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GOVERNMENT FELLOWSHIPS & WISE Linking Engineers With Government.

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1 GOVERNMENT FELLOWSHIPS & WISE Linking Engineers With Government

2 Government Fellows Program Objectives Estab. 1973 _____________ Give engineers first-hand experience with the legislative and foreign policymaking processes, as well improve their understanding of how public policy relates to and affects the science and engineering professions. Provide much needed technical advice and information to Congress and State Department. Most importantly, to encourage interest and participation in public policymaking among the IEEE- USA membership.

3 More than 85 U.S. IEEE Members have served as Fellows since 1973 IEEE-USA recruits 2 Congressional Fellows & one State Department (Engineering & Diplomacy) Fellow each year The fellowship program has been one of the most important initiatives in good government in the past century. -- Congressman Rush Holt (NJ), Frmr. Congressional Fellow Basics _________________

4 Congressional Fellowship Assignment _________________ Two-week Fellowship orientation under auspices of AAAS in the September preceding Fellowship. Congressional Fellows interview with offices of their choice from among offices interested in having Fellows. Choices? House or Senate; Member or Committee staff; Any Party; or Congressional Research Service. One-year assignment in Washington (Jan.-Dec.).

5 Qualifications _________________ Applicant must be: IEEE Member for 2 or more years in good standing (Member Grade or Higher) U.S. Citizen BS - 10+ years professional experience; MS – 5+ years professional experience; PhD/ Post-doc – no experience required

6 Engineering and Diplomacy Fellowship _________________ Program founded in 2002 in response to U.S. State Department request. January 2003 – 1st Fellow Donald Silversmith Prior to 2002, executive branch fellows also served in FCC, Commerce Department and OSTP

7 State Fellowship Assignment _________________ One-year assignment in Washington (January-December). Fellow interviews for assignments with interested State Department Offices or Bureaus (functional or regional). Process facilitated by the Office of Science and Technology Adviser. Possibility of foreign travel.

8 Qualifications _________________ Applicant must be: IEEE Member for 2 or more years (Member Grade or Higher) in good standing. U.S. Citizen BS-10+ yrs professional experience; MS-5+ yrs professional experience; PhD/ Post-doc – no experience required MUST possess or be able to obtain a security clearance. Language skills or international experience a plus

9 Who Should Apply? _________________ Post-docs debating a career path Mid-career looking to use their experience in alternative ways Academics/cross-disciplinary programs Retired engineers Minorities & under-represented groups Any engineer interested in making S&T policy and providing timely advice and assistance to Congress on national issues such as global warming, missile defense, alternative energy, STEM education, patent reform, etc..

10 Selection Process _________________ Government Fellows Committee (6 members) reviews applications; invites candidates to an in-person interview State Department participates in the selection of the Engineering & Diplomacy Fellow GFC evaluates basic qualifications, education, experience, public service, IEEE volunteer activities, communication skills, Fellowship goal, and intangibles. 2009 Application Deadline: March 2008 Interviews: April 2008

11 2009 Benefits _________________ $55,000-$65,000 annual Fellowship stipend depending on experience $5,000 Relocation allowance Some employers continue financial support (e.g. academic sabbatical) IEEE-USA reimburses expenses incurred for travel and housing during orientation and interview

12 How To Apply _________________ Additional information and application forms available online at:

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