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New Members Orientation 1 Welcome to Carolinas Healthcare System-APC Toastmasters Club Carolinas Healthcare System.

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1 New Members Orientation 1 Welcome to Carolinas Healthcare System-APC Toastmasters Club Carolinas Healthcare System

2 New Members Orientation for Toastmasters Presented by Arturo Cardenas CHS Teammate and fellow Toastmaster Feb/18 th, 2014 2 Carolinas Healthcare System

3 New Members Orientation 3 Carolinas Healthcare System Agenda Speeches Books (first 2 are Competent Communicator / Competent Leadership) First 10 Speeches, What is next, ACB, ACS, ACG, path to DTM Meetings Roles and Formats Competent Leadership (CL) Club Organization, Officers Toastmasters Websites Toastmasters International Organization

4 New Members Orientation 4 Speeches Carolinas Healthcare System

5 New Members Orientation 5 Books Carolinas Healthcare System Competent Communicator Competent Leadership

6 New Members Orientation 6 First 10 Speeches Project #1 The Ice Breaker (4-6m) Project #2 Organize Your Speech (5-7m) Project #3 Get to the Point (5-7m) Project #4 How to Say It (5-7m) Project #5 Your Body Speaks (5-7m) Project #6 Vocal Variety (5-7m) Project #7 Research your Topic (5-7m) Project #8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids Project #9 Persuade with Power (5-7m) Project #10 Inspire your Audience (8-10m) Carolinas Healthcare System

7 New Members Orientation 7 First 10 Speeches First speech: Ice Breaker Talk about yourself Where are you come from, family, passions 9 more speeches to become CC All Speeches Title, Opening, Body and Conclusion Carolinas Healthcare System

8 New Members Orientation 8 First 10 Speeches After CC, What is Next? Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Silver (ACS), Gold (ACG) Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB), Silver (ALS) Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Carolinas Healthcare System

9 New Members Orientation 9 Path to Distinguished Toastmaster Carolinas Healthcare System

10 New Members Orientation 10 Meetings

11 New Members Orientation 11 Meeting Roles Sergeant of Arms Toastmaster Thought of the day (optional) Timer / Ballot Counter Grammarian Table Topics Master General Evaluator Speakers Evaluators Carolinas Healthcare System

12 New Members Orientation 12 Meeting Formats Traditional Opening Introductions Speeches Table Topics Evaluations Closing Alternative Opening Introductions Table Topics Speeches Evaluations Closing Carolinas Healthcare System

13 New Members Orientation 13 Timer Lights SectionGreenYellowRedTolerance Table Topics1m1m:30s2m+30 secs Evaluations2m1m:30s3m+30 secs Speech #14m5m6m+30 secs Speech #2-#95m6m7m+30 secs Speech #108m9m10m+30 secs Specialty Speech10m13m15m-- Advanced Speech15m18m20m-- Carolinas Healthcare System

14 New Members Orientation 14 CHS Agenda Estimated Times Carolinas Healthcare System Agenda SectionRoleTime OpeningSargent of Arms2 min IntroductionsActing President2 min Toastmaster1 min Thought of the Day1 min Grammarian1 min Timer / Ballot Counter1 min SpeechesSpeaker #15-7 mins Speaker #25-7 mins Speaker #35-7 mins Table Topics3 questions6 mins GE3 evaluators6-9 mins Grammarian1 min ClosingToastmaster2 minutes President / Sargent of Arms3 minutes Total of 51 minutes

15 New Members Orientation 15 Meeting Tools Agendas Ballots Name Tents Ribbons First Timer / Ice Breaker Best Speech, Best Evaluator Best Table Topics Name Badges Award Pins Carolinas Healthcare System

16 New Members Orientation 16

17 New Members Orientation 17 Competent Leadership 10 Projects Each Project involves doing different meeting roles multiple times, 2 or 3 roles Project #9 is the most difficult: Mentorship

18 New Members Orientation 18 Club Organization Carolinas Healthcare System

19 New Members Orientation 19 Club Organization - Officers Officer President VP Education VP of Membership VP of Public Relations Treasurer Sergeant of Arms Secretary Carolinas Healthcare System

20 New Members Orientation 20 Officer Interaction Carolinas Healthcare System

21 New Members Orientation 21 Toastmasters Websites Carolinas Healthcare System

22 New Members Orientation 22 Websites Toastmaster main website - 1998 for officers, paid memberships, TM merchandize District 37 Website Conferences, Competitions Free Toast Host - 2012 Club specific resources, Agendas, member Bio’s Carolinas Healthcare System

23 New Members Orientation 23 Free Toast Host Carolinas Healthcare System

24 New Members Orientation 24 Toastmaster International Carolinas Healthcare System

25 New Members Orientation 25 Toastmasters International Carolinas Healthcare System

26 New Members Orientation 26 Logos Carolinas Healthcare System

27 New Members Orientation 27 Toastmasters International organization Members Club Area Divison District (NC=37) Regions Board of Directors Carolinas Healthcare System Club -> Area -> Division -> District

28 New Members Orientation 28 Toastmaster Competitions Spring Competition (March-May) International Speech, Inspirational Table topics Summer Camping Trip (July) Mountain Tales Fall Competition (Sep-Oct) Humorous Speech Evaluators Carolinas Healthcare System

29 29 Discussion and Q&A

30 New Members Orientation 30 Resources Meeting Roles Toastmaster Role Table Topics General Evaluator Club Officer Roles and responsibilities, Club Leadership Handbook: President, VPE,VPM, VPPR, Treasurer, Sargent of Arms, Secretary Carolinas Healthcare System

31 31 Thank you Toastmasters Arturo Cardenas, CC, CL or Arturo.Cardenas@CarolinasHealthcare.Org

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