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1. 2 Why GMS????? Differential Factor Methodology Services Clients Feedback HR Services Permanent Staffing Flexi Staffing Services Highlights Work at.

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2 2 Why GMS????? Differential Factor Methodology Services Clients Feedback HR Services Permanent Staffing Flexi Staffing Services Highlights Work at GMS

3 3 Focused and trusted partner and it's great to work with them' - 85% of our clients Say This!!!!! Details Press HereDetails Press Here BackBack

4 4 At GMS Consulting, we have an unrelenting passion to deliver brilliant client service; this is one of our core values. Success is guaranteed by our excellent team of professionals, who assume our customer's challenges as if they were our own, sharing their knowledge with clients. Our client satisfaction rating is always 'outstanding' as measured and this greatly exceeds industry averages. Our formidable list of clients is the testimony of our standing in the industry.

5 5 Driven By people with creativity and commitment! Today's business requirements need removing traditional boundaries and to reach out to the micro-level in no time. A winning concept indeed, to extend client vision, which reduces both time and costs involved in doing business. To achieve this, we adapt to our client business style quickly and our clients think and work with us as equal partners and internal members. We perform and deliver results differently from all our competitors. For years, we have been using a proven and innovative process to ensure "Best results". At the heart of this process is a customer- tested approach for identifying all business benefits clearly, in addition to the conditions, change processes and management actions required to achieve them. GMS Consulting professionals are proficient in using this approach throughout the company's services

6 6 Temp Staffing business in Canada is poised for phenomenal growth. Economic liberalization, free market reforms and the booming IT industry have led to the growth of the "Temp" segment. Our extensive knowledge of the employment market, expertise across sectors and the ability to procure right people with the right experience according to the requirements has helped us build trustworthy partnerships.

7 7 At GMS we offer innovative staffing Solution that are tailored to enable client organizations meet the challenges of today’s fast changing business environment. With our proven expertise and knowledge of the various industry verticals, exhaustive database of talent, professional and cost effective solutions, we are sure to meet your temporary staffing requirements. We work closely with client organization to identify, engage, train and deploy successful talent that organization would need to create success stories.

8 8 GMS is a global management consulting firm that provides Recruitment solutions for its clients in North America, South East Asia, UK, Europe and Middle East. Market leaders turn to GMS to help them bridge the gap between strategy and execution to sustain a competitive advantage.

9 9 Our experts take care of the following before selecting a candidate: 1)Criminal background check 2)Reference verification 3)Employment verification 4)Education verification 5)Media Data base search Why candidate has their loyalty to us: 1. We provide a loyalty bonus to the candidate after completion of 1 year. 2. We are having our team from diverse background (like Sales, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Security) to form and implement different strategies to achieve success. 3.Selected candidate are provide with free lunch/dinner coupon in 5 star hotel. 4. We just don't build our database on jobsites or job databases but we are having one of the best network in the market by which we can get candidates. 5.We specialize in head-hunting, which hunts for non active candidates. So our client gets fresh data and there is no redundancy of data.

10 10 GMS continues to strengthen it's industry depth with a vision "to become the most sought after recruitment consulting firm,". With the mix of skill, experience, speed on commitment to delivery and a strong culture of ethics, consistently out performed our competitors and growing at a speed of 300% every year

11 11 ITEngineering ITESManufacturing BPO FMCG BFSRetailing

12 12 Advanced psychometric tools, and a sound methodology on best international practices

13 13 We at GMS leveraged our intellectual capital with our technical knowledge result is a huge database of outstanding performers who specialize in their respective domains. Our scientifically well-oiled processes allow us to efficiently manage the recruitment value chain, from identifying - short listing - pre-screening - till delivery within the accepted time frame, along with transparency, confidentiality and commitment.

14 14 The success of GMS lies in recruitment, which has contributed to the company's brand as leading recruitment service provider. Our expertise lies in understanding client needs and customizes engagements accordingly with our extensively researched unique service models to their specific requirements. Chosen consultants are on the basis of industry expertise, geographic reach and prior search experience.

15 15 Services Temp-Staffing Contract Staffing Temp-to Permanent Staffing Service Highlights Fees you to do the Best you do. Focus on running your core business profitably. Proven, Proactive and cost effective solutions 'ready-to-offer' resources. Quality, Accuracy and Service Levels.

16 16 Services we offer Executive Search Contingency Search Turnkey Solutions Campus Hiring Our Verticals in Recruitment Information Technology IT Enabled Services Manufacturing, Engineering Banking and Financial Services FMCG / Retail Life Sciences / Pharma Human Resources

17 17 Services Temp-Staffing Contract Staffing Temp-to Permanent Staffing Services Highlights Tailor made flexible Solutions. 'ready-to-offer' against time schedule. Quick mobilization of large talent pool. Free from 'Statutory Obligations'. Cost saving solutions

18 18 Many Path Common Vision Culture Growth Fun

19 19 Sprit at GMS has been a journey through professionalism combined with enthusiastic young talents from top B- Schools with at home infrastructure enables every one of us to take GMS consulting towards it's vision with extensive fun and entertainment.

