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Bibi Haniff • Bryan Payne

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1 Bibi Haniff • Bryan Payne
JOHN JOUBERT Bibi Haniff • Bryan Payne

2 John Joubert

3 Biography Joubert’s parents divorced when John was six years old
Joubert went to live with his mother in Lawrence, Massachusetts Joubert was not allowed to visit his father and grew to hate his controlling mother.

4 Biography His mother moved him to Portland, Maine in 1974.
When Joubert was 13, he stabbed a young girl with a pencil and felt sexually stimulated when she cried in pain. The next day, he took a razor blade and slashed another girl as he biked past her. In another incident, he beat and nearly strangled another boy. He relished the power of bullying, and began to stab or slash others.

5 History of Murders Three victims were known to have been murdered by John Joubert Danny Joe Eberle Ricky Stetson Christopher Walden

6 Ricky Stetson Went missing from Portland, Maine on August 22, 1982
11 Years old Body found the next day on the side of I-295

7 Clues from the body The attacker appeared to have attempted to undress him. Attacker appeared to have stabbed and strangled him Bite mark found on the body of Ricky Stetson Suspect arrested and held for a year and a half, released when they finally realized his teeth did not match the bite marks on Stetson

8 Teeth Marks and Star Pattern
Joubert bit his victims and tried to disguise the teeth marks by carving a star pattern above the marks Analysis of teeth marks is done by: Taking accurate casts of the suspect’s teeth Excising the skin with the bite mark from the victim (only of the victim is dead) Observe for whorls, indentations, chips, abrasions, striations, distances between cuspids, tooth width and thickness, alignment and mouth arch.

9 Christopher Walden Disappeared on January 11th 1984 in Papillion, Nebraska 3 miles from Eberle’s body Witnesses saw white man in tan car

10 Clues from the body Walden’s body found stripped to his underwear
Throat cut so deep that Walden was nearly decapitated Walden’s body seemed to have been concealed better than the previous

11 Evidence Two sets of footprints were found leading to Christopher Walden’s body One set of footprints lead away from Walden’s body No struggle was shown and this lead FBI to believe that the killer was involved with Walden in some way Struggle would have showed dragged footprints in the woods Clean footprints indicated no struggle

12 Footprints Joubert left footprints at the site where Christopher Walden’s body was found While footprints are circumstantial, they can tell a lot about a person. For instance height, sex, anatomic deformities, and if they were walking, running, or carrying something.   British Police are currently working on a system to identify criminals by footprints Treadmark Footprint Analyser

13 Footprints Cont’d Footprints are analyze by
Using special lighting such as oblique lighting to identify footprint indentations if they are not clearly visible Forensic scientists will then cast the print, the same way they would cast the teeth to identify bite marks Once they have a comparative source they can look for similarities to tie a suspect to a crime

14 Witness Unknown female witness was put under hypnosis to help remember what she had seen Woman saw a young man walking toward a tan sedan prior to abduction Woman described the stranger as being of similar build to the victim and wearing a woolen hat pulled down Woman noticed the first couple of letters from license plate

15 Danny Joe Eberle Delivering newspapers on Sunday, September 18th 1983 in Bellevue Nebraska Brother had not seen him but remembered being followed by a white man in a tan car on previous days Danny delivered 3 newspapers, at the 4th stop his bicycle and newspapers were found, no apparent struggle

16 Clues from the body Body found 4 miles from the bicycle
Stripped down to his underwear Feet and hands bound with rope and mouth taped with surgical tape Stabbed 9 times FBI called in because of kidnapping

17 The Rope Was braided with several colors not found in local stores
The rope found with the body was made of several different colored yarns and had an unusual construction Used comparative microscopy to examine the rope Yarn used to make rope is twisted in a very specific way

18 Worldwide search for rope
Every manufacturer in the united states was checked Government and military outlets abroad checked FBI field conducted inquiries in the Far east where much of the world’s rope is made Every lead fizzled out

19 Hair Found Hair on Danny Joe’s body that seem to be from a different source Once they had a comparative source (hair from the suspect) they could have analyzed the hair with: Light Microscopy to analyze similarities and differences in hair Compound Microscope Comparison microscope which allows observation of two things in the same field

20 Hair Cont’d They could look for differences in:
The scale pattern of the cuticles The pigmentation of the cortex The medulla patterns www.

21 Individualizing evidence
Rope used to bind Danny Joe seemed to offer the best chance of a lead The more unusual the rope, the more useful it is as evidence Rope used to bind Danny Joe was so unusual that no one recognized it

22 Events leading to Capture
On January 11, 1984 Barbara Weaver who ran a Bellavue day-care center noticed a young man in a car slowly cruising the street outside She made note of the car’s license plate The driver saw her do this and stopped, he demanded that she give him the paper and when she refused he threatened to kill her, then roared off. Within seconds she phoned the police.

23 Events leading to capture…Part 2
Vehicle was traced to a local Chevrolet dealership, they learned the car was on lease to an enlisted airman at Offutt while his vehicle was being repaired His vehicle, a cream-colored sedan which matched the first description exactly even down to the license plate seen by the woman under hypnosis

24 FBI evidence tied Joubert to 2 murders
In a duffel bag belonging to Joubert, officers found a hunting knife and a length of rope. FBI laboratory technicians compared the rope found in Joubert’s quarters with that used to bind Danny Joe Eberle Teeth marks from Ricky Stetson’s body matched Joubert’s teeth

25 Trials and Appeals After initially pleading not guilty, he changed his plea to guilty Joubert Confessed to killing the two Nebraska boys. Several psychiatric evaluations were performed on Joubert One characterized him as having obsessive- compulsive disorder and sadistic tendencies, and suffering from schizoid personality disorder. Joubert filed a writ of habeas corpus to the United States federal courts over the death sentences.

26 Sentencing The state of Nebraska appealed to the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, which overturned the appeal Joubert was executed on July 17, 1996 by the state of Nebraska with the electric Chair.

27 Further Analysis This case was based on strong circumstantial evidence
Had DNA been developed they… Could have gotten DNA from the bite marks on the victims and compared it definitively to the suspect. Could have done DNA analysis of the hairs found on the body Since Joubert was an enlisted man samples of his DNA would have been in army databases and comparative DNA analysis might have saved some of the victims.

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