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Kansas Tennis Coaches Association 2012 Business Meeting Aaron O’Donnell KTCA Chair 620-506-7023.

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1 Kansas Tennis Coaches Association 2012 Business Meeting Aaron O’Donnell KTCA Chair 620-506-7023

2 Expanded State Bracket  See Manual Pages 18 & 21  Adds 4 sgls and 4 dubs matches to each State Tourney all of which will be played Friday  Allows 1 st Round losers the opportunity to advance if they win their 2 nd match  Slight adjustments have been made to State Scoring on page 17—Consolation 2 pts, Entries 1 pt.

3 Regional Seeding-Same Quarter  Should sgls players from the same school be allowed to be seeded in the same Regional quarter of the bracket?  May need to be a future proposal  Dates back to the 16 Player State Draw in which 4 qualified from each Regional  Some Regionals vote to allow this now, while others do not vote to allow it. Some don’t realize you have the option to vote.  NO CHANGE

4 Hat Rule  Should we eliminate the hat rule as is?  NO CHANGE

5 3 Up for a Seed  Manual Page 15- new note  If 1 entry has direct and/or indirect wins over the other 2 entries then NO VOTE is needed. Directs and Indirects will be honored.  A vote may then be necessary between the remaining 2 entries.

6 State Team Tiebreaking Procedure  Due to voting by coaches on the survey, the #1,2,3 have been reordered to break teams ties.  See Manual Page 17  #1 Highest % of Total Games Won  #2 Head to Head Record  #3 Team with the Most Entrants- 4 entrants max

7 Regional Champions- Up for the #1 Seed at State  Manual page 17-Seeding Procedure  Regional Champions in sgls and dubs will AUTOMATICALLY be “up for the #1 seed”.

8 Byes, Defaults and Retired Matches  Manual Page 17  BYES- best 1 st round win in sgls or dubs of the school tied with  DEFAULTS- will be counted as 6-0, 6-0 or 9- 0 or whatever number needs to be attained to win a match in a proset  RETIRED MATCHES- Example- 0-3 in the 1 st Set and the player up 3-0 retires then the score shall be recorded as 6-3,6-0.  “Score played up to retirement plus the additional games needed to win match”

9 Seed 9 & 10 at Regionals  If the seeds are wanted by a coach then the option to seed them is granted  Manual Page 15  Regional Seeding Procedure: 3-Six positions will be seeded in sgls and dubs. Seeds 7- half of the entries, including 9 & 10, will be offered if any coach so wishes.

10 Disqualifications at State  We will NOT bump up placements in the State Draw from Regionals if a sgls player or dubs pair is disqualified.  Manual Page 17  The position of the defaulted player(s) will be a default on the bracket.  NO CHANGE

11 Records Required at State for ALL Entries  NO CHANGE  Only Regional Champions in Sgls and Dubs will be required to provide records for the State Seeding Mtg  Manual Page 14

12 Regional Record Form  New KSHSAA Requirement to provide a total record for all of their Regional entries at the Regional Seeding Mtg  Manual Page 14  Coaches are to submit total records, which means all sgls and all dubs matches for each of their entries.  Forms are available at athletic- tennis-announcements or come up with your own form that provides complete records

13 Regional Record Form- Part 2  It is suggested that you list first the division the entry is competing in at Regionals. If a player has competed in sgls and dubs during the season and is competing in sgls at Regionals, then list all sgls matches first on the form. List dubs matches second.  If an entry has played dubs with more than one partner, then list all matches played with all partners.

14 Kansas Tennis Coaches Association-Membership  $15 per school year  Supports memorials for KS tennis coaches, ex. Coach Mitchell of Concordia  Supports tennis rebuilding efforts of disaster damaged cities, ex. Greensburg, Chapman, Joplin  Helps purchase KTCA Hall of Fame plaques- last inductees were Doughty, Harvey and Markham

15 KTCA Website  go to tennis  List of committee members to contact with your thoughts, suggestions, ideas  List of Coach of the Year Winners and Hall of Fame Members  Academic All-State Certificates- for players earning a 3.5GPA and a State medal  State Tennis Rankings  Much More. Check it out.

16 Future Proposal Possibilities  The KTCA Committee will meet in November to discuss proposal possibilities and more. Contact a committee member with your ideas.  Classifications for tennis and all other sports possibly figured every 2 years like football instead of yearly.  Approx. 10 day turn-around time between the release of classifications and Regional assignments and Regional com- petition  Why not all sports on the same cycle?

17 Future Proposal Possibilities- continued  Should Regional entries from the same school be allowed to be seeded in the same quarter?  For example if Ark City deserves the 3 and 6 seeds due to directs and/or indirects then the draw would be fair and true if allowed. Having to back out of the 6 seed due to this rule does not make for a true and fair draw.  The winner of such a match qualifies for State, while the loser still has a chance to qualify now that the State Draw has been expanded to 24 players.

18 Future Proposal Possibilities- continued  Should foreign exchange students continue to be allowed to play in Regional and State competition?  This would allow Kansans to compete for the State and Regional titles, team trophies and medals.

19 Future Proposal Possibilities- continued  Should we require schools in contention for the top 3 team trophies at State have more than one entry at the State Meet?  Sgls players and dubs teams have the opportunity to compete for State titles and medals.  Is it acceptable for one sgls player or dubs team to possibly bring home a team trophy if they are the only entry representing their school at State?

20 Future Proposal Possibilities- continued  Should first round losers at Regionals be allowed to continue an attempt to qualify for State by creating a backside draw to the existing Regional Draw?

21 Future Proposal Possibilities- continued  Should we allow a player to hit with their middle school or high school coach during the school year outside of season?  Should we allow boys enrolled in the same school as girls to practice with the girls’ team and vice versa?  The thought with the above items is to allow the players and coaches from smaller communities without racquet or country clubs with teaching pros more opportunities to improve their tennis teams.

22 Coach of the Year Voting  We are now voting at the end of each season when results are fresh in the minds of the coaches.  Initial voting occurs at Regionals so ALL coaches are in contention and ALL coaches can participate in the selection for the final ballot.  Final Ballot will include 1 coach from each Regional in each classification, which provides balance across the state geographically.  Final voting occurs after State

23 Coach of the Year Voting 2  Suggestions heard after the Spring Vote during the Boys’ Season:  wait until after Regionals before initial voting  add coaches of the team champs to the final ballot  limit selections to only those coaches with players at State  add short bios on each coach to the ballot

24 KTCA Coaching Clinic- Saturday, February 2  Crestview Country Club-Wichita  Marc Gelina and Les Stafford- on court morning presenters  WSU Coach Colin Foster and his team on court in the afternoon  Working on a speaker over lunch  No Hall of Fame Banquet this year- occurs every other year  Great opportunity for all hs and ms tennis coaches

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