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JOHN JOUBERT Bibi Haniff Bryan Payne. John Joubert.

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1 JOHN JOUBERT Bibi Haniff Bryan Payne

2 John Joubert

3 Biography  Joubert’s parents divorced when John was six years old  Joubert went to live with his mother in Lawrence, Massachusetts  Joubert was not allowed to visit his father and grew to hate his controlling mother.

4 Biography  His mother moved him to Portland, Maine in  When Joubert was 13, he stabbed a young girl with a pencil and felt sexually stimulated when she cried in pain.  The next day, he took a razor blade and slashed another girl as he biked past her.  In another incident, he beat and nearly strangled another boy. He relished the power of bullying, and began to stab or slash others.

5 History of Murders  Three victims were known to have been murdered by John Joubert  Danny Joe Eberle  Ricky Stetson  Christopher Walden

6 Ricky Stetson  Went missing from Portland, Maine on August 22, 1982  11 Years old  Body found the next day on the side of I-295

7 Clues from the body  The attacker appeared to have attempted to undress him.  Attacker appeared to have stabbed and strangled him  Bite mark found on the body of Ricky Stetson  Suspect arrested and held for a year and a half, released when they finally realized his teeth did not match the bite marks on Stetson

8 Teeth Marks and Star Pattern  Joubert bit his victims and tried to disguise the teeth marks by carving a star pattern above the marks  Analysis of teeth marks is done by:  Taking accurate casts of the suspect’s teeth  Excising the skin with the bite mark from the victim (only of the victim is dead)  Observe for whorls, indentations, chips, abrasions, striations, distances between cuspids, tooth width and thickness, alignment and mouth arch.

9 Christopher Walden  Disappeared on January 11 th 1984 in Papillion, Nebraska  3 miles from Eberle’s body  Witnesses saw white man in tan car

10 Clues from the body  Walden’s body found stripped to his underwear  Throat cut so deep that Walden was nearly decapitated  Walden’s body seemed to have been concealed better than the previous

11 Evidence  Two sets of footprints were found leading to Christopher Walden’s body  One set of footprints lead away from Walden’s body  No struggle was shown and this lead FBI to believe that the killer was involved with Walden in some way  Struggle would have showed dragged footprints in the woods  Clean footprints indicated no struggle

12 Footprints  Joubert left footprints at the site where Christopher Walden’s body was found  While footprints are circumstantial, they can tell a lot about a person. For instance  height, sex, anatomic deformities, and if they were walking, running, or carrying something.  British Police are currently working on a system to identify criminals by footprints  Treadmark Footprint Analyser

13 Footprints Cont’d  Footprints are analyze by  Using special lighting such as oblique lighting to identify footprint indentations if they are not clearly visible  Forensic scientists will then cast the print, the same way they would cast the teeth to identify bite marks  Once they have a comparative source they can look for similarities to tie a suspect to a crime

14 Witness  Unknown female witness was put under hypnosis to help remember what she had seen  Woman saw a young man walking toward a tan sedan prior to abduction  Woman described the stranger as being of similar build to the victim and wearing a woolen hat pulled down  Woman noticed the first couple of letters from license plate

15 Danny Joe Eberle  Delivering newspapers on Sunday, September 18 th 1983 in Bellevue Nebraska  Brother had not seen him but remembered being followed by a white man in a tan car on previous days  Danny delivered 3 newspapers, at the 4 th stop his bicycle and newspapers were found, no apparent struggle

16 Clues from the body  Body found 4 miles from the bicycle  Stripped down to his underwear  Feet and hands bound with rope and mouth taped with surgical tape  Stabbed 9 times  FBI called in because of kidnapping

17 The Rope  Was braided with several colors not found in local stores  The rope found with the body was made of several different colored yarns and had an unusual construction  Used comparative microscopy to examine the rope

18 Worldwide search for rope  Every manufacturer in the united states was checked  Government and military outlets abroad checked  FBI field conducted inquiries in the Far east where much of the world’s rope is made  Every lead fizzled out

19 Hair  Found Hair on Danny Joe’s body that seem to be from a different source  Once they had a comparative source (hair from the suspect) they could have analyzed the hair with:  Light Microscopy to analyze similarities and differences in hair  Compound Microscope  Comparison microscope which allows observation of two things in the same field

20 Hair Cont’d  They could look for differences in:  The scale pattern of the cuticles  The pigmentation of the cortex  The medulla patterns www.

21 Individualizing evidence  Rope used to bind Danny Joe seemed to offer the best chance of a lead  The more unusual the rope, the more useful it is as evidence  Rope used to bind Danny Joe was so unusual that no one recognized it

22 Events leading to Capture  On January 11, 1984 Barbara Weaver who ran a Bellavue day-care center noticed a young man in a car slowly cruising the street outside  She made note of the car’s license plate  The driver saw her do this and stopped, he demanded that she give him the paper and when she refused he threatened to kill her, then roared off.  Within seconds she phoned the police.

23 Events leading to capture…Part 2  Vehicle was traced to a local Chevrolet dealership, they learned the car was on lease to an enlisted airman at Offutt while his vehicle was being repaired  His vehicle, a cream-colored sedan which matched the first description exactly even down to the license plate seen by the woman under hypnosis

24 FBI evidence tied Joubert to 2 murders  In a duffel bag belonging to Joubert, officers found a hunting knife and a length of rope.  FBI laboratory technicians compared the rope found in Joubert’s quarters with that used to bind Danny Joe Eberle  Teeth marks from Ricky Stetson’s body matched Joubert’s teeth

25 Trials and Appeals  After initially pleading not guilty, he changed his plea to guilty  Joubert Confessed to killing the two Nebraska boys.  Several psychiatric evaluations were performed on Joubert  One characterized him as having obsessive- compulsive disorder and sadistic tendencies, and suffering from schizoid personality disorder.  Joubert filed a writ of habeas corpus to the United States federal courts over the death sentences.

26 Sentencing  The state of Nebraska appealed to the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, which overturned the appeal  Joubert was executed on July 17, 1996 by the state of Nebraska with the electric Chair.

27 Further Analysis  This case was based on strong circumstantial evidence  Had DNA been developed they…  Could have gotten DNA from the bite marks on the victims and compared it definitively to the suspect.  Could have done DNA analysis of the hairs found on the body  Since Joubert was an enlisted man samples of his DNA would have been in army databases and comparative DNA analysis might have saved some of the victims.

28 References     

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