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JD Edwards Customer Upgrade Showcase

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2 JD Edwards Customer Upgrade Showcase
Eric Maikranz, Oracle Rob Krauter, MDC Holdings Beth Zuke, Amway Matt Patee, ABM Industries September 30, 2014 This is a Title Slide with Picture slide ideal for including a picture with a brief title, subtitle and presenter information. To customize this slide with your own picture: Right-click the slide area and choose Format Background from the pop-up menu. From the Fill menu, click Picture and texture fill. Under Insert from: click File. Locate your new picture and click Insert. To copy the Customized Background from Another Presentation on PC Click New Slide from the Home tab's Slides group and select Reuse Slides. Click Browse in the Reuse Slides panel and select Browse Files. Double-click the PowerPoint presentation that contains the background you wish to copy. Check Keep Source Formatting and click the slide that contains the background you want. Click the left-hand slide preview to which you wish to apply the new master layout. Apply New Layout (Important): Right-click any selected slide, point to Layout, and click the slide containing the desired layout from the layout gallery. Delete any unwanted slides or duplicates. To copy the Customized Background from Another Presentation on Mac Click New Slide from the Home tab's Slides group and select Insert Slides from Other Presentation… Navigate to the PowerPoint presentation file that contains the background you wish to copy. Double-click or press Insert. This prompts the Slide Finder dialogue box. Make sure Keep design of original slides is unchecked and click the slide(s) that contains the background you want. Hold Shift key to select multiple slides. Apply New Layout (Important): Click Layout from the Home tab's Slides group, and click the slide containing the desired layout from the layout gallery. Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. |

3 This is a Safe Harbor Front slide, one of two Safe Harbor Statement slides included in this template. One of the Safe Harbor slides must be used if your presentation covers material affected by Oracle’s Revenue Recognition Policy To learn more about this policy, For internal communication, Safe Harbor Statements are not required. However, there is an applicable disclaimer (Exhibit E) that should be used, found in the Oracle Revenue Recognition Policy for Future Product Communications. Copy and paste this link into a web browser, to find out more information.   For all external communications such as press release, roadmaps, PowerPoint presentations, Safe Harbor Statements are required. You can refer to the link mentioned above to find out additional information/disclaimers required depending on your audience.

4 Program Agenda 1 Introduction, Eric Maikranz, Oracle Upgrade Experience, Rob Krauter, MDC Holdings Upgrade Experience, Beth Zuke, Amway Upgrade Experience, Matt Patee, ABM Industries Q & A 2 3 4 5

5 MDC Holdings, Inc. Tools Upgrade

6 Richmond American Homes HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation
American Home Insurance Agency American Home Title and Escrow Company 15 Divisions in 14 States Colorado Southern California Denver Phoenix Colorado Springs Tucson Florida Utah Jacksonville Virginia Orlando South Florida Pennsylvania Maryland New Jersey Nevada Delaware Northern California Washington

7 Modules Used Finance Homebuilder 950 users total AP, AR, GL, FA
Procurement \ Subcontracts Inventory Management Contract\Service Billing Job Cost Customized Order Management \ Sales Homecare Work Orders Service \ Case Management 950 users total About 200 simultaneous

8 Completed Nationwide Rollout of E1 9.0 (8/1/13)
Technology Completed Nationwide Rollout of E1 9.0 (8/1/13) Extensive use of Embedded BI Publisher SOA \ BSSV Interfaces for: Construction Management HR\PR Loan Origination CRM Website From to

9 Why Upgrade? Better User Experience E1 Pages Breadcrumb Trail Carousel
Work with Jobs \ Recent Reports Improvements Better Management of Favorites Advanced Queries Supportability Performance Chrome Browser Better support for Mobility iPad App Mobility Apps

10 Project Plan Sandbox (11/13) Moved to Development 1/30/14
Developed UPK training materials for navigation and net change. Reworked all UPK content in 9.1 tools environment for look and feel changes. Moved to Development 1/30/14 Development Freeze put in place until Production Developed E1 Pages Developed Change Management Process for E1 Pages Tested E1 Pages Applied Pre-Req ESU's to PY on 2/27/14 and Completed DV Special instructions - Caused Issues Moved completely to PY on 3/13/14 Trained help desk on common issues expected (ActiveX controls, E1 Pages, Navigation) Resolved issues caused by pre-req ESU's - see below. Targeted Go live on 3/10/14 in PD - Actual Go Live was 3/20/14 due to Month End Close

11 Tested pages in Sandbox, DV and PY before going to PD.
E1 Pages Created over 40 pages Tested pages in Sandbox, DV and PY before going to PD. Created new change management process for E1 Pages Everything is on a menu….not everything is on a page. Use of Visio diagram to provide layouts Collapsible Menus Elected to use Task ID instead of Program ID to simplify Did not use process flow layout because of many roles Delegation of .dat file maintenance vs promotion and changes. Storing the latest file in SVN (Change management system)

12 Lessons Learned Need to review MTR’s that impact SOA and BSSV sooner.
2 Weeks unplanned for retrofitting. More extensive testing of Pre-req ESU's When applied to DV, impact to Production occurred due to existence of new tables. Difference in Security Behavior caused kernels to drop off line and crashing batch server. DD merges overwrote Prod DD custom headings and added records to F9202. Better testing of security. E1 Pages didn’t work without role hierarchy enabled More extensive Media Object Testing. Found individual applications that no longer functioned properly with the Attachments tab when disabling ActiveX Controls for Chrome Support.

