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2 What is an Argumentative Essay? Writers choose argumentative essays when they want to persuade readers to change their minds about something. In this kind of essay, writers must convince readers of their point of view.

3 Unity in Argumentative Essays It is important to argue for only one view point in your essay. Taking only one stance helps you achieve unity.

4 Coherence in Argumentative Essays Coherence refers to how the parts of the essay work together. Transition statements are key in adding coherence to paragraphs and essays.

5 Although it may be true that / Despite the fact that Function: to say something is true before saying something else about it. Use: to concede a point that supports the opposing argument. These transition expressions are followed by a clause that introduces the opposing view.

6 Although it may be true that / Despite the fact that Although it may be true that motorcycle helmets save lives, riders should have the right to choose whether or not to wear them. Despite the fact that last winter was the coldest on record in Nebraska, the earth appears to be getting warmer. Punctuation Note: Although it may be true that / despite the fact that + clause is followed by a comma.

7 Certainly / Surely Function: to say that the writer agrees with something without any doubt; implies that the writer has faith in the statement that follows. Use: these words are adverbs that are used to express certainty and to lend credibility to a writer’s stance.

8 Certainly / Surely Certainly one would not wish to risk the lives of innocent people by driving recklessly. The new president will certainly reverse some of the previous administration’s policies. Surely if the car companies go bankrupt, the government should take over. Nuclear power plants surely represent the most efficient energy sources for today’s needs.

9 Despite the fact that / Although it may be true that Rising sea levels are caused by global warming. All students want good grades. Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Coffee has a number of positive health effects. The United States has the largest economy in the world.


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