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Scalability Of your IEEE Membership: Choices and Opportunities for Serving and Being Served S-PAC Presentation by Prof. Dr. Charles Rubenstein CEng FIEE.

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1 Scalability Of your IEEE Membership: Choices and Opportunities for Serving and Being Served S-PAC Presentation by Prof. Dr. Charles Rubenstein CEng FIEE SMIEEE Pratt Institute – Graduate School of Library and Information Science Region 8 Student Branch/GOLD Congress 5 September 2004 Passau, Germany

2 2 Career Resiliency Overview u Computer Technology Tools u Electronic Communications Tools u E-commerce and Networking requirements u IEEE Structure/Management u Scalability u Performance u Reliability

3 3 You have already learned u Computer Technology Tools 4 Noise is Collected 4 Analysis yields Data 4 Distillation yields Information 4 Evaluation yields Knowledge 4 Understanding yields Insight

4 4 Electronic Communications Tools u Email u Word processing u PowerPoint Presentation

5 5 E-commerce and Networking Requirements of u Scalability u Performance u Reliability … are also member requirements

6 6 Volunteer Management u Volunteers manage IEEE Boards and Organizational Units u IEEE Professional Activities Coordination Region 8 Contacts: Kurt Richter and Aleksandar Szabo US Contacts: IEEE-USA PACE Committee

7 7 IEEE Board Structure u Educational Activities Board (EAB) u Publications Services and Products Board (PSPB) u Regional Activities Board (RAB) u Technical Activities Board (TAB) u IEEE-United States Activities Board (IEEE-USA) u Standards Activities Board (SA)

8 8 Your Geographic IEEE Anywhere in the World – There you are! One of over 380,000 Members in 150 countries u Regions 1 through 6 = United States u Region 7 = Canada u Region 8: Europe, Africa, Middle East u Region 9 = Latin America u Region 10 = Asia and Pacific

9 9 Your Technical IEEE IEEE’s global technical activities are divided into - 10 IEEE ‘Divisions’ encompassing 42 IEEE Technical Societies & Councils

10 10 In Regions 1 –6 (US) IEEE-USA provides programs and services on the IEEE-USA PACE Web Site

11 11 Region 8 is working with IEEE-USA PACE to provide appropriate programs and services to you Region 8 Professional Activities were initiated with discussions between Rolf Remshardt and IEEE-USA Staff Your Current Region 8 Contacts: u Kurt Richter u Aleksandar Szabo

12 12 PACE is Professional Development Annual IEEE-USA Leadership Workshop (March 2005 – Location TBD) In the US, local PACE funding available for u Leadership Skills Workshops u Project Management Workshops u Student Professional Awareness (S-PACs) u Professional Development Conferences

13 13 Professional Development - Online u The Basic Principles for a Collaborative Workplace u Coaching Bringing out the Best in Others u Conducting a Collaborative Performance Review u Expressing Yourself: Presenting Your Thoughts and Ideas u Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback u Giving Recognition u Handling Emotions Under Pressure u Identifying Work Priorities and Setting Verifiable Goals u Influencing for Win/Win Outcomes u The Leader in Each of Us u Managing Your Priorities u Moving From Conflict to Collaboration u Moving the Organization Forward: Defining Your Team's Contribution u Personal Strategies for Navigating Change u Proactive Listening

14 14 Model Section/Chapter Professional Activities u Employment and Career Activities u Government and ‘Grassroots’ Activities u Technical Policy Support and Awareness u Engineer’s Week Activities u Consultants Networks u Pre-College Activities u Student Professional Awareness (S-PACs) u Member Professional Awareness (M-PACs) u Awards & Recognition

15 15 RAB Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) Since 1979 – 25 years of service! u Bringing students and GOLD, and local and National/International speakers together for soft skill presentations in six topic areas u Membership Drive – Free/reduced admission for members! For more information:

16 16 S-PAC is … More fun than going to a Biergarten! S-PACs are student organized and managed so you can learn about u Conference planning and budgets u How to contact speakers and industry u Making presentations u Finding funding resources u Coordinate two or three S-PACs in an area using the same US speakers!

17 17 Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) Topics u Career Growth u Working u Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility  Self-Management u Engineers and Public Policy u The Importance of a Professional Society to You

18 18 S-PAC Topics: Career Growth Professional registration and certification, continuing education (including post- graduate degrees), changes in job responsibility (e.g., technical to management), intellectual property rights (trade secrets, patents, copyrights), oral and written communication methods, and other career maintenance and development issues.