13 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1
- Update pictures on all slides JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1

14 We Are Amway! Founded by Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel in 1959
Privately held and family owned World Headquarters in Ada, MI Amway is the #1 Direct Seller in the World Over 50+ affiliate markets operating in over 100 countries and territories Annual sales of more than $11.9 Billion Ranked #28 on the Forbes Magazine 2013 list of “America’s Largest Private Companies” 21,000 employees Globally

15 Our family of brands We develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality nutrition, beauty and home care products.

16 Global Citizenship that’s Purposeful
About Amway IT 10 million children 2.7 million volunteer hours $190 million dollars 10th Anniversary Little Bits Afan Forest Project Sunshine Kaboom!

17 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Footprint
Amway owns the full suite of JD Edwards modules Two separate instances: Corporate: Supply Chain and Corporate Financials US, Europe, Canada, Costa Rica, Russia, Korea & India Corporate instance is divided into two environments to support India China & Vietnam Supply Chain Over 300 integrations to over 50 instances of 35 applications Amway owns E-Business Suite (affiliate markets), OBIEE, SOA Suite, Hyperion, UPK, Golden Gate and more

18 Upgrade Project Timeline
Assessment (12/1/2012 – 1/31/2013) Evaluation and funding (2/1/2013 – 3/26/2013) Project execution (3/27/2013 – 10/18/2013) Planning Build 9.1 Dev Finalize requirements Retrofit customizations and integrations Testing (10/21/2013 – 1/31/2014) SIT (system integrated testing) UAT (user acceptance testing) Cutover preparation and Go Live (2/3/2014 – 2/23/2014)

19 Upgrade Best Practices
Conducted an Upgrade Assessment prior to the project Eliminated customizations with core code where possible Amway archives annually, archived immediately prior to upgrade Unicode conversion 2 TB of data Upgraded Oracle database Created innovative solution using Golden Gate that reduced cutover time from hours down to 14 hours (standard) Migrated from WebSphere to WebLogic Utilized UPK for training Took holidays, vacations, etc. into consideration during scheduling = happy team

20 Benefits and Results Amway now on JD Edwards 9.1, Tools – Tech Plus upgrade JDE is the central application supporting Amway’s global supply chain Do no harm while keeping application current Eliminated approximately 20% of customizations Improved JDE performance – new hardware and Unicode DB JDE is built to run on Unicode One View Reporting (OVR) – operational reporting E1 pages deployed CNC staff pages Casual user’s home page – Expense Reporting and Requisitions Improved disaster recovery processes Delivered on time and under budget

21 JDE 9.1 Upgrade Matt Patee IT PMO Director September, 2014

22 Project Overview / Timeline Best Practices Benefits & Results
Contents Company Background JDE Footprint Project Overview / Timeline Best Practices Benefits & Results

23 ABM Industries ABM offers:
ABM is one of the largest facility management services providers in the U.S. and in over 20 international locations. We offer state-of-the-art, dependable building maintenance services cost effectively. Our substantial base of long-term clients demonstrates the importance that we place on building enduring relationships. ABM offers: Clinical Engineering Electrical & Lighting Electrical Testing Energy Solutions EV Charging Stations Facilities Engineering Home Energy Solutions HVAC & Mechanical Integrated Facility Solutions Janitorial Services Landscape & Turf Security Threat Reduction Services Leading facility solutions provider With more than 350 locations in the US and International 105 year old company Key differentiators for ABM include: Our strong national / international footprint and our commitment to every customer relationship uniquely position us as the right solution for local, regional, national & international services Bundling our services under one contract provides a single point of contact and allows outsourcing without the Administrative headaches. $4.8B in our last FY More than 20,000 clients More than 100,000 employees

