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Building Careers & Shaping Public Policy. IEEE-USA’s History IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the IEEE, which was established in Washington, D.C.,

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1 Building Careers & Shaping Public Policy

2 IEEE-USA’s History IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the IEEE, which was established in Washington, D.C., in 1973 to advance the public good and promote the careers and public policy interests of U.S. IEEE members – now over 220,000 strong. 2

3 IEEE-USA’s Mission "to recommend policies and implement programs specifically intended to serve and benefit the members, the profession and the public in the United States in appropriate professional areas of economic, ethical, legislative, social and technology policy concern." 3

4 IEEE-USA’s Vision “to be the best resource for U.S. IEEE members, the profession, and the public on U.S. policies and programs that promote lifelong career vitality for engineers, and to promote a high quality of life for all through electrotechnology and information technology." 4

5 Career & Employment Services IEEE-USA’s products and services support employment, career vitality, life-long learning and professional development. 5

6 Career & Employment Services  Employment  Consulting  Career Products & Services  Conferences/Workshops Career Navigator Website 6

7  IEEE’s most active virtual community with over 2300 members  Forum supports discussion groups, useful job hunting resources, surveys, career and employment related news, and peer-to-peer mentoring. Career & Employment Services Employment & Career Strategies Forum 7

8 IEEE-USA Salary Service  Provide the latest statistics to help users consider prospective jobs and negotiate salaries and benefits  Salary survey conducted online to yield the most accurate,complete data Career & Employment Services 8

9 Consultants Database & Networks  On-line database allows clients to search for consultants and post projects.  IEEE-USA supports 29 local Consultants Networks.  Consultants Workshops Career & Employment Services 9

10 IEEE-USA’S Career Asset Manager (CAMINDEX) Professional Record Keeping Tools Career & Employment Services 10

11 Career & Employment Services Sample courses:  “The Basic Principles for a Collaborative Workplace”  “Coaching: Bringing out the Best in Others”  “Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review” Professional Development On-line Training In partnership with 11

12 Get the professional edge that you need by becoming a licensed, professional engineer. Review courses for licensure exams. Working to improve the licensure model law. Career and Employment Services Professional Engineering Licensure 12

13 Government Relations… Giving the Members A Voice in Washington 13

14 2006-07 Policy Priorities  Innovation and Competitiveness  Immigration Reform  Retirement Security  E-Health  Patent Reform Government Relations Rep. Robert Pascrell (NJ) introduces H-1B reform legislation, IEEE-USA’s Harold Ammond stands in background. 14

15 Government Relations  Annual two-day event run by IEEE-USA/ASME focuses on federal R&D priorities in the President’s annual budget request.  Program brings together engineers, Members of Congress, and Administration officials to important R&D issues. Engineering R&D Symposium IEEE-USA 2006 President Ralph Wyndrum chats with Rep. Judy Biggert (Ill) at 2005 Symposium 15

16 IEEE-USA’s CARE Network enlists IEEE members to communicate with their elected officials. Program goals include educating members on the public policy process, informing them about public policy debates and helping them participate. Campaign to Encourage Voter Registration Government Relations Grassroots Networking 16

17 A two-day annual event that brings 250+ engineers, scientists, educators and tech executives to Washington to raise visibility and support for science, engineering and technology. Government Relations Congressional Visits Day Rep. Frank LoBiondo (N.J.) (left) meets with IEEE members Catherine Jaggard, Robert Page and Robert Cranston during 2005 CVD. 17

18 Government Relations  Fellowships are for one year(starting in January)  Congressional Fellows work for Members of Congress or congres- sional committees  Engineering and Diplomacy Fellows work as advisors to the U.S. State Department "The fellowship program has been one of the most important initiatives in good government in the past century.“ The Honorable Rush Holt, U.S. Congressman (NJ) Congressional Fellowships 18

19 Each year, outstanding engineering students are selected to spend nine weeks in a summer program in Washington, D.C., researching a technology policy issue. Government Relations Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) 19

20 Professional Activities IEEE-USA Pace Network  Annual Leadership Workshop  Member Professional Awareness Conferences  Local activities / Supports Section/Society/Chapter professional awareness programs with funding and by conducting: 20

21 Student Professional Awareness Conferences (S-PACs) SPAC’s are student-organized conferences and ventures that provide:  Insights into financial planning, career growth and entrepreneurship  Valuable management and planning skills  Awareness of employers' expectations IEEE-USA sponsored 39 in 2005. Professional Activities 21

22 Professional Activities Precollege Education IEEE-USA promotes technological literacy through its pre-college education programs. 22

23 Professional Activities  Engineering Professionalism  Distinguished Public Service  Professional Achievement  Harry Diamond Memorial Award  Electrotechnology Transfer Award  Teacher-Engineer Partnership Award  Literary Contributions to Public Understanding of Engineering Awards Awards & Recognition Presented annually for 23

24 Communications & Public Awareness IEEE-USA Website Today's Engineer (Online) Today’s Engineer E-mail Updates Today’s Engineer (Digest) Communicating Effectively With Our Members 24

25 IEEE-USA Website Provides U.S. members with timely information on engineering and career-related issues. Communications & Public Awareness 25

26 IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer  Magapaper published four times a year  Digest of best articles from monthly online publication  Delivered in polybag with IEEE Spectrum and The Institute to all U.S. IEEE members Communications & Public Awareness 26

27 IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer On-Line Published monthly, with career and technology policy features. Averaging 35,000 reader visits each month. Communications & Public Awareness 27

28 IEEE-USA E-mail Update What’s New @ IEEE-USA Eye on Washington (12,000+ Subscribers) Latest career and technology policy news Communications & Public Awareness 28

29 IEEE-USA Science & Engineering Mass Media Fellows Program Strengthening Ties Between the Media and the Engineering Community IEEE-USA Mass Media Fellows work for 10 weeks in the summer as reporters, researchers and production assistants in mass media organizations nationwide. Communications & Public Awareness 29

30 IEEE-USA Science & Engineering Mass Media Fellows Program Fellows collaborate with media professionals to enhance coverage of science- and engineering- related issues. Communications & Public Awareness 30

31 Engineers Week Programs The National Engineers Week Future City Competition is an annual student design competition launched by IEEE-USA with EWeek in 1993. Communications & Public Awareness 31

32 Engineers Week Programs The New Faces of Engineering program highlights young engineers as role models. / Dominique Green, IEEE’s New Face of Engineering for 2004 Communications & Public Awareness 32

33 National Engineers Week 2004 Engineers Week Programs Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day connects women engineers with girls to highlight engineering careers. Became part of an of an international event at the United Nations in 2004. IEEE-USA’s Sylvia Thomas participates in United Nations’ NGO Briefing on “Girls and Technology: Promoting Educational Opportunities” Communications & Public Awareness 33

34 Mouse Adapter for Tremors reported June 2005 “Discoveries & Breakthroughs” Partnering for Public Awareness  Discoveries and Breakthroughs (with AIP)  Extraordinary Women Engineers (w/ASCE)  Voices of Innovation (with AAES)  Engineers Without Borders-USA Communications & Public Awareness Robotic Arm for Stroke Victims reported June 2005 “Discoveries & Breakthroughs” 34

35 For more information IEEE-USA Communications 1828 L Street, NW, Suite 1202 Washington, DC 20036-5104 Phone: +1 202 785 0017 Fax: +1 202 785 0835 Email: Web: 35

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