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Last Revised January 2014.  SIRS  Level 0 Overview ◦ Dashboard Report  Level 1 Overview  Level 2 Overview  NYSSIS (New York State Student Identifier.

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1 Last Revised January 2014

2  SIRS  Level 0 Overview ◦ Dashboard Report  Level 1 Overview  Level 2 Overview  NYSSIS (New York State Student Identifier System)  Why do we do this???  Terms  Resources

3  What Is SIRS? ◦ SIRS is The New York Student Information Repository System or more commonly called “The Data Warehouse”  WHY do we USE SIRS? ◦ A single source of student records for analysis at the local, regional, and State levels…  To meet State and federal reporting and accountability requirements.  To Improve student performance  Who Must Use SIRS? ◦ LEAs (Local Education Agencies) must use this system to report certain data to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). ◦ SIRS is the source of data for District and School Accountability and APPR Teacher/Principal Evaluation!  For More information see Chapter 1 in the SIRS Manual

4 SED District Data Source Systems (Eschool, Powerschool, Cleartrack, IEP Direct, Nutrikids, etc…) SIRS Levels Level 2 Statewide Warehouse Level 1 Regional Warehouse Level 0 Data Collection Web Application

5  The RIC is the Regional Information Center  Statewide there are: ◦ 12 Regional Information Centers ◦ 5 Big City School Districts (The big 5)  Your RIC is South Central Regional Information Center (SCRIC)  SCRIC supports the following 3 Regions ◦ BT BOCES – 15 districts ◦ DCMO BOCES – 16 districts ◦ ONC BOCES – 19 districts ◦ Non-Publics – 5 schools  The RIC is the “Data Center” and the means by which you report data to NYSED.



8  LEAs (Local Education Agencies) should employ District Data Coordinators whose responsibility is maintaining and transmitting the State’s required data elements.  These District Data Coordinators should be responsible for implementing accurate reporting of individual student and other data. For More information see Chapter 2 in the SIRS Manual

9  Assemble and lead a team of district personnel  Communicating data governance standards across departments.  Developing a data verification protocol to ensure that data are accurate when they are transferred to the SIRS.  Coordinate and facilitate district data team meetings  Act as the liaison between the district and the South Central RIC;

10  Know your Resources and Tools  Know the Reporting Requirements and Timelines  Know your Verification Process  Know your Data Team’s “5 Data W’s - District Data Responsibility” “Data Source Matrix” or “Dashboard Report Checklist” ◦ Download it and fill it in with YOUR Data Team People  Know your job and how to handle the mistakes made by others.  Have access and authority to do your job!


12  Data reported to SIRS originates in district maintained source data systems such as… ◦ The SMS (Student Management System)  (PowerSchool, eSchool or schooltool) ◦ The Special Education Data System  (Cleartrack or IEP Direct) ◦ The Cafeteria System  (Microcheck, Nutrikids, etc) ◦ HR System ◦ It is IMPORTANT to know which Source System is used for reporting which data! ( 5 Data W’s - District Data Administration Responsibility, Data Source Matrix or Dashboard Report Checklist!!!)


14  Level 0 is a web-based system used to load data that is extracted from the district source systems for reporting to NYSED  Account Access and Maintenance ◦ Use quick link on SCRIC Data website to access Level 0 ◦ The SCRIC DW team creates and maintains the “District CIO” accounts ◦ The District CIO creates and maintains the “District User” accounts  Documentation ◦ Data Validation and Edit Rules can be found on the SIRS Guidance Website (Systems/Level 0 Validation Rules)



17  Import file from “Source System”  Run Error and Information Reports. Check Burst Reports from RIC. Make Corrections  Lock Data in Level 0 so it will move up to Level 1.  NOTE – Data will NOT move up if it is not locked. YOU have to LOCK your data!! * See import handouts for import steps.


19  Operated by the South Central RIC.  Data is moved from Level 0 to Level 1 every night by the RIC.  Level 1 Reports are available in COGNOS. To access go to the Data website and click on  Enhanced edit checks are run by the RIC and “Burst”, “Enhanced Error Reports” are sent out daily to district CIO’s, via e-mail.

20  SCRIC Data Warehouse Reports ◦ Use one generic SCRIC log in for the district  Log in ID: first 5 or 6 digits of the district beds code ◦ Provides you with Level 0 and Level 1 Reports

21  Run Reports in Level 1 to Verify Data is correct. ◦ Review burst error detail. ◦ Run student profiles.  Run exports of test detail (scores & item) data.


23  Operated by the SED.  Data is moved from Level 1 on Thursday at the end of the Business Day. The following Monday you can see data at Level 2.  This is where you go to Verify Data you submit to the State of New York to meet State and Federal Reporting Requirements.  Level 2 Reports (L2RPT) are available in COGNOS. To access go to the Data website & and click on

24  NYSED IRS Department Reporting ◦ Select “State Reporting” in the Namespace on the log in page. ◦ Use your NYSED Portal Account log in credentials  Log in ID: first.last  Log in account administered by SEDDAS Delegated Administrator (District Superintendent) ◦ Provides you with the Level 2 L2RPT Reports ◦ NOTE – If you are a principal and CIO you will probably need 2 logins for L2RPT. 1 to see all students in the district and 1 to see the students in your building.

