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Ch. 1 Sec 4 The Reformation Continues I

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1 Ch. 1 Sec 4 The Reformation Continues I
Ch. 1 Sec 4 The Reformation Continues I. Calvin Continues the Reformation A. Reform in Switzerland Led by Catholic priest Huldrych Zwingli Called for a return to the more personal faith of early Christianity Met his death in a bitter war between Protestants and Catholics Marbourg Colluquy

2 B. Calvin Formalizes Protestant Ideas
John Calvin gave order to the faith that Luther started Preached the doctrine of predestination – meaning God had determined since the beginning who will be saved

3 B. Calvin Formalizes Protestant Ideas
3. This became known as the religion of Calvinism 4. Also stated that men & women are sinful by nature

4 C. Calvin Leads the Reformation in Switzerland
Calvin believed in a govt. that was run as a theocracy – govt. controlled by religious leaders Calvin controlled the city of Geneva with strict rules-no bright clothing, card playing or you could be burned at the stake

5 D. Calvinism Spreads John Knox spread Calvin’s ideas to Scotland in 1559 & his followers became known as Presbyterians Many Protestant churches today trace their roots to Calvin but have softened the strict rules

6 D. Calvinism Spreads 3. In France the Calvin’s were called Huguenots-the Catholics hated them and killed over 12,000 in a six month period in 1572

7 II. Other Protestant Reformers A. The Anabaptists
Believed in should be baptized twice Hated by Protestants and Catholics Believed church and state should be separate- later known as Mennonites & Amish

8 B. Women’s Role in the Reformation
Protected people like Calvin and Luther from prosecution But the more established a religion became the less freedoms the women had

9 III. The Catholic Reformation A. Remaining Loyola
Catholic Reformation was led by Ignatius of Loyola who pushed for more pious leaders

10 B. Ignatius of Loyola Created a religious order called the Jesuits- they had 3 goals- 1. Founded schools 2. Convert non-Christians 3. Stop the spread of Protestantism

11 C. Reforming Popes Pope Paul III and Pope Paul IV worked hard to fix the Catholic religion Paul III created the Council of Trent which outlined several doctrines on how Catholicism should be run Paul IV vigorously carried out the decree

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