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Limits, Critics, Mistakes, Impact, & Enduring Legacy.

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1 Limits, Critics, Mistakes, Impact, & Enduring Legacy

2 Programs Failed To Bring The U.S. Out Of The Great Depression Some not as successful as people had hoped Ex. - FLSA – only covered ¼ of workers, minimum wage lower than most covered Women NRA – allowed lower wages for women for same job Most jobs went to men ( type of work, “head of household”) Labor Protections did not extend to domestic jobs BUT 1 st Female Cabinet Member Secretary of Labor – Frances Perkins African Americans Segregated public works, lower pay, no skilled jobs Last hired, first fired No anti-lynching laws passed BUT did appoint more AAs to policy making posts than any President before him Invited AA leaders to advise him First Lady outspoken on racial issues

3 Political Right – conservative, preserve the current system or power structure ND went too far, FDR had too much power Considered programs socialist / communist SSA – penalized successful, hardworking people / #s seemed militaristic Led by Alfred E. Smith (American Liberty League 1934) ND was unconstitutional Compulsory unemployment insurance – Socialist/Communist Political Left – seek governmental change as means of helping the common people New Deal – did not do enough In favor of more socialist type programs More gov’t involvement Some called for redistribution of income Demagogues– charismatic leaders who manipulate people with half-truths, deceptive promises, and scare tactics Examples - Coughlin/Long

4 “Roosevelt Recession” (1937) 1933-1937 GNP ↑ 10%per year / Unemployment ↓ to 10% (from 25%) FDR believed in balanced budget, reduces federal spending WPA (main relief/recovery agency of 2 nd ND) – cuts funding in ½ Social Security – started w/ less than promised Sent U.S. into a recession Stock Market collapsed Unemployment jumps back up to 19% Court-Packing Scheme (1937) FDR’s plan to add justices to the Supreme Court Why? – Striking down some programs as unconstitutional Wanted to appoint justices who would support his plans

5 Cultural Life WPA supported unemployed artists, musicians, historians, actors, and writers Federal Music Project / Federal Theatre Project Careers Started and helped careers of many famous writers Environment CCC / Dust Bowl Continued work of TR – Conserved 12 million acres Labor Movement CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) Wagner Act Guaranteed collective bargaining but businesses did not have to accept the terms of the unions Strikes – wave of strikes as a result Sit-down strikes – stopped working, refused to leave, picket lines outside

6 Deficit Spending & National Debt Set precedent for spending out of economic downturns Enduring Programs FDIC, SEC, AAA, TVA Social Security – Foundation of Welfare State Public Works Lasting monuments to the ND (Bridges, Dams, Parks, Schools) Transformation of Democratic Party New Deal Coalition – organized labor, African Americans and other ethnic groups, women, city-dwellers, middle-class ALSO – Southern Democrats – FDR did not challenge the existing power structure in the South – needed their votes for programs Expansion of the Federal Gov’t Regulation of the Economy Welfare & Social Security Role of the President

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