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NYSED Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) Overview.

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1 NYSED Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) Overview

2 TSDL FILES Staff Student Course- links Teachers to course and students Staff Assignment- links principals to schools/grades Student Class Grade Detail- links students to course outcomes (grades, credit) Staff Snapshot- staff demographics Staff Evaluation Rating- districts use to provide NYSED final APPR rating data for their teachers These reporting templates found at

3 NYS TSDL DATA FLOW- Players NYSED Information and Reporting Services (IRS)- data collection and reporting branch of the Department Reporting entities – Charter Schools and Districts (LEAs) – BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services)- regional support for LEAs Regional Information Centers (RICs)- Regional data collection and reporting support for LEAs and BOCES American Institute for Research (AIR)- NYSED’s growth vendor

4 NYS TSDL DATA FLOW- key Colors Arrows Shapes Reporting Entity RICs NYSED Teachers AIR Assessment & roster data Roster data Growth data Web access Reporting Entity Data Level Vendor Teachers Web app/site

5 NYS TSDL DATA FLOW Regional Data Warehouses State Data Warehouse Districts Schools BOCES IRS Business Portal Teachers AIR TSRV GRS

6 ONE CYCLE in TSDL Summer- district assigns teachers and students to courses and principals to schools Start of school year- districts begin to create staff student course records and staff assignment records in their SMSs and submit to regional data warehouses Mid school year to June- state data warehouse open for TSDL data When state collection opens- PIN letters are generated for new teachers, current year roster data available in Teacher Student Roster Verification System (TSRV) Between end of testing cycle and end of school year- districts report student outcomes and certify their data

7 ONE CYCLE in TSDL (cont.) July- NYSED submits data to AIR and growth scores are calculated August- NYSED gets growth scores from AIR and reports to districts September 1 SY2- deadline for districts to give teachers and principals APPR rating October SY2- AIR posts data on Growth Reporting System (GRS) website Nov/Dec SY2- deadline for districts to report and certify composite APPR scores to NYSED February SY2- NYSED reports composite scores on Public Data website

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