19 19 S-PAC Topics: Working The realities of getting a job and being successful in the working environment, including job hunting, resume-writing and job interview skills, creating one's own company, consulting careers, role models and mentors, and office climate and working conditions

20 20 S-PAC Topics: Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethical standards and conduct of engineers in dealing with employees, colleagues, clients, and the public, professional integrity versus corporate loyalty, whistle blowing, product liability litigation, the engineer as "expert witness",the relationship between technology and society, and promoting public understanding of the engineering profession.

21 21 S-PAC Topics: Self-Management Developing personal management skills, including financial planning for the future, insurance, pensions, investments, time management skills, and managing committees and meetings.

22 22 S-PAC Topics: Engineers and Public Policy Shaping and directing public policy by interacting with government and regulatory agencies, drafting and introducing legislation, lobbying, being technologically competitive, and creating technical policies.

23 23 S-PAC Topics: The Importance of a Professional Society to You How professional societies, such as IEEE, conduct volunteer activities, provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth, and report on the state of the art and practice of engineering. (This presentation is from this topic area...)

24 24 The scalability of your Section member’s membership begins when they are a … u IEEE Member: Student, GOLD, etc. u IEEE Meeting or Conference Speaker or Organizer u Local Chapter Officer u Local Section Officer

25 25 Their Scalability continues as a u Regional or Technical Society Board Member or Officer u EAB, PSPB, RAB, TAB, SA Board Member or Officer u Society President

26 26 Scalability includes service as … u Regional or Technical Division Director u IEEE Vice-President 4 TAB & IEEE-USA VP: member elected u IEEE President 4 This year Levant Onoral from R8 is a candidate for President-elect!

27 27 “But How do I get there?” Encourage your Section’s u IEEE Student Members, and u IEEE GOLD Members, and u IEEE EMS Members … To become VOLUNTEERS!!!

28 28 Performance Your service as a IEEE volunteer gives you experience in leadership, management, and presentation skills … 4 at low risk 4 with potentially wide exposure

29 29 RESPONSIBILITY! As a GOLD Member it is your privilege and RESPONSIBILITY to VOTE! in IEEE elections To be a leader, YOU must take the lead… encourage those in your Section to VOTE

30 30 Reliability u 10 years: Financial Advantage Program 4 Life Insurance 4 Credit Card Programs u IEEExplore online Library Resource u 25 Years of IEEE S-PAC presentations u 120 Years of IEEE member Service

31 31 Cost? u Full IEEE Membership Dues (with EMS Society Membership) $15/month – about 50 cents per day £8/month – about 30p per day Є12/month – about Є0.40 per day

32 32 Your Section’s GOLD Options u Share Resources u Network among peers u Leadership/Management Training u IEEE Alias Address u IEEE Insurance

33 33 Your Next Steps? u Plan to Organize a Section/Chapter: 4 R8 Leadership Skills Workshop 4 R8 Project Management Workshop 4 Plan an S-PAC and MPAC 4 Professional Activities Programs u GOLD Members: Plan to attend the 2005 IEEE-USA Leadership Workshop March 2005 – location tbd

34 34 R8 Professional Activities Contacts Don Hill, Chair, PACE Committee Charles Rubenstein, Vice Chair Your Region 8 Contacts: Kurt Richter Aleksandar Szabo Scott Grayson, IEEE-USA Staff Regions 1-6: Sandra Kim, IEEE-USA Staff IEEE-USA Headquarters 1828 L Street NW Suite 1202 Washington, D.C. 20036-5104 Telephone: (202) 785-0017 Fax: (202) 785-0835

35 35 2004 IEEE-USA PACE Committee Don Hill, PACE Committee Chair Charles Rubenstein, Vice Chair Loretta Arellano, IEEE-USA VP Prof Activities Sandra Kim, IEEE-USA Staff  Don Herres, Region 1 PACE Chair  Parviz Famouri, Region 2 PACE Chair  George McClure, Region 3 PACE Chair  Tarek Lahdhiri, Region 4 PACE Chair  David Pierce, Region 5 PACE Chair  Winnfort Miles, Region 6 PACE Chair  Charles Rubenstein, Division/Society Rep  Julie Gaevert, Division/Society Rep  Joey DuVal, GOLD Rep

36 Networking Your World Fostering Technological Innovation Promoting Community Worldwide Enabling Members’ Careers

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