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Monifieth High School Preparing for Senior Phase S4 Wednesday 30 th January 2013.

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1 Monifieth High School Preparing for Senior Phase S4 Wednesday 30 th January 2013

2 Agenda Welcome FAQs Background Next steps: key issues If you have any questions please note them on the post-it notes and we will make the answers available on the school website

3 Curriculum for Excellence at Monifieth High School Skills for life Qualifications for the future Wider achievement Personal support Offering different routes

4 Literacy Numeracy Health & Wellbeing The Monifieth High School Learning Triangle Interpersonal Skills Thinking SkillsCommunication Skills

5 Skills KnowledgeRelevance P1-4 P5-7 S1-2 S2-3 S4-6 Second Level First Level Third Level Fourth Level Subjects Curriculum Areas



8 What’s different about the new qualifications? The new qualifications will be less prescriptive; with more personalisation and choice Courses are made up of 2 or more units. Each unit is internally assessed (pass/fail) National 4 has an additional ‘value added’ unit which combines different elements of a Course into an overall assessment. There is no external exam at National 4 National 5 and above: courses assessment consists of: – External exam marked by SQA – ‘added value’ element - Assignment completed and marked in school National 5/ Higher/Advanced Higher are graded A-C

9 S6 Advanced Higher HigherNational 5 S5 Higher National 5 National 4 S4 National 5 National 4 National 3 Senior Phase Qualifications


11 Skill-based Highers & National 4/5?  5 Highers in S5?  Extra Highers “from scratch” in S6?  3 Science Highers?  Approved by Scottish Government, HMI, SQA? 

12 University of Aberdeen Curriculum for Excellence Statement “The University of Aberdeen currently does not stipulate a minimum number of Standard Grade and/or Intermediate 2 qualifications. This will be extended to include National 5 subjects. “ “We remain committed to promoting a fair admissions policy to ensure we give equal consideration to candidates who apply on time and who possess the necessary knowledge and skills, irrespective of the route travelled through the Senior Phase, S4 to S6.” “In at least one of the Senior Phase years – S4 or S5 or S6, there is an expectation that a minimum of three Highers or Advanced Higher subjects are studied and presented for examinations.”

13 University of Aberdeen Curriculum for Excellence Statement Medicine National 5 qualifications : English and Maths are required (currently Grade B minimum); Biology and Physics are recommended but not compulsory (Grade B minimum). Higher qualifications : Chemistry (Grade B minimum). Two subjects are required from Biology/Human Biology, Maths, Physics. Two further Highers in most other subjects – applicants should check with the Medical Admissions office if clarification required. These may be taken across the Senior Phase – S4 to S6 There is no requirement, and therefore no advantage given, to obtaining the three sciences required in one sitting. Maths is regarded as a science.


15 What happens next... “Preparing for Senior Phase: S4” booklet Wednesday 6 th February: S4 Option Sheets issued Wednesday 13 th February: S3 Parents’ Evening Thursday 14 th February: return S4 Option Sheet January/February: Discussion in SE This evening: please stay, ask and chat!

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