24 By The Numbers JDE Modules JDE System Users Custom Objects
JDE Footprint Payroll Module: 111,000 Employees 3.5M Pay Advices 12 JDE Modules 3300 JDE System Users By The Numbers The JDE footprint at ABM is far reaching and quite complex 12 JDE Modules including the core financials with GL, Fixed Assets, AR, AP and Job Cost We also heavily use the HR, Payroll and Benefits module – In Payroll, we have more than 110,000 active employees and process more than 3.5 million pay advices each year There are more than 3300 active users of our JD Edwards system Our system was highly customized with more than 2500 custom objects JD Edwards serves as a very strong foundation on which we have built a highly integrated environment We have integration with more than 17 other Enterprise systems including Oracle BI and Hyperion Modules: Address Book Financials (GL, FA, AR, AP, Job Cost) HR, Payroll & Benefits Contract & Service Billing Work Orders Auto Cash Real Estate / Property Management 2500 Custom Objects 17 Integrated Systems

25 Project Overview / Timeline
Hardware Upgrade Upgrade EnterpriseOne 8.12 to 9.1 with tools 9.1.3 Upgrade UPK and custom training content to latest release level for 9.1 Development Retire custom modifications where applicable Retrofit custom objects Evaluate and update all relevant interfaces with JDE New employee life-cycle process New hardware Upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1 Upgrade UPK and custom training With more than 2500 custom objects, we wanted to reduce complexity of our customizations where possible and eliminated close to 1000 custom objects All others were retrofit to 9.1 We needed to evaluate each system interface to determine what if any impact there would be (impacts were significant as we upgraded several other systems in conjunction with the JDE Upgrade including our AP Workflow solution) 3.5 days of downtime Project Kickoff Requirements Aligned UAT Complete Warranty Period End Aug 2013 Oct 2013 Mar 2014 May 2014 Jun 2014 Jul 2014 Charter Approved Project Plan Complete Development Complete Promotion to Production

26 Best Practices – Governance Model
Executive Steering Committee: Made up of a cross-section of executives representing each of our business segments and corporate departments Provided support for use of business resources and key decisions such as go-live timing Program Partners: Nominated by our Executive Steering Committee, these program partners were key leaders that represented their respective business unit on the project Empowered by their executives to drive for quality Project Management: Co-Managed with internal IT Project Manager and a Project Manager from our 3rd party partner, CSS Leveraged ABM’s existing Project Management Methodology and systems, supplemented with best practices and upgrade management tools offered by CSS

27 Best Practices – Robust Testing
Testing Approach: Unit / Integrated Testing Mock Conversions Conference Room Pilots Post-Promotion Testing CRP2, By The Numbers: 143 Testers 4 Regional Test Hubs ~3500 Test Cases 5 mock conversions 3 CRPs (leveraging a hub approach, NY, GA, TX, CA) CRP2 included more than 3500 test scripts Post promotion testing 2/17 2/24 3/3 3/10 3/17 3/24 3/31 4/7 4/14 4/21 4/28 On site Testing Fix, repair, retest On site Testing Fix, repair, retest On site Testing Fix, repair, retest CRP 1 Scope - Firm JDE only No integration CRP 2 Full end-to-end Full integration CRP 3 Scope – Flexible Could be full end-to-end or targeted and will depend on output from CRP 1 & 2

28 Best Practices – Resources
ABM IT Contractor Significantly lower cost Less time to ramp-up / ramp-down resources Improved retention of domain knowledge Allows us to take on more projects in parallel Leverages expertise / experience with 8.12 to 9.1 Enables us to scale resources up and down throughout the project Limits our ability to take on other projects in parallel With significant resources dedicated to maintenance and support, we have limited bandwidth to support the upgrade Significantly higher cost Longer-term engagement to address ongoing support Less “skin in the game” Pros Cons Options When we looked at staffing for the upgrade, we looked deeply at benefits and costs associated with levering internal resources vs. contract resources and knew it wasn’t an either / or situation, rather our goal was to find the right mix of resources. We ultimately leveraged nearly all of our internal resources and supplemented with contract resources from our partner, CSS. This enabled us to balance our desire keep costs down, leverage our in-house expertise and retain domain knowledge gained during the upgrade… with the high-demands for taking on more projects, and desire to be able to flex resources up and down based on early discovery work I believe this is one of the largest contributing factors to our success The key was to find the “sweet spot” between the use of internal and strong external partners Our success was a direct result of: ABM’s highly-skilled ERP professionals Strong partnership with CSS Dedication of our business leaders and users

29 Results Project Success: Completed scope On time Within budget
Zero unplanned downtime No significant defects found post go-live No compromise to data / functionality Long-Term Success: New and improved partnerships Leveraging best-practices for future initiatives


31 Stay Connected with JDE JD Edwards Newsletters
The Right Tool for the Task Strengthen Your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Arsenal Stay Connected with JDE @OracleJDEdwards JD Edwards Professionals Oracle Application Product Lines have tools to help you collect information, diagnose issues and/or automate configuration of certain processes. Find out what’s available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on document – “The Right Tool for the Task”. My Oracle Support Communities JD Edwards “The Right Tool for the Task” Doc ID will help you find out! TheOracleJDEdwards JD Edwards Newsletters EnterpriseOne World



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