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Jim Ferrentino Elizabeth West

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1 Jim Ferrentino Elizabeth West

2 Safe Harbor Agreement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Agenda Industry Trends Introduction to Taleo Suite
EBS Integration Strategy Product Presentation Questions and Answers

4 Why are talking about Taleo?

5 Trends or Dynamics of the War for Talent “today”
70% of the organization workforce are unhappy 52% of jobs are going unfilled due to lack of “the right talent” to fill them Baby Boom Generation will retire in 4 to 8 years People have over 11 job changes before their 46th birthday 86% of employees leave because of lack of training 33% of employees leave within the first year 52% of organizations are expecting the need for “talent transformation” Shortages have intensified in specific areas -STEM roles show the most profound deficits (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Sources Manpower, 2012 BCG, 2012 Bureau of Labor statistics, 2012; Randstad, 2012

6 Aberdeen’s HCM Trends 2013, cont’d
Explain the chart. Note that Recruiting/Applicant tracking is priority 1. Why? Here are some ideas: Looming baby-boomer retirement Increased competition for shrinking skilled workforce Innovation here will make the difference in who is successful Looking at these three pillars and thinking about how candidate/employee profiles and skill/competency information flow through (and in circular fashion as learners ‘skill-up’ to apply for new jobs), doesn’t it make sense to work with a vendor who has all three under one roof, tied close to your HR system of record?

7 General Overview Taleo Suite Talent Intelligence
WORLD CLASS SERVICES Best Practices Customer Success Team Global Support 200 Partner Solutions 240 Million Candidates 5,000 Customers 30,000 Training Courses ECOSYSTEM Recruiting Performance Succession Planning Learning PRODUCTS And we are delivering all of this as a part of a total solution. [CLICK] It starts with our products which are the only suite with analyst rated leading products in every category. The products is where the conversation starts and ends for most vendors. We’ve gone way beyond that with [CLICK] a robust, secure and scalable platform. [CLICK] We’ve combined it with the industries largest ecosystem of customers, partners and candidates and an online community that unlocks the power of that ecosystem. [CLICK] Finally, we’re investing heavily in services with a best practices library, one of the largest global support teams in the industry and an account management team dedicated to customer success. We believe that it takes all four of these for our customers to be successful and we think that is why we have more customers than anyone else in the industry. Key Points: We’re delivering Talent Intelligence as a part of a total solution with four components: our products, our platform, our ecosystem and our award winning service and support. Color Commentary/Script Points: It starts with our industry leading products, but we go way beyond that. PLATFORM Social Mobile Analytics Scalability Security Integration 7

8 Taleo Connect through an Open API

9 Client Hosted Integration - with Taleo Connect Client (TCC)
Import / Export File (ld.xml) TCC Config File (cfg.xml) Import Data File CSV, T-XML Connect HTTPS Results File Taleo Connect Client Transformation Process

10 EBS HCM – Taleo Recruiting
Integration Plan Profile, Job, Location, Org Data New Hire Data Core data from Oracle HR to Taleo Organization, Location, Function data Incremental, Frequent, Delta updates User Profiles Job Specific Data User Interface integration between Oracle HR and Taleo Recruiting

11 Taleo Suite Overview Demonstration


13 Recruiting & On-Boarding Offering






19 Application Processing

20 On-Boarding & Offer Management Services

21 Performance Management Offering






27 Learning Management Offering








35 Reporting



38 Thank You

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