20 20 Since inception we have remained committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. GMC values Teamwork,Diversity,Trust, Integrity and Integrity and Corporate citizenship.

21 21 GMS is a flat organization and maintains highest level of ethics to present our selves in terms of learning, exposing to various skills sets which are emerging in the market that directly leads to self growth and organizational growth.

22 22 It's excitement every day with pressures and better thinkingIt's excitement every day with pressures and better thinking Going out beyond the world to enjoy, reduce stress, and understand each other, jokes, dancing, singing, trekking, swimming and many more.Going out beyond the world to enjoy, reduce stress, and understand each other, jokes, dancing, singing, trekking, swimming and many more.

23 23 Integrated infrastructure, Domain expertise, and talented people. Efficient, systematic and structured methodologies. Proven strategy of providing 'ready-to-offer' against time schedule Rich database of 'Outstanding Performers' in various disciplines. Extensive markets reach through print and electronic Media. Integrated infrastructure, Domain expertise, and talented people. Efficient, systematic and structured methodologies. Proven strategy of providing 'ready-to-offer' against time schedule Rich database of 'Outstanding Performers' in various disciplines. Extensive markets reach through print and electronic Media.

24 24 Global Management Solution is a leading provider of risk Management services and specializes in pre-employment background checks, Investigative Reference Checks, Employment Verifications, Criminal Record Checks, Credit Inquiries Education Verifications, Insurance Validation, Workers Compensation Boards Clearance and Insurance Confirmation. Our vision is that to assist all business organizations and benefit from our versatile, powerful, and configurable management, tracking, and reporting system. With this in mind, GMS Inc. planned and designed various services to meet the needs of any organization. GMS is most widely recognized for all industries, which rely on it to manage, track, and trend a vast number of quality and regulatory compliance management requirements. Our goal is to protect our clients from hiring fraudulent, dishonest or poor quality employees and to help each client to know who they're doing business with. We are a leader within our industry in Canada, and our own references will enthusiastically take your calls of inquiry regarding our services and performance. Once you begin doing business with GMS, we will provide you with the highest level of service possible. We stand behind everything we do with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction..

25 25 GMS Criminal Record Checks are fast very convenient, and is in compliant with PIPEDA and Canadian privacy & human rights legislation. We provide information maintained on file by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and Indian Authorities. This would help your company from hiring an unsuitable individual and protect your company employees, customers and shareholders from future violence, theft and other serious offences. GMS is Leader in Criminal Record Checks GMS criminal record check results are based on the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database and Indian Database. With signed consent our detailed background check reports are entirely compliant with all Privacy and Human Rights legislations across Canada and India. GMS delivers results directly to clients, eliminating the risk of any manipulation. With the help of in house experts if need arise we will discuss the results of a criminal record check with you. Benefits Safer Work Environment – Conducting these checks on your current and potential employees not only prevents the hiring of unsuitable candidates into your organization, but also protects your current employees, customers and shareholders from those individuals with a history of workplace violence or other serious offences. Reduction of Internal Theft – Many employers hire candidates that slip in under the radar, because of lack of diligence by their background screener. We will investigate deep and identify many areas of concern to employers. Protect Negligent Hiring Litigation – Criminal records checks is the first step in demonstrating pre- employment due diligence. Using GMS criminal records checks is your best first step towards hiring quality individuals that will increase productivity, not liability.

26 26 GMS Reference Interviews are based on direct enquiry with the references supplied by the candidate, and if required, with unlisted references also. We perform at least three employment references based on the past employers listed by the candidate on the release forms. The hiring manager ensures the release form is filled out completely and includes three eligible references, such as managers, supervisors, human resources department staff, executives, and/or owners. GMS is Leader in Reference Interviews GMS training program and commitment to hiring the best people is exemplified by our quality reference interview service. Our members are highly skilled Human Resource Interviewers and will provide you with informative responses enabling an informed hiring decision. Our members will work with you to determine if your candidate has satisfied critical job requirements, thus reducing hiring risk, and enabling your business to hire and retain the right people. Reference Interview Features Customized Question Sets – We offer a variety of formats based on position and customer requirements. Our Investigative Reference Interviews are highly detailed reports and are customized to client preferences, so that clients have the option of adding specific questions relevant to the position for which they are hiring. Unbiased Data - Since we have never interacted with the candidate, each reference interview we conduct is completely unbiased. As a result, the reference interviews will be free from bias and not influenced by the candidate's personality or performance in an interview. Timely Results - GMS well-trained client service team is available 24/7 to make and receive calls on your behalf. We never miss a call, thus eliminating telephone tag. Reference Interview Benefits The Power of Numbers – GMS unique operations setup ensures that anytime a reference calls, a professional HR Interviewer is available to take the reference interview on-the-spot. We will act as your extended HR team and help your internal team focus on critical recruiting actions. Real-time Results – As references are completed, they are made available to you immediately.

