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Data Tracking for Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) DATAG March 15, 2013 Jami Kogler and Marti Mauro.

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1 Data Tracking for Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) DATAG March 15, 2013 Jami Kogler and Marti Mauro

2 Take baby steps…

3 Some History 2012-13 Standardized time allotted by subject across district, addition of course codes by SED 2010-11 All elementary buildings implemented specials schedules 2011-12 First year using 15 minute periods for all courses 2009-10 One elementary scheduled specials for seating charts

4 Role Play Parent Try on another pair of shoes Attendance clerk Building principal Teacher Scheduler Nurse

5 Scheduling Allocation of minutes per subject Actual time segments Course Master schedule Standards based grading

6 Scheduling

7 Actual time segments

8 Scheduling Course Master schedule

9 Scheduling Standards based grading

10 Scheduling Process for maintaining schedules  Adding/dropping students in rosters

11 Scheduling Process for maintaining schedules  Primary Teacher of Record (PTR) o When does a Long Term Sub become the Primary Teacher of Record? o Who manages this?

12 Scheduling Questions?

13 Attendance May 2011 NYSED announced the collection of instructional time of attendance for grades 4 - 8 for ELA and Math

14 Attendance Must meet State Aid calculations for student attendance (SA-129) Must satisfy Staff/Student/Course data requirements

15 Challenges: How to meet the needs of both Curriculum & Instruction AND Finance? The need to communicate standard attendance tracking in all buildings Attendance

16 Elementary Attendance Process for attendance 1. Teachers take attendance in Homeroom 2. Attendance clerk listens to phone messages and enters sick calls 3. Attendance clerk fills down attendance and keeps track of the comings & goings

17 Elementary Attendance Examples: 1. A student comes in late to school because of a doctor’s appointment: 2. A student leaves in the middle of the day to go to a doctor’s appointment and then returns: 3. A student leaves early for the day:

18 Activity Attendance Attendance Code Event Double Scheduled Nurse Music lessons Counselors Field Trip Pep rally / assembly Early dismissal Tardy Comings / goings

19 Attendance

20 NYS Data Collection Data templates for the Teacher Student Data Linkage are : a. Staff Snapshot b. Course Template c. Staff Student Course Template

21 MATCH Data Extracts with their corresponding Templates Go Fish NYS Data Collection

22 Staff Snapshot Originally from SIS – May 2011 As of February 2013 - HR System

23 NYS Data Collection Staff Snapshot Preparation Required 1. Determine roles with HR  who is maintaining the data?  who is submitting the data?  who is verifying the data?

24 2. Ascertain what Local ID is for staff  Employee number  Teach ID  Other NYS Data Collection Staff Snapshot Preparation Required

25 3. Identify which fields are being pulled and establish a process for maintaining those fields NYS Data Collection Staff Snapshot Preparation Required

26 Course Template  SIS Course Catalog  Courses with state codes  Aligns state codes with local course codes NYS Data Collection

27 Course Template Preparation Required Work with building scheduler & administrator to determine course codes NYS Data Collection

28 Staff Student Course Template From SIS Pulls all student course sections with teacher NYS Data Collection

29 Staff Student Course Template Preparation Required 1. Maintain primary teacher of record 2. Maintain student drops / adds to rosters 3. Maintain use of attendance codes NYS Data Collection

30 Process Pull the State extracts in SIS & HR systems NYS Data Collection Early October is usually the 1 st data collection for the school year - BEDS day

31 At least once per month-often once a week Enrollment activity Corrections to the data Assessment time Roster Review time Process NYS Data Collection

32 The SSC data must be pulled for January Regents 1/22/13 ELA 3-8 4/16/13 Math 3-8 4/24/13 Science 4 & 85/22/13 June Regents 6/11/13 End of Year6/30/13 NYS Data Collection

33 Pull the Staff Snapshot from the Human Resource system NYS Data Collection

34 NOTE to self: Check the extracts! Software update New template Modification to either one

35 NYS Data Collection Process Upload the data into Level 0 – entry point to submit data to the state Each template has multiple error checks Be sure to clean any errors in the data source

36 Process Send the errors to the originator to enter corrections in the SIS for future data pulls. NYS Data Collection

37 Submit the data to Level 1 – this is our Western NY Data Center Questions? Process NYS Data Collection

38 Verification Review the TSDL reports in L2RPT to prepare for the Teacher’s Roster Review Process. Download the teacher PIN letters and distribute to the teachers to create their account and view their rosters. End of Year Verification – Teachers check their rosters at the end of the year for accuracy Superintendent sign off for teachers and principals verification Timeline Schedule

39 Certify that it’s Verified! It’s a Work In Progress Jami Kogler Computer Applications Specialist 585-249-5756 Marti Mauro Computer Project Coordinator 585-249-5763

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