25  Run Reports in Level 2. These reports are used to Certify Data for SED.  For: ◦ Accountability. ◦ Student/Teacher Linkage. ◦ Evaluation. ◦ BEDS Day reporting Verification

26  PD System is Special Education Data. Data moves to the PD System after it is loaded to Level 2. Your CSE Chairperson or designee will verify and certify the VR-Reports.  Data becomes available at Level 2 (L2RPT) to authorized users, after being successfully uploaded. Reports are used by administrators to verify and certify SIRS Data for SED.

27  The PD data system is populated with data from Level 2.  Only uncertified VR reports will be updated with new L2 data during the verification period ◦ Once certified, if data is changed at L2, it is NOT reflected in PD Data system.  The CSE Chair person is responsible for verifying and certifying VR reports on the PD system. ◦ Certification is done by electronic certify stamp.  New CIO’s can receive access to the PD system by sending email to to request an


29  A unique Student ID created by New York State, this is referred to as the “NYSSIS ID”.  Every student has a unique 10-digit ID they are given when they first enter NYS schools.  This travels with the student throughout NYS.

30 Sally Student DistrictLocal IDNYSSIS ID Binghamton0111111110123456789 Vestal0222222220123456789 Stamford0333333330123456789

31  NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Public and Charter schools are held accountable for testing, performance and graduation at the federal and state level. If performance is not satisfactory they are subject to certain consequences.  Data is used to help improve student learning and guide instruction.  TSDL (teacher-student-data-linkage) records and are used for Teacher/Principal Growth calculation.

32 burst errors Thursday is NERIC

33 Terminology: SYSTEMS:  SIRS = NY State Student Information Repository System. Provides a single source of student records for analysis at the local, regional and State levels. There are multiple collection points within SIRS (SMS, Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2 Repository)  NYSSIS = NY State Student Identification System. This is a system that assigns and allows you to search for a student UNIQUE state identification number. This is where a student who starts school for the first time in NY is assigned a unique ID, where a student who moves from one district to another is matched to an existing unique ID, or where you would go to “confirm” a match for a transfer student that NYSSIS identifies as possibly the same student from a previous district. SIRS LEVELS:  SMS (Local Level) = Student Management System (i.e. eSchoolData, SchoolTool, PowerSchool)  Level 0 web-based application (Local Level) = A single point of access for importing all data from multiple systems used at your school. At this level, student records are identified by a local student ID.  Level 1 Repository (Regional Level) = A single point of access at SCRIC for collecting all data from ALL schools in the region before uploading to the state.  Level 2 Repository (State Level) = Statewide data warehouse, where all data from Level 1 (all RICs) are combined. At this level, student records are identified by the unique State ID (NYSSIS). Level 2 provides data for determining accountability, school and teacher.  PD System = Web-based special education data reporting system. This is where only special education reports are generated and verified. These reports are certified directly in the PD system by the CSE chairperson.  L2RPTs = Reports designed to help districts verify a variety of student demographic, enrollment, program, assessment, and graduation data, as well as teacher and principal accountability data.

34 TERMINOLOGY FOR IMPORTING & UPLOADING DATA IN LEVEL 0:  Import data = To put data into Level 0  Upload data = To push data up to L1  Elect. Import = Where you go in Level 0 to import a text file to load data into Level 0  Manual input = Screen in Level 0 where you manually enter or correct a single record  Reports = Where you go in Level 0 to view a variety of reports regarding data in the current school year.  L0 Express = Screen in Level 0 where you import or manually add Staff Snapshot and Course data. MODULES (SCREENS) IN LEVEL 0:  Demographics (a.k.a Student Lite) = In Level 0 where a student’s demographic data is reported (name, guardian names, date of birth, address, cohort year, etc.). This data is used by NYSSIS to assign or match unique State IDs.  Enrollment (a.k.a Entry/Exit) = In Level 0 where information regarding the student’s enrollment is reported (building the student is enrolled in/location code, date of entry, entry code, date of exit and exit code, etc.)  Program Fact (a.k.a Program Services) = In Level 0 where information regarding additional services received is reported (i.e. free/reduced lunch, poverty, disability type, Title funding, etc.)  Assessment = Where state assessments (ones that are not scanned and uploaded to Level 1 for you by SCRIC) are reported (i.e. RCTs, COSF, CTE skill assessments)  SE Snapshot = Screen in Level 0 where BEDS Days snapshot records and EOY Snapshot Records are entered.  SE Event = Screen in Level 0 where SPED Events (IE, CPSE, CSE) records are entered.

35 TERMINOLOGY FOR IMPORTING & UPLOADING DATA IN LEVEL 0 (Continued):  Grade Detail = Final COURSE outcome  Staff/Student/Course = Roster and Assessment Group records.  Accommodation = Records showing accommodations given during a state test that was not scanned by SCRIC (June 2012 new reporting rule)  Staff Evaluation = Screen in Level 0 where the Assessments Growth, local, other and total composite scores are reported for teacher/principal accountability. ERRORS:  Import Error = Error generated on import (when putting data into L0). Have to be corrected in order for this record to import into Level 0.  Information Error = Found under reports in L0 (after data has been put into L0). These may be errors or be just be warnings. Please check them!  Verification Error = After records are imported into Level 0, verification errors are run before you can upload to L1. These errors need to be corrected before uploading can occur.  Level 0 Burst Error = Errors generated after data is uploaded from Level 0 before it enters Level 1.

36  Please email all questions to:  Data Website:  Weekly Telecon Calls, every Wednesday at 9:15am.  Or call our SIRS Help at: (607) 763-3592

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