27 27 GMS Employment Verifications involve contacting previous employers to confirm dates of employment, the position held, and eligibility for rehire. Wherever possible, brief references are taken. Employment History is one of the most common areas of embellishment on a resume. We would contact the main office of past employers to verify specifics of employment. Cross referencing a candidate’s work history with résumé claims and the ID verification component of a credit inquiry provides a powerful tool to backup initial results uncovered by us during the course of reference interviews and a criminal record check. GMS is Leader in Employment Verifications We have relationships with head offices at many of India & Canada’s top employers, including our client base of many clients. This ability helps to leverage our experience and partnerships enables us to speak directly with Human Resources to obtain information pertinent to your hiring decisions. Employment Verifications performed by us are provided with industry leading turnaround time and our easy to read detailed reports. Employment Verification Benefits Verified Information Sources – We ensure that any information reported to clients is confirmed at source. We may even go beyond that step to validate whether or not a business acting as a reference is legitimate. Employment Verification Features Verified Information – We contact the head office representatives of past employers listed in order to verify specifics of a candidate's employment. Customized solutions – We conduct a research on previous employer in a fashion that satisfies our customers

28 28 GMS Education Verifications are obtained through interviews with representatives of the Educational Institutions listed by the candidate to ensure job requirements are met and to ensure honesty. We believe Education is one of the most common areas of embellishment on a candidate’s resume. Despite the necessity of the education to meet job requirements. We recommend verifying education claims because of the frequency of embellishment. The embellishment of education claims speaks to the level of integrity and honesty of a candidate. GMS is the Leader in Education Verifications We have a dedicated team of education verification specialists who have established relationships with educational institutions across North America and around the world. Our team will ensure accuracy of information. Education Verification Features Timely Results – We have liaison with educational institutions across North America to deliver results in an expedient timeframe. Our exclusive relationships with numerous institutions allow education verification results to be delivered in shortest time frame. Expert Industry Knowledge – Our client service team with their experience will identifying fake degrees from diploma mills, even internationally. We can help you avoid wasting time in verifying the legitimacy of any degree or educational institution. Education Verification Benefits Confident Decisions – We work directly with an educational institution, which enable us to verify all education listed by the candidate direct from the source. We take a step further to ensure that any educational institutions listed are legitimate. Our clients enjoy complete confidence knowing that we will help them identify candidates that somehow make it through initial screening processes with false education claims. Credential Verifications Specialized positions require specific expertise, and we will help you ensure that your candidates have the right training for the job GMS is the Leader in Credential Verifications We have a dedicated team of credential verification specialists who have established relationships with institutions across North America and around the world. Our team ensures accuracy of information. Credential Verifications Features Enterprise-level Support – GMS Client Services Team is your extended workforce, at a fraction of the cost. We can offer timely support on the strength of our highly trained and enthusiastic staff. Industry Expertise – With changing standards and regulations across various industries, it’s not easy to keep up with evolving terminology and requirements. Let us help you avoid hassle and confusion. Credential Verifications Benefits Timely Results – Let us take care of these important, but cumbersome verification tasks. Put us to work so you can focus on the important decision making process. Verified Information – We hold experience to verify authentic or manufactured claims. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you, having the confidence that the results you receive have gone through our rigorous quality standards.

29 29 GMS offers International Criminal Records checks in over 150 countries worldwide. The method is similar to a standard criminal records check where the equivalents of CPIC searches are conducted according to the candidate’s residence history. International checks are searched for a standard 7 years

30 30 Through thorough cross-reference and analysis, we search various databases and media sources for press releases and news articles. We examine all the information found, comparing names used and other claims of the company and its principals.

31 31 President V. President Sec/Inv. Regional Director Manager Sec/Inv Team V. President Human Resource Regional Director Manager Recruiters V. President Career Management Regional Director Manager Counselors

32 32 Canada 1804-71 Thorncliffe Park Drive Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1L3 Call: Office: +1 416 421 5080 Manoj: +1 647 830 3629 ( India 2/8 Unnat Nagar IV, Opp. Rosary Church & St. Thomas School, M G Road, Goregaon(West) Mumbai- 400 062, India Call: Office: +91 022 22974182/83 Rohan: 09323930319,998762777 (

33 33 Some of our clients are:-. Lionbridge Technologies. Direct-I TIS KPIT Cummins Hewitt Associates Hexaware Deloitte Herald Logic 3i-Infotech Reliance ADA Vistaar Mphasis

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