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1-16 Tournament Rap Up. 2-16 Double Elimination: AKA “two loss and out” Advantages: –One of the fairest types of tournaments –Gives participants at least.

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1 1-16 Tournament Rap Up

2 2-16 Double Elimination: AKA “two loss and out” Advantages: –One of the fairest types of tournaments –Gives participants at least twice as much participation as the single elimination –Holds interest longer –Gives a second chance to still win! Disadvantages: –Complicated to show graphically Loser rounds keep adding new contestants as teams lose in the winner’s rounds Confusion to those not familiar with tournament format

3 3-16 Formulas “double” the single elimination –Number of entries: N = 13 Minimum = 2N-2, 2(13)-2 = 26-2 = 24 min games Maximum = 2N-1, 2(13)-1 = 26-1= 25 max games –Occurs when the champion of the loser’s bracket defeats the champion of the winner’s bracket, thus creating an extra game.

4 4-16 Consolation Tournaments Each entry participates in at least two contests Produces two winners: –champion (winner) of the elimination bracket –Winner of consolation bracket Two types: –Type A – “simple consolation” All losers in the first round play another single elimination tournament. Winner of the second single elimination is the consolation winner –Type B – “second place consolation” Opportunity for any loser, regardless of round the loss occurred, to win the consolation championship

5 5-16 Challenge Tournaments Ongoing tournaments Emphasize participation rather than winning Contestants issue and accept challenge matches from each other –Winning all challenges and advancing to the top of the tournament structure All contestants continue to play regardless of outcome of the challenge Used primarily with individual or duel sport, but can be used in team sport

6 6-16 Advantages –Easily organized and programmed –Minimum supervision required –Emphasize maximum participation –Winning is not a requirement for continued participation –No one is “eliminated” –Participants play at their convenience –Useful for ranking participants –Each contest is self-programmed –No formal scheduling is required –NO FORMULAS REQUIRED!

7 7-16 Disadvantages –Participants must contact each other to arrange date and time for match. Communication may be a problem –Suited for a small number of entries –Lack challenge for some teams –Need limited security regarding operating the challenge board –Often need external rewards or incentives to keep them playing

8 8-16 Types of Challenge Tournaments Ladder Pyramid King or Crown Funnel Spider web – top player always being challenged by other 6 players

9 9-16 What do we want in our tournament experience? What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen?

10 10-16 Avoiding Problems in Tournament Scheduling According to Byl, what are the keys to avoiding problems in tournament scheduling? –Adequate planning and getting things done early –Adjust your time line according to the nature of your tournament – Typically, plan 1 year in advance! –Obtain a written confirmation of facility bookings as early as possible –Base time schedule on the # of entries and design of tournament –Book all officials and do it EARLY…make sure to have reserves – Make the booking agent a good pal!

11 11-16 –Advise teams of the tournament details: playing schedule, tiebreaking procedures, specific equipment usages (e.g., in badminton the type of shuttlecock to use). Helpful to provide maps Be clear and direct –Participants also need to know what will be provided or available at the tournament, such as game or practice balls, refreshments, towels, first aid equipment or personnel, and snack bar or cafeteria. List costs for any of these items. The more information that is available to participants at this stage, the fewer disappointments there will be on tournament day

12 12-16 Couple weeks before the tournament, arrange minor officials and other personnel. Distribute a schedule to the officials along with a list of their respective duties. If any officials need training, this is the time to do it. Advise janitorial staff of the tournament so that enough supplies are on hand Make sure you inform the media of your event so they can make plans to cover it. BEFORE the tournament arrange for signs to be prepared that identify the tournament; tell which teams use which change rooms; and direct participants to the gym, bleachers, cafeteria, first aid room, and change rooms.

13 13-16 Day before the tournament, perform a final check of the facility, the equipment, and the signs to make sure everything is ready to roll. Before the first game is to begin you should address three groups of people: the coaches, the athletes, and the spectators. –These people are all your guests; remember to treat them that way. –Hold a coaches’ meeting well before the first game; providing beverages is a thoughtful gesture. Advise coaches of any last-minute concerns and answer any questions they have.

14 14-16 How will you distribute awards….decide this well in advance Use a reliable company for awards – bond with them, make them your friends! –AD Trophy – I LOVE THEM! –Be prepared and ready to act during the tournament –Everyone loves FREE t-shirts, take care of your sponsors, officials and supporting staff!!!

15 15-16 ECU Tournament experience BE prepared! Listen Act quickly and responsibly Be fair! And………

16 16-16 Have FUN!

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