to produce materials to support pupil revision of new qualifications Engage For Education Parentzone is organised into distinct and user-friendly areas covering issues that affect parents during the different stages of their children's education. More Information

11 Contact details: Email:


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