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Category Management Association Advancing professional standards Category Management Association Overview.

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1 Category Management Association Advancing professional standards Category Management Association Overview

2 Association At-a-Glance  Founded in 2004, to better define the discipline, responsibilities and skill sets of a "category manager;” to formalize training and to create certifications; serves as the global category management community  Evolved to cover a broad range of strategic insights and planning functions (consumer insights, analytics, in-store execution, space management, shopper marketing, trade promotion marketing, pricing )  Offers focused Share Groups, global events, resource directories, best practice surveys, e-newsletter, custom-sourced targeted news  Only organization certifying individual professionals and companies based on recognized industry-wide standards Category Management Association Mission: Advancing Professional Standards in Category Management

3 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Our only vested interest is in our members. As a member of the Category Management Association, you are a member of the global category management community. As a member of this community, you help to define the function and strategy, shape standards and practices, and create innovations. Membership is a career investment. Exclusive Content Share Groups Facilitated introductions Certification discounts Event discounts Best practice surveys Member Benefits

4 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Benefits Non- member Participating Member *Corporate Member Weekly e-newsletter ✔✔✔ Full Website access (exclusive content) ✔✔ Resource Directories ✔✔ Certification Discounts ✔✔ Conference Discounts ✔✔ Share Groups ✔✔ Leaders Networking Group (team leaders) ✔ Planned Networking (custom peer introductions at the director level) ✔ Best Practice Surveys (team leaders) ✔ *Corporate member team leaders can also take advantage of unlimited job postings and discounted recruitment services Membership Levels

5 Category Management Association Advancing professional standards Category Management Certification Overview

6 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association What is certification? INDIVIDUAL Certification from the Association Objective, third-party designation Based on a minimum agreed-upon training standard Quantifies the skill level of individual category management professionals Ensures the standard has been met or exceeded COURSEWORK certification means that the designated course officially fulfills a requirement towards individual professional certification.

7 Category Management Association Certification The Category Management Training Standards & Certifications Steering Committee was made up of dedicated, expert volunteers and formed to create industry guidelines and skill set definitions for Category Management professionals. It's first standards document was approved 12/09.

8 Category Management Association Certification Abbott Nutrition Anheuser-Busch Coca-cola Enterprises Colgate Palmolive Del Monte Foods Dr Pepper Snapple Group EJ Gallo Winery Global Decisions Hormel Foods Johnson Controls Johnson & Johnson Kellogg USA St Joseph’s University Swedish Match University of Pittsburgh Western Michigan University Wrigley

9 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Certification evaluation board (CEB) The CEB was established by the Category Management Association to objectively review and evaluate all industry training programs and category management professionals for certification The responsibilities of the CEB include: Continually develop a common language for the discipline Certify coursework and individual professionals where standards have been met Provide action steps where standards have not been met

10 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association There are three levels of professional certification. Skill proficiency is cumulative — higher levels are expected to have already mastered the skill sets at lower levels. 8 required learning objectives 15 required learning objectives 10 required learning objectives Certification Levels

11 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Individuals / Companies can understand where they stand by comparing completed training to the Certification Scorecard. A combination of formal training and work experience will be considered during the certification evaluation process. The Association’s Certification Evaluation Board (CEB) assesses all qualifications and issues certifications. Certification Scorecard

12 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Individual Certification Process

13 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Certified coursework will be clearly designated and updated on the Association Website The Association serves as a resource for training information, but does not conduct training. A "Coursework Certified" designation means that certain courses offered by the company are certified and can be submitted for credit towards an individual professional certification. Training

14 CPG Companies, solutions providers, and training organizations may submit their learning programs for assessment and certification. The Certification Evaluation Board assesses training curriculum, course materials, and testing rigor. www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Coursework Certification

15 www.cpgcatnet.orgCategory Management Association Category Management Association, 210.587.7203 Central time USA Donna Frazier, President and Managing Director, Lori Castle, Content & Communications Director, Anne Kay, Member Networking Director, For more information on member benefits and options, visit or email: Blaine Ross, Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Laura Lee Larson, Ed.D., VP Global Education & Certification, To learn more about or request individual or coursework certification